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Basic Information

Server Time[edit | edit source]

Daily reset time is based on UTC-8 (PST) at midnight. The game does not take daylight saving into consideration. This reset includes:

Energy[edit | edit source]

See also: Rank Experience Chart

You gain one 1 energy every 5 minutes. The maximum energy you have is your rank level + 10 until level 100. Once you reach level 100, you will gain a maximum energy per 2 levels instead of 1. Rank level is currently capped at 150, allowing a maximum of 135 energy.

Any energy you gain from daily reward or inbox can overflow beyond its maximum, up to 500. Generally, it's best to avoid claiming energy above your maximum from daily or event rewards, unless you are about to use it up immediately because it does not generate when above your max.

Your energy is set to maximum every time you gain a rank, unless it is already above your maximum. As a result, you want to have as little energy left over as possible when you go up a rank, because any energy remaining will be wasted.

Refilling energy using 100 lapis will give energy points equal to maximum quota and may overflow, i.e. a 10-rank player with 5 remaining energy points will have 25/20 after refilling.

Stats[edit | edit source]

See also: Mechanics
Stats Effects
ATK Increase physical damage.
MAG Increase magic damage. Increase healing by a smaller amount.
DEF Increase physical defense.
SPR Increase magic defense. Increase healing by a larger amount.

White magic damage such as Banish or Holy still uses MAG as their damage modifier.

Experience[edit | edit source]

See also: Unit Experience Chart

Experience gained after clearing a dungeon will be distributed evenly to all units. Dead units will still gain experience. Capped units will still take their share of experience. Using a friend does not reduce your experience.

Awakening[edit | edit source]

A unit can be awakened to a higher rarity after they reach their current ranks maximum level. This process requires Gil and materials which differs from unit to unit. Each unit has a different maximum rarity it can attain, and there is no indication anywhere in the game. Check unit list to see the maximum rarity of all units.

Once awakened, the unit will start back at level 1, only this time with higher relative stats, higher maximum levels, and more abilities to learn. Take caution not to awaken a unit until you are ready to level them back up to a decent level.

Rarity Maximum level
1-star1 Star Rarity 15
2-star2 Star Rarity 30
3-star3 Star Rarity 40
4-star4 Star Rarity 60
5-star5 Star Rarity 80
6-star6 Star Rarity 100

Awakening a unit to 6-star6 Star Rarity requires Materials that are usually obtained during Events. The 6-star6 Star Rarity awakening planner ( can help players track materials to purchase.

Trust Master Reward[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trust Master Reward

All summoned units come with trust master reward. To obtain the reward you have to increase their Trust to 100%. There are several ways to do that:

  • Clearing a dungeon has a 10% chance to increase trust mastery by 0.1%.
  • A unit fused with another identical unit will have its Trust combined, plus additional 5%.
  • 5-star5 Star Rarity Trust Moogle adds 10% trust mastery to any unit when fused.
  • 4-star4 Star Rarity Trust Moogle adds 5% trust mastery to any unit when fused.
  • 3-star3 Star Rarity Trust Moogle adds 5% trust mastery to a specific unit when fused.

You can obtain as many rewards as you can master, but you can't fuse a 100% Trust unit to another unit to obtain another reward.

After every dungeon clear, you get a chance to receive additional materials based on your unit's Trust, known as "Trust Bonus". The chance to get trust bonus is calculated per unit, excluding friend unit, based on their trust mastery's value. A unit with 50% trust mastery will give you 50% chance of trust bonus. This adds incentive to keep using a unit even after you mastered their trust mastery to 100%.

Enhance[edit | edit source]

Enhance is the process of fusing a unit with other units. Advantages of enhancing:

  • Grants experience.
    • Metal cactuar units are utility, non-playable, units whose sole purpose is to be fused for massive experience bonus.
    • Occasionally the fusing will be a Great success, resulting in 1.5 times of experience gained.
    • Rarely the fusing will be an Amazing success, resulting in 2 times of experience gained.
  • If a unit is fused with another identical unit, regardless of their rarity, their trust value will combine plus an additional 5%.

Leader[edit | edit source]

A unit can be selected as a leader in a party. This unit will be designated as a shared unit for all of your friend list. There is no leadership feature in battle, so the term is a misnomer.

When you change your party, your leader might also change, which can be inconvenient to your friends. To make your leader static, you can go to Menu > Option and select companion party. That party's leader will always be the shared unit even if you change your party during gameplay.

Friend List[edit | edit source]

Friend list slot can be expanded either by rank or by purchasing the expansion with Lapis. You get a maximum of 30 slots from rank 20, and you can purchase 5 slots for Lapis100, to a maximum of 100 slots. They add up together for a maximum of 130 slots.

While entering any dungeon you will be prompted to pick a friend unit from a list. If you pick a stranger unit, you will get a chance to add them once you finish the dungeon. Friend unit behave like a normal unit, but a stranger unit won't be able to use LB or evoke an esper. Once a friend is used that particular friend cannot be used again for 3 hours.

You can also add friend manually from friend menu. Search Friend allows you to add someone if you know their ID. Add Friend gives you a randomized list of people you can add as a friend.

Esper[edit | edit source]

Main article: Espers

You will unlock your first esper as part of the story. To gain benefits of an esper, you have to equip it to a unit, located in the units menu, just below the units themselves. The equipped unit can summon the esper in the same way you use an ability, but your summon gauge has to be full.

1% of the esper's stats as well as any abilities the esper learned is added to the equipped unit. You can level up an esper with magicites, with certain colored ones worth 1.5 times experience. Leveling up an esper gives it increasing stats and skill points. Skill points can be used to unlock skill nodes containing additional stats or abilities.

Once leveled up to a maximum level, you can fight their stronger version in the same dungeon you fought them previously. Beating them will evolve them to the next tier of rarity. Their skill tree will be expanded, and their level reset to 1. But any skill points you accumulated/spent will carry over.

Colosseum[edit | edit source]

Main article: Colosseum

Reaching Royal Capital Grandshelt in the story will unlock the Colosseum, which can be accessed from the home menu. The Colosseum has its own energy system called orb, which refreshes every hour to a maximum of 5, with no way to expand them. Ranking up will restore all orbs.

The Colosseum doesn't give any experience, and the monsters do not count towards any quest or trophy. Steal still works, however. The Colosseum generally has a higher tier of monsters available, so it's recommended to steal from them for their rare materials. Libra can also be used to unlock the data for the monster guide library. Also, the Colosseum gives certain rewards that cannot be obtained elsewhere, such as recipes.

To make your Colosseum party static, you can go to Menu > Option and select Colosseum party. The chosen party will always be your default Colosseum party.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

How do I reroll?
See the How to reroll page.

Which units are good ones to keep?
Check the beginner's guide or decide from unit rankings.

Does a gacha banner labeled as "Featured Summon" increase the rate of featured summons?
No. Rate of specific units are increased if there's a drop rate boost mentioned in the banner.

How do I transfer my saved game to another device?
Link your game to a Facebook account, and then in another device, login with Facebook from the title screen. Once linked, the Facebook account is permanently attached to the game, and you won't be able to unlink it in the future.

Will I lose my Lapis if I move my saved game to a different OS(Android/iOS)?
You will not lose your Lapis, but you will lose your access to it. Lapis is tied to the store, Apple AppStore and Google Play. When you come back to your original store, your Lapis will still be there. If you are still planning to move to a different OS, use up all of your Lapis first.

How do I unlock silver chests?
They can be unlocked with a Magic Key, an item that requires 3 Fine Alcryst and 3 Screamroot to craft. The key is used up upon unlock. See the list of all silver chests here.

How do I check status effect during battle?
Tap and hold the unit or the monster sprite and a status effect screen will appear. You can also target your own party member from this screen by selecting target, useful for waking them up from sleep or confusion.

Do same type of buffs and debuffs stack?
Active buffs don't stack, but passive buffs do. Debuffs don't stack. See the Mechanics page for more detail.

Can I proc a weapon's additional effect (e.g. sleep) by using abilities?
Yes, but only on special ability which targets your enemy. Magic ability can't proc additional effect.

Can you undo or respec an esper's skill tree?
No. Make sure to decide which abilities you want to unlock before adding skills. Check the Espers page to see the expanded skill tree from their evolved forms.

What is that White Dragon in the Farplane? How do I beat it?
That dragon is a trial boss. You will get the Murasame after you beat it and then you can fight it again from the Vortex. Check Vortex of Trials page for strategies.

I'm stuck at a certain part. How do I progress through the story?
The game's story mode is linear and can always be progressed by clicking on the "Next" town/dungeon. However, the story is incomplete and the game is always continually updated with more story content. If you have reached the part where it shows "To Be Continued", you have reached the end of current story. Check towns, dungeons, and explorations pages to see the extent of the world.

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