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Statistics[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Special Ability (Passive)
  • Effect:
Increase physical damage against humans (50%)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unstackable materia: Only one materia equippable at a time, but the effect itself does stack with other sources

Crafting recipe[edit | edit source]


How to obtain[edit | edit source]


Fat Chocobo

Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Garland 3-star3 Star Rarity 28
Russell 3-star3 Star Rarity 36
Shadow 3-star3 Star Rarity 1
Artemios 4-star4 Star Rarity 14
Cloud of Darkness 4-star4 Star Rarity 60
Cupid Luna 4-star4 Star Rarity 30
Edge 4-star4 Star Rarity 25
Elza 5-star5 Star Rarity 15
Hayate 5-star5 Star Rarity 67


Name Min rarity
Diabolos 2-star2 Star Rarity