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How to reroll

It's not possible to reroll by reinstalling the game. The only way to have your saved data reset is to factory reset your device or use the Facebook trick, explained below.

If you are looking for a list of good units to keep, check the beginner's guide or decide from unit rankings.

Using Facebook to reroll[edit | edit source]

Creating a dummy account[edit | edit source]

Note: Make sure the saved game and Facebook account you are using to create the dummy account are throwaway accounts.

  • Start a new game if you haven't.
  • Link this saved game to a Facebook account by logging in into Facebook. Menu > Options > Login. If you have a real Facebook account already logged in on this device, browser or app, make sure to log that one out, otherwise it'll link.
  • That's it. The purpose of a dummy account is to facilitate rerolling process. It's not meant for playing, nor do you ever need more than one account.

How to reset the saved data[edit | edit source]

  • Login/sync into dummy Facebook account. Menu > Options > Login.
  • It will warn you of discarding your existing data, accept it.
  • Logout/unsync from dummy Facebook account. Menu > Options > Logout.
  • Your game will close. Open the game again and your data will be reset.
  • Start a new game and reroll.
  • Repeat until you get desired units.

Using Nox App Player to play with multiple instances of the game[edit | edit source]

Note: MEmu is a similar emulator and is the generally recommended alternative.

Android emulator Nox App Player has a multiplayer feature where you can open multiple instances of Android at the same time. These instances will be saved and can be opened at later time. Perfect for rerolling in mobile games.

  • Install and open Nox App Player.
  • Click on the "MultiPlayer" button on the menu to the right, near the bottom.
  • To create a new instance select "Raw" at the bottom, and then click on "Add emulator". Running multiple instances of the game can be taxing to your PC, so make sure you don't overdo it with too many instances running at the same time.
  • Click "Stop" to close an instance. It'll be saved and can be restarted at any time.
  • You have to install the game again on each instance. To expedite this process, download the game's APK in your PC and install the game in each instance by clicking the "Add APK file" on the menu to the right.
  • If you are really determined to reroll, you can try using Script Record feature to create a macro of you resetting and rerolling the game.