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Silver Chests

In-game tutorial for using magic keys

Silver chests can be unlocked with a Magic Key, crafted from 3 Fine Alcryst and 3 Screamroot. You may also purchase a magic key bundle using Lapis. Fine Alcryst can be obtained with a small chance while crafting any ability. Screamroot is one of the two materials dropped from a very rare monster, Minituar, found randomly during explorations. Either materials can also be obtained as a reward from clearing certain trophies.

To unlock silver chests during explorations, you have to bring it as consumable items. However, the same cannot be applied in town, as you have to unequip the key from consumable items.

The key is used up upon unlock, so you will have to craft one for each chest. Due to limited amount of materials available, Magic Key is considered a limited resource and should be used with caution.

Grandshelt Isles[edit | edit source]

Town of Mitra Recipe for Fire Blade
Recipe for Barfire
Royal Capital Grandshelt Recipe for Vox
Recipe for Barblizzard
Recipe for Blind
Port City Lodin Recipe for Silence
Ordol Port Recipe for Bandana
Earth Shrine Recipe for Barstone
Latius Woods Recipe for Silence Blade
Dalnakya Cavern Recipe for Blizzard Blade
Grandshelt Catacombs Recipe for Barwater
Recipe for Barthunder
Fulan Pass Recipe for Baraero
Recipe for Stone Blade
Recipe for Bio

Lanzelt[edit | edit source]

Note: The recipe for Osafune can be obtained in a chest in the Wind Shrine - Exploration.

Port City Lydira Recipe for Muscle Belt
Village of Kol Recipe for Shell
Recipe for Deshell
Grandport Recipe for Brace
Recipe for Barwatera
Lost Village of Marlo Osafune
Phantom Forest Recipe for Bio Blade
Zadehl Westersand Recipe for Aerora
Recipe for Barstonra
Recipe for Paralyna
Lanzelt Highlands Recipe for Mental Break
Wolfsfang Peak Recipe for Barblizzara
Lanzelt Ruins Recipe for Blizzara
Recipe for Baraerora

Kolobos Isle[edit | edit source]

Note: Green Beret can also be purchased in Felicitas Town for 500 gil.

Felicitas Town Recipe for Green Beret
Kolobos Marsh Recipe for SPR +10%
Golzas Canyon Recipe for Pinwheel
Kolobos Reef Recipe for Bug Killer
Shrine of Decay Recipe for MP +10%

Dirnado[edit | edit source]

Note: Wizard's Robe can also be purchased in Felicitas Town for 1000 gil.

Industrial City Dilmagia Recipe for Sleep Blade
Village of Ambel Recipe for Wizard's Robe
Town of Kolts Recipe for Dispel
Maranda Coast Recipe for MAG +10%
Dwarves' Forge Recipe for Bravery
Windy Heights (West) Recipe for Aero Blade
Mobreeze Airship Factory Recipe for Faith
Junkyard Recipe for Spirit Slayer
Wind Shrine Recipe for Tiger Mask

Olderion[edit | edit source]

Aquapolis Olderion Recipe for Icebrand
Recipe for EVO MAG +10%
Town of Amore Recipe for Biora Blade
Mystic Woods Recipe for Brigandine
Aquatic Cove Recipe for Watera Blade
Lake Dorr Recipe for Curaga
Ghost Ship Recipe for Auto-Protect
Water Shrine Recipe for ATK +10%

Zoldaad[edit | edit source]

Raven's Hideaway Recipe for Auto-Shell
Recipe for Osmose Blade
Timber Tracks Recipe for Thunder Shield
Abandoned Orphanage Recipe for Ice Armor
Surging Volcano Recipe for Flame Lance
Fire Shrine Recipe for Sleep Sword