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Town of Kolts

Town of Kolts
Town of Kolts
Region Dirnado

The city where the soldiers who guard Galebreak reside. Once a simple garrison, soldiers charged with serving for long periods of time began to bring their families along with them, and before anyone knew it, it had become a proper town.

This town is unlocked after clearing Junkyard.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Treasure Map of Kolts Town

Treasure Chests
1 Iron Ore
2 X-Potion
3 Gale Key #2 (Equip Hat)
4 Bacchus's Wine
5 White Megacite
6 Star Quartz
7 Flame Shield
8 Recipe for Earth Drum
9 Rune Staff
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 Recipe for Dispel

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Map of Kolts Town

No. Quest name Reward
1 M.I.A Recipe for Main Gauche
2 Not Your Normal Thief Holy Crystal
3 More Important Than Life Itself Star Quartz

M.I.A[edit | edit source]

Prerequisite: Clear Lost in Dedication quest in Dwarves' Forge - Exploration

Reward: Recipe for Main Gauche

Objective: Find the man's subordinate

Talk to the same person from the previous quest in Dwarves' Forge - Exploration.
Quest marker for Smith

Not Your Normal Thief[edit | edit source]

Reward: Holy Crystal

Objective: Find the shrine's treasure

Talk to this person in Wind Shrine - Exploration and battle 2 Allosaur and an Alraune.
Quest marker for Special Thief

More Important Than Life Itself[edit | edit source]

Reward: Star Quartz

Objective: Find the lost item

The item can be found in Mobreeze Airship Factory - Exploration.
Quest marker for Life

Shop[edit | edit source]

Weapon Shop
Name Type Description Price
Mythril Dagger Dagger ATK+20 Gil500
Buster Sword Great Sword ATK+35 Gil1,500
Mythril Axe Axe ATK+48 Gil1,800
Mythril Mace Mace ATK+30 Gil900
Wizard's Staff Staff ATK+13, MAG+6, SPR+32
Ability: Fire
Capella Gun ATK+26 Gil480
Moon Ring Blade Thrown ATK+26
Ability: Bird Killer
Silver Harp Harp ATK+20 Gil320
Armor Shop
Name Type Description Price
Green Beret Hat HP+50, ATK+10, DEF+10 Gil500
Mythril Helm Helm DEF+20 Gil1,200
Silver Cuirass Light Armor DEF+34 Gil1,200
Mythril Armor Heavy Armor DEF+38 Gil1,500
Gaia Gear Robe DEF+20, MAG+5, SPR+5
Resistance: Wind (-50%), Earth (+50%), Petrify (+30%)
Ability Shop
Name Effect Price
Alcryst Material Gil200
Fire Magic Ability (Black Lv1)
Fire magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy
Blizzard Magic Ability (Black Lv1)
Ice magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy
Thunder Magic Ability (Black Lv1)
Lightning magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy
Item Shop
Name Effect Price
Potion Restore a small amount of HP to one ally. Gil100
Hi-Potion Restore a moderate amount of HP to one ally. Gil500
Ether Restore a small amount of MP to one ally. Gil500
Turbo Ether Restore a moderate amount of MP to one ally Gil2,000
Antidote Cures one ally of poisoning. Gil100
Eye Drops Cures one ally of being blinded. Gil100
Smelling Salts Cures one ally of sleep or confusion. Gil200
Echo Herbs Cures one ally of silencing. Gil200
Unicorn Horn Cures one ally of paralysis. Gil500
Gold Needle Cures one ally of petrification. Gil500
Holy Torch Cast dispel on the target. Gil2,000
Grenade Damage all enemies. Gil200
Tent Restore HP and MP for all allies. Gil500
Recipe for Potion - Gil30
Recipe for Ether - Gil150
Fat Chocobo's Abode
Name Type Description Price
Elixir Item Fully restore one ally's HP and MP. Star Quartz5
Star Pendant Accessory DEF+3
Resistance: Poison (Null)
Star Quartz20
Silver Glasses Accessory DEF+3
Resistance: Blind (Null)
Star Quartz20
Headband Accessory ATK+3
Resistance: Sleep (Null)
Star Quartz20
White Cape Accessory DEF+3
Resistance: Silence (Null)
Star Quartz20
Black Choker Accessory DEF+3
Resistance: Confuse (Null)
Star Quartz20
Gold Anklet Accessory DEF+3
Resistance: Petrify (Null)
Star Quartz20
Black Belt Accessory DEF+15
Ability: Counter
Star Quartz30
Rune Armlet Accessory MP+50, DEF+3 Star Quartz40
Earrings Accessory DEF+3, MAG +20% Star Quartz50