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Grand Gaia Chronicles

Grand Gaia Chronicles

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Brave Frontier Crossover Event

King Mog will exchange various rewards for Karma within the event period. You can obtain Karma by defeating enemies inside the event dungeon. Having more Brave Frontier units on your party will give bonus to the amount of Karma earned.

Story[edit | edit source]

Spoken of in a faraway world, the mythical land of Grand Gaia.

The memories which have appeared in the dimensional vortex are that of a "hero aflame", one who fought against the gods in a never ending war.

Determines to become like his father, the knight, despite losing to his rival, a talented swordswoman, he never let up on his strict training...

This man would go on to fight the gods themselves which had more in their goal to destroy the humans.

What might go through Rain's head as he comes face-to-face with these memories?

Unit Bonus[edit | edit source]

Using Brave Frontier units will increase the amount of Karma received in the stages, the bonus is cumulative so you can use as many as you can, including a friend unit.

Unit Bonus
+100% +100% +75% +75% +75%

Featured Rewards[edit | edit source]

Facebook Event[edit | edit source]

Go to the designated event thread and participate in the event by choosing at least one of the following options: Going, Interested, or Share (Invite Friends, Share in News Feed, Share in Messenger).

All qualified players will receive one summon ticket if the designated Facebook event thread reaches 3,000 responses (the total number of interested, going, and times share) by 11/24 23:59 PST.

Special Collaboration[edit | edit source]

FFBE X Brave Frontier Special Collaboration

Reach milestones in Brave Frontier and get rewarded in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. Reach milestones in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS and get rewarded in Brave Frontier. Reach the final milestones in both games to get the extra unison reward.

Milestone rewards for FFBE:

See the official collaboration site for more detail.

King Mog[edit | edit source]

You can find King Mog in the Farplane to purchase time-limited event items with karma until claim period is over.

Common / Cheap Items
Item Type Description Karma Limit
Hi-Potion Item Restore HP for one ally Icon-Karma.png5 10
Ether Item Restore a small amount of MP to one ally Icon-Karma.png5 10
Tent Item Restore HP and MP for all allies Icon-Karma.png5 10
X-Potion Item Restore a good deal of HP to one ally Icon-Karma.png20 10
Turbo Ether Item Restore a moderate amount of MP to one ally Icon-Karma.png20 10
Remedy Item Cures one ally of all status ailments Icon-Karma.png30 10
Metal Gigantuar EXP Unit Increase experience when fused (30000) Icon-Karma.png100 100
Elixir Item Fully restores one ally's HP and MP Icon-Karma.png100 10
Phoenix Down Item Revive one ally from being KO'd Icon-Karma.png200 10
Screamroot Material Root from a plant that has a terrible death cry Icon-Karma.png150 10
Fine Alcryst Material A stone that can become a powerful ability crystal Icon-Karma.png150 10
Star Quartz Item A beautiful stone that shines like a star Icon-Karma.png300 4
Icon-Karma.png600 3
Icon-Karma.png900 3
Awakening Materials
Item Type Description Karma Limit
Bizarre Box Material A box that looks as if something might pop out of it Icon-Karma.png100 -
Lucky Seedling Material A seedling said to bring happiness Icon-Karma.png100 -
Brilliant Ray Material A shard that gives off a ray of brilliance Icon-Karma.png100 -
Wicked Drop Material A liquid that consists of liquefied magical power Icon-Karma.png100 -
Fury Seed Material A seed that promotes fighting strength Icon-Karma.png100 -
Hard Rock Material A stone that offers firm protection Icon-Karma.png100 -
Divine Crystal Material A beautiful crystal that can awaken dormant powers Icon-Karma.png160 20
Icon-Karma.png540 -
Calamity Writ Material A writ of prophecy left by the ancients Icon-Karma.png160 20
Icon-Karma.png540 -
Prismatic Horn Material The sparkling prismatic horn of a divine beast Icon-Karma.png160 20
Icon-Karma.png540 -
Calamity Gem Material A gem infused with the power of great calamity Icon-Karma.png160 20
Icon-Karma.png540 -
Rainbow Bloom Material A flower said to bloom in paradise Icon-Karma.png160 20
Icon-Karma.png540 -
Fairies' Writ Material A secret message inscribed by the king of fairies Icon-Karma.png160 20
Icon-Karma.png540 -
Exclusive / Expensive Items
Item Type Description Karma Limit
Rare Summon Ticket Item Can be exchanged for a rare summon Icon-Karma.png500 2
Icon-Karma.png1,000 3
Icon-Karma.png3,000 2
Icon-Karma.png6,000 3
Lad Mirazh Spear ATK+62
Element: Ice
Icon-Karma.png3,000 1
Vernard Sword ATK+76
Element: Fire
Icon-Karma.png10,000 1
Destroyer's Authority Materia Increase HP (10%) and ATK/MAG (5%) Icon-Karma.png8,000 2
Guardian's Authority Materia Increase HP (10%) and DEF/SPR (5%) Icon-Karma.png8,000 2
Demonic Life Materia Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (40%) when HP drops below 50% Icon-Karma.png8,000 2
Tablet of Ruin Materia Increase ATK (20%) and increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)
Exclusive: Elza only
Icon-Karma.png10,000 1
HP +15% Materia Increase HP (15%) Icon-Karma.png15,000 1
MAG +15% Materia Increase MAG (15%) Icon-Karma.png70,000 1
Trust Moogle Enhancer Increase trust mastery when fused (10%) Icon-Karma.png35,000 1

Recommended Purchase[edit | edit source]

First Priority
Destroyer's Authority x 2 Icon-Karma.png16,000
Guardian's Authority x 2 Icon-Karma.png16,000
Rare Summon Ticket x 10 Icon-Karma.png28,000
Trust Moogle x 1 Icon-Karma.png35,000
Total Icon-Karma.png95,000
Second Priority
Vernard x 1 Icon-Karma.png10,000
Lad Mirazh x 1 Icon-Karma.png3,000
Elixir x 10 Icon-Karma.png1,000
Phoenix Down x 10 Icon-Karma.png2,000
Screamroot x 10 Icon-Karma.png1,500
Star Quartz x 10 Icon-Karma.png5,700
Total Icon-Karma.png23,200
Buy as you need them
Metal Gigantuar
Awakening materials
Exclusive ability materias

Battle Info[edit | edit source]

Igniting the Spark[edit | edit source]

Energy Battle Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp Clear Bonus
3 2 40 500 50 Rare Summon Ticket
Complete the quest Hi-Potion
Deal water damage to an enemy Lapis10
Clear without an ally being KO'd Lapis10
No continues Lapis10
Monster Boss Drop
Fencer Vargas Blazing Vargas
Fire Knight Lava

Hero of Fire[edit | edit source]

Energy Battle Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp Clear Bonus
8 4-5 650 7200 155 Icon-Karma.png1,000
Complete the quest Tent
Deal light damage to an enemy Lapis10
Defeat God Blade Mifune with magic Lapis10
No continues Lapis10
Monster Boss Drop
Ice Ruler Sergio
Sky King Falma
Sky Boss Grafl
Dragon Graven
Loch Ness
Metal God (Rare)
God Blade Mifune Icon-Karma.png~83

A Champion Ablaze[edit | edit source]

Energy Battle Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp Clear Bonus
13 3-4 2185 21000 300 Lapis500
Complete the quest X-Potion
Use black magic Lapis10
Defeat Holy Flame Vargas with a limit burst Lapis10
No continues Lapis10
Monster Boss Drop
Fire God Vargas
God Arm Galant
Great Thief Leon
Head Chef Lancia
Fire God Lava
Magma Knight Agni
Beast King Zegar
Metal God (Rare)
Holy Flame Vargas Icon-Karma.png180~216

Trial of the Creator

Trial of the Creator[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trial of the Creator
Energy Battle Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp Clear Bonus
15 1 1117 10000 365 4-star4 Star Rarity Trust Moogle
Complete the quest 4-star4 Star Rarity Trust Moogle
Defeat Maxwell with a limit burst Icon-Karma.png10,000
Clear without an ally being KO'd Dark Resistance +15%
Evoke Diabolos 5-star5 Star Rarity Maxwell
Monster Boss Drop
- Maxwell -

Guide[edit | edit source]

General Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Metal Gods spawn more frequently on A Champion Ablaze.
  • Metal Gods can spawn up to 3 per stage, dropping 1000 Karma each.
  • Man-Eater is a plus as the bosses and the enemies are humans.
  • Use AoE abilities and magic to defeat the enemies before the boss.
  • If you wish to share your Elza as a companion unit, it is recommended to equip the Death Scythe weapon for its ability Reap Blood.

Holy Flame Vargas[edit | edit source]

Name Holy Flame Vargas Holy Flame Vargas
Race Human
Level 75
HP 550000
MP 400
Other Stats -
Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
- - - -50% +50% - - -
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
+50% +50% null null +50% null null null
Other Resistance
Immune to Gravity and Death.
  • Full Break and fire resistance buff like Barfira is highly recommended.
  • Holy Flame Vargas can be inflicted with poison, blind, or paralysis. Black Cat Lid's Hex Strike is bugged to always inflict all of them in a fight on the first cast.

Trial of the Creator[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trial of the Creator

Video Examples[edit | edit source]

Igniting the Spark

Hero of Fire

A Champion Ablaze

Event Period[edit | edit source]

Event Period:

  • Start: Friday 11/11 0:00 PST
  • End: Thursday 11/24 23:59 PST

Event Claim Period:

  • Start: Friday 11/11 0:00 PST
  • End: Wednesday 11/30 23:59 PST

Make sure to trade all event currency before the claim period is over! King Mog will no longer sell event items once it does.

Images[edit | edit source]