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Royal Capital Grandshelt

Royal Capital Grandshelt
Royal Capital Grandshelt
Region Grandshelt Isles

The capital of Grandshelt, this burgeoning metropolis is a testament to power and technological prowess of this mighty kingdom. With a widening gap between the rich and the poor, some parts of town have fallen into disrepair, but a well-trained guard sees to it that the streets remain safe.

This town is unlocked after clearing Grandshelt Catacombs.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Treasure Map of Royal Capital Grandshelt

Treasure Chests
1 Earth Key #22 (Recipe for Shuriken) Hidden behind the wall, above the silver chest.
2 Smelling Salts -
3 Gold Needle -
4 Hi-Potion Upstair, below the bed.
5 Gale Ring -
6 Potion Hidden behind the wall, on the top left corner of the room.
7 Recipe for Bronze Shield -
8 Star Quartz Hidden behind the wall, above the guy on the right.
9 Echo Herbs -
10 White Cape Hidden behind the wall, on the top left corner of the room.
11 Kotetsu -
12 Ether Hidden room above the shopkeeper.
13 Fish Scale -
14 Eye Drops -
15 Phoenix Down -
16 Leather Plate -
17 Antidote -
18 Unicorn Horn -
19 Star Quartz -
20 Recipe for Kenpogi -
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 Recipe for Vox -
2 Recipe for Barblizzard -
3 Recipe for Blind Hidden behind the wall, on the top left corner of the room.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Map of Royal Capital Grandshelt

No. Quest name Reward
1 Pendant Dependent Access to Vault
2 Return Flight Recipe for Bronze Knuckles
3 Caught by Supplies Recipe for Water
4 There's a Scaaar-maaan... Unicorn Horn
5 Road to the Colosseum Bandana
6 A Boy and His Slime Phoenix Down
7 Ruin Subduin' Jeweled Ring
8 The Unlettered Poet Recipe for Bard's Tunic
9 Ode to Boy Harp
10 Prowl Movements Recipe for Power Wrist
11 For Members Only Altair
12 Whither Townsman? Recipe for Smoke Bomb

Pendant Dependent[edit | edit source]

Reward: Access to Vault

Objective: Deliver the memento pendant

The pendant can be found north of the city.
Quest marker for Memories of Mother

Return Flight[edit | edit source]

Reward: Recipe for Bronze Knuckles

Objective 1: Hand over the model airship

Talk to this person in Fulan Pass - Exploration.
Quest marker for Hunt for the Model Airship

Objective 2: Find the missing person

Talk to this person in Grandshelt Catacombs - Exploration.
Quest marker for Hunt for the Model Airship

Caught by Supplies[edit | edit source]

Reward: Recipe for Water

Objective: Deliver 10 water cryst

Water Cryst can be obtained from collection points in exploration maps. Alternatively, you can change your friend gift preference to Water Cryst.

There's a Scaaar-maaan...[edit | edit source]

Reward: Unicorn Horn

Objective: Gather news on the missing person

Talk to the following people:
1. Soldier
2. Old Matron
3. Young Man
4. Man


  • The order in which you talk to these NPCs does not matter.
  • Each of these NPCs will disappear once the quest has been completed.
Quest marker for Missing Person

Road to the Colosseum[edit | edit source]

Reward: Bandana

Objective: Defeat 3 hill gigas

Hill Gigas can be found rarely in Grandshelt Castle - Throne Room.

A Boy and His Slime[edit | edit source]

Reward: Phoenix Down

Objective: Hand over green slime doll

Green slime doll can be found southeast of the city.
Quest marker for A Boy and His Slime

Ruin Subduin'[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: Clear Lanzelt Ruins

Reward: Jeweled Ring

Objective: Defeat the monster in the ruins

The monster Io can be found in Lanzelt Ruins - Exploration.
Quest marker for Prowling the Ruins

The Unlettered Poet[edit | edit source]

Reward: Recipe for Bard's Tunic

Objective: Hand over old letter

The letter can be found in Dalnakya Cavern - Exploration.
Quest marker for Of Letters Lost

Ode to Boy[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: Clear The Unlettered Poet quest

Reward: Harp

Objective 1: Complete the love song

Go to the Inn and talk to the Lady on the 2nd level.

Pick the following answers:
  1. "To My Beloved"
  2. "Your kind countenance..."
  3. "I offer you the small bloom..."

Objective 2: Deliver the song to the bard

The bard is located at quest #8 on the map.

Objective 3: Deliver the Bard's reply back to the Lady in the Inn.

Prowl Movements[edit | edit source]

Reward: Recipe for Power Wrist

Objective: Defeat 5 sergeants

Sergeant can be found in Grandshelt Castle on any floor. You can also defeat Hill Gigas for Road to the Colosseum quest at the same time. Hill Gigas only appear on the Second Floor and Throne Room.

For Members Only[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: Clear Prowl Movements quest

Reward: Altair

Go to the "Members Only" Weapon Shop and talk to the store clerk.

Objective 1: Defeat 1 zu

Zu can be found in Dalnakya Plains – East Gates as the dungeon boss.

Objective 2: Deliver 5 thickened hides

Thickened Hide can be dropped by beast monsters, like Nutkin in Latius Woods.

Whither Townsman?[edit | edit source]

Reward: Recipe for Smoke Bomb

Objective: Find the man hiding in town

The Enigmatic Man can be found in a secret backyard below the hidden tavern.
You can enter the tavern by going the right way at the crossing in front of the Colosseum.
Quest marker for Which Way Did He Go

Shop[edit | edit source]

Weapon Shop
Name Type Description Price
Bronze Knife Dagger ATK+10 Gil100
Broadsword Sword ATK+15 Gil200
Great Sword Great Sword ATK+27 Gil1,500
Battle Axe Axe ATK+28 Gil1,800
Bronze Mace Mace ATK+14 Gil180
Javelin Spear ATK+22 Gil640
Bronze Knuckles Fist ATK+16 Gil200
Rod Rod ATK+8, MAG+10 Gil140
Staff Staff ATK+5, MAG+2, SPR+14 Gil160
Short Bow Bow ATK+18
Effect: Bird Killer
Two-handed weapon
Recipe for Broadsword - - Gil60
Recipe for Battle Axe - - Gil540
Recipe for Bronze Mace - - Gil54
Recipe for Rod - - Gil42
Recipe for Staff - - Gil48
Recipe for Short Bow - - Gil78
Armor Shop
Name Type Description Price
Leather Shield Shield DEF+10
Resistance: Lightning (+20%), Water (-20%)
Bronze Shield Heavy Shield DEF+16 Gil300
Bronze Helm Helm DEF+7 Gil240
Leather Plate Light Armor DEF+12 Gil240
Copper Cuirass Light Armor DEF+14 Gil240
Bronze Armor Heavy Armor DEF+16 Gil300
Cotton Robe Robe DEF+6, MAG+3, SPR+3 Gil200
Recipe for Leather Shield - - Gil72
Recipe for Bronze Armor - - Gil90
Recipe for Cotton Robe - - Gil60
Ability Shop
Name Effect Price
Alcryst Material Gil200
Recipe for Blindna - Gil300
Recipe for Thunder - Gil300
Gun Shop
Name Type Description Price
Altair Gun ATK+20 Gil480
Recipe for Altair - - Gil144
Material Shop
Name Effect Price
Beast Meat Material Gil200
Pearl of Wisdom Material Gil200
Allure Powder Material Gil200
Esper Cryst Material Gil500
General Shop
Name Effect Price
Shuriken Damage (500) to one enemy Gil500
Bacchus's Wine Berserk (ATK+50%, auto-attack only) to self Gil500
Accessory Shop
Name Type Description Price
Iron Gloves Accessory DEF+5 Gil200
Recipe for Iron Gloves - - Gil60
Recipe for Fire Ring - - Gil60
Recipe for Water Ring - - Gil60
Recipe for Earth Ring - - Gil60
Recipe for Protect Ring - - Gil120
Recipe for Barrier Ring - - Gil120
Item Shop
Name Effect Price
Potion Recover HP (200) to one ally Gil100
Antidote Cure poison to one ally Gil100
Eye Drops Cure blind to one ally Gil100
Smelling Salts Cure sleep and confuse to one ally Gil200
Echo Herbs Cure silence to one ally Gil200
Gold Needle Cure petrify to one ally Gil500
Recipe for Potion - Gil30
Recipe for Eye Drops - Gil30