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Lapis is a major resource which can be purchased with real money. In the game's storyline it refers to the world itself. New players will have a fair amount to start with after clearing the tutorial (~Lapis500).

Sources[edit | edit source]

Amount Source Limit
Lapis50 Completing 5 daily quests Once per day
Lapis5 Completing the Challenger I daily quests Once per day (if offered)
Lapis100 Ranking Up Capped at rank 150
(total of Lapis15,000)
Lapis100 Clearing any Dungeon First time only
(total of Lapis8,950 as of Olderion)
Lapis100-500 Clearing the first sub-rank of any Colosseum rank (C-1, B-1, etc.)
  • Always 500 after Beginner difficulty
First time only
(total of Lapis6,500)
Lapis10-20 Completing missions Once each
Lapis20 Participating in the Arena Twice per day
Lapis100 Rating the game Once
Lapis500 Achieving any gold Trophies Once each
(total of Lapis12,500)
Lapis100-300 Facebook friend invites
  • Incremented for every 10 friends
Capped at 50 friends
(total of Lapis1,000)
Lapis50~100 Daily Login Reward (occasionally) Once per day (if given)
Lapis(Varies) Various Events/Promotions/Giveaways/Compensation (Varies)

Uses[edit | edit source]

Amount Result Limit
Lapis250 Rare Summon (featured banner(s) only) 1 per day
Lapis500 Rare Summon None
Lapis100 Fully refill Energy None
Lapis100 Fully refill Colosseum/Arena orbs None
Lapis100 Unlock an additional Vortex of Desires for the day 3 per day
Lapis100 Slot Expansion (Units, Friends, Materials, Abilities, Items, or Equipment)
  • Increments of 5
  • Capped at 130 slots for friends, 500 for units, and 250 for the rest
Maximum expansions on each
(total of Lapis27,000)
Lapis100 Continuing (fully restores all allies and fills the Esper Gauge)
  • Only offered after a Game Over (all allies have died/been petrified)
None; cannot be used in certain battles
Lapis100+ Instant Crafting (finishes any crafting regardless of time remaining)
  • 100 per day (>24 hours) skipped (e.g. a Hero Ring with 2d+1h remaining will cost 300)
Lapis100-300 Crafting Slots Expansions (Forge, Abilities, or Synthesize)
  • Increments of 1
  • 100 for the first, 200 for the second, 300 for the third
Maximum 3 expansions each
(total of Lapis1,800)
Lapis100-1,500 Magic Key purchase; discounted based on volume
  • 100 each at the lowest tier, 50 each at the highest
Lapis(Varies) Various Bundles (Varies)