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1st Year Anniversary

1st Anniversary

With the upcoming 1st Anniversary of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS global version on June 30th, Square Enix have announced many upcoming features for the game and rewards for the players during E3 live stream. This page contains the summary and explanation of those announcements. Many detail in this page are taken from the JP version and might be subject to change.

Note: The game is released globally after the conclusion of maintenance on June 29th, however they are only officially announced by Square Enix on June 30th.

Expedition[edit | edit source]


Expedition is a global exclusive feature. We will be able to send our party to expeditions to obtain rewards like crysts or awakening materials. However the expedition won't always be successful. The success rate will depend on your party's strength.

The exact detail and reward will be updated on Expedition page.

EX Points[edit | edit source]


EXVIUS Points (or EX Points) is a system designed to reward people who spend real money into the game. You can obtain EX points by purchasing anything with real money, either Lapis or premium bundles.

See the table below for a list of points awarded.

Purchase (USD) Purchase (EUR) Lapis Points
$0.99 0.99€ Lapis120 1 (Once a day)
$3.99 3.99€ Lapis500 4
$6.99 6.99€ Lapis1,000 7
$9.99 9.99€ Lapis1,500 10
$19.99 19.99€ Lapis3,200 20
$59.99 49.99€ Lapis8,500 50
$99.99 99.99€ Lapis18,000 100

Accumulating these points will give you rewards based on milestones. Once you have obtained all rewards, your point will rollover from 0 and you can accumulate them to obtain their rewards again. EX summon tickets, and their guaranteed variants, can be used on a special banner with all units included, similar to rare summon banner.

See the table below for a list of milestone rewards.

Points Reward
1 Lapis70
5 Icon-EX Summon Ticket.pngEX Summon Ticket
10 King Metal Minituar (5)
25 Tough Pot (3)
50 Icon-EX Summon Ticket.pngEX Summon Ticket
75 King Metal Minituar (8)
100 Icon-4★ Guaranteed EX Ticket.png4★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket
125 Burst Pot (3)
150 Icon-EX Summon Ticket.pngEX Summon Ticket
175 King Metal Minituar (11)
200 Icon-5★ Guaranteed EX Ticket.png5★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket
225 Tough Pot (3)
250 Icon-EX Summon Ticket.pngEX Summon Ticket
275 King Metal Minituar (15)
300 Icon-4★ Guaranteed EX Ticket.png4★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket

Other Updates[edit | edit source]


  • Esper SP reset. First reset is free, otherwise it would cost Lapis100.
  • Removal of crafting time. Previous crafting slots will be refunded in Lapis.
  • New dungeon tiers unlocked. Additional stage for Special Vortex will be added.
  • FFBE unit special dungeon. Vortex dungeon that can only be entered with story units. Holiday themed story unit don't count.
  • Sharing summons results (Global exclusive). Share your summon result through Twitter or Facebook.
  • Training dummy. Located on the top left of Farplane.

Summon Campaign[edit | edit source]


Due to the confusion about the pricing of the summon campaign, they have elaborated further. We are getting the following summon campaign throughout July:

  • 10+1 free summon
    • Free. One time only. No featured units. Works the same as rare summon.
    • One 10+1 Summon Ticket will be given on June 29. Another will be given as part of daily login bonus, July 28 earliest.
    • Summon Simulator
  • 10+1 with a 5★ guaranteed summon
    • Not free. One time only. No featured units. The bonus unit will always be a 5★.
    • Details such as pricing will be announced later, but it's likely to cost Lapis5,000.
    • Summon Simulator
  • Once a day free featured summon
    • Free. Once a day. From June 29 to July 28. If it ended on 00:59 PDT then we'll get 28 instead of 29 free summons.

That's a total of 61 summons! With one of them guaranteed to be 5★.

Anniversary Campaign[edit | edit source]


  • Vault of Hidden Treasures is a vortex dungeon that can be run once daily, each time with different enemies dropping bountiful items. These dungeons are intended to give you rewards, and is not difficult.
  • Anniversary Special Bundle. There is no information regarding this bundle, and the image used above is a placeholder from older bundles.
  • Special daily login rewards. Login daily to obtain rewards during the campaign.
  • 5★ unit vision shards (Global exclusive). An ongoing event for Kelsus summon. Obtain enough vision shards from various sources, and summon Kelsus for free, one time only.
  • Amazing enhancements. Higher chance of a great and amazing success while fusing units or cactuars, giving you 1.5x and 2x more experience respectively.
  • Half-energy campaign. All dungeons (Event might be excluded) will require half energy to enter. The number is rounded up, so Earth Shrine will still cost 1 energy. Nice try.
  • All portals open. All special vortex are open during the campaign, including The Enchanted Maze and Cactuar Dunes.
  • We'll also obtain free in-game items:

FFX Event[edit | edit source]


FFX event is an exploration event set in Macalania Woods with a unique butterfly system. Several crafting recipes are added in this event, with one of the reward being Razzmatazz, a sword that can inflict status ailments.

Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka will appear as featured unit summon.

FFXII Event[edit | edit source]


FFXII event will be introduced in July, and it is a King Mog event. New units includes Ashe, Rasler, and a global exclusive Zargabaath. Balthier was introduced in JP during this event, but seems to be unannounced in GL. Previous units like Penelo and Vaan will also give bonus currency in addition to the new units.

Zargabaath is said to be timed exclusive, with the JP version getting him later down the road, possibly tuned to be stronger due to power creep.

A challenge dungeon will also be introduced in this event, pitting you against Doctor Cid and his henchmen.

Fan Festa[edit | edit source]

See the official Fan Festa site for more info.