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3rd Anniversary

3rd Year Anniversary

See also: 2nd Anniversary

This page will contain summary of any FFBE related announcements from 3rd Anniversary Live Stream on June 29. The livestream will start from 6/29/19 17:00 PDT (16:00 PST), available to watch on YouTube.

FFBE Community Challenge[edit | edit source]

  • Facebook Share Challenge
    • 100 Shares: EX Summon Ticket x 5
    • 300 Shares: EX Summon Ticket x 10
    • 500 Shares: 4* EX Summon Ticket x 5
    • Extra milestone reward: 5* Guaranteed EX Summon Ticket x 1
  • Raid Boss Challenge: The Fighting Pits
    • Lvl 5: 3rd Anniversary Ticket x 20
    • Lvl 10: 3rd Anniversary Ticket x 30
    • Lvl 15: 3rd Anniversary Ticket x 50
    • Lvl 50+: 3rd Anniversary Ticket x 50
  • FFBE 3rd Anniversary Quiz rewards, 5x of all of the following:
    • 3* EX Summon Ticket
    • 4* Ex Summon Ticket
    • 10% ALL Trust Moogle
    • 5 + 1 Summon Ticket
    • Rare Summon Ticket

Player's Voice Campaign[edit | edit source]

June2019-Player's Voice Part 1.png

Players will be able to vote which campaign we want to run for August and September. For the August campaign, there are 4 choices, and the voting will start from July 1 to July 11:

  1. [20 Days] Free Daily 3 Summon (5% rainbow rate)
  2. [20 Days] Free Daily Trust Moogle/Super Trust Moogle Summon (11 trust moogles and/or super trust moogles)
  3. Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket Login Bonus (gives 100 Super Trust Moogle Exchange Tickets)
  4. Player's Voice Unit Upgrade (players vote on a unit to be reworked with skill/tmr upgrades in a separate poll)

New Info Vol. 1[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Story Event[edit | edit source]

June19-Charlotte Story.png

Series Boss Battles[edit | edit source]


GL changes to SBB: "In JP, you'd be able to unlock some units' latent abilities by defeating the SBB, but we are making it different for GL". Exact mechanics yet to be announced.

Unit Upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Upgrades (ability awakenings, ability unlocks?) to GLEX units confirmed
    • July: Malphasie, Beryl, Myra, Ellesperis, Circe
    • August: Christine, Kryla, Reberta, Grim Lord Sakura, Aloha Lasswell

Q&A[edit | edit source]

  • If GL gets story reset, it will be different compared to JP. At the very least, GL won't get it all at once
  • PC version of FFBE GL is being considered, but not fully confirmed yet

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • 3rd Anniversary Login Bonus will total Lapis10,000, Chocobo Rain x 2, Premium 10+1 Summon Ticket (3rd Anniv.) x 2, 3rd Anniversary Ticket x 300+,
  • 3rd Anniversary Summon: Starting June 28th, use 3rd Anniversary Ticket to summon for various rewards such as Prism Moogles, 5★ Select Summon Tickets, and 5★+ Guaranteed EX Tickets.
  • Comeback Campaign: From June 28th to July 31st, depending on the number of players that return to the game, all players will receive up to Lapis5,000.
  • Weekly Free 10+1 Summon: A maximum of 5 10+1 summons. Starts July 1st (resets on Monday).
  • Story Completion Reward Campaign
    • Season 1 completion: 5-star★ Trust Moogle (50% ALL)
    • Season 2 completion (Up to June update): 5-star★ Trust Moogle (50% ALL)
  • All Chambers open and Half Energy for season 1 and 2 story from July 1st to 31st.

New Info Vol.2[edit | edit source]

Chamber of the Vengeful[edit | edit source]

June19-Reward System.png

  • GLEX: Chamber of the Vengeful, a new chamber dedicated to strengthened versions of GLEX bosses
    • First GLEX boss confirmed: Eggsterminator Eggstraordinaire. Will have similar characteristics to the Easter event boss (eg. lightning weakness, uses stone attacks)
    • Global original reward system: using different units to clear the trial will give you more rewards. In the sample image shown in the stream, one of the quests was "use 10 different units", so the trial must be cleared multiple times to get all the rewards
  • Trial Chamber Half Energy (7/11 - 7/31)
  • New feature: can bring 6 of your own units instead of having to take a friend. Unclear if this applies to trials only, or if it is global
  • Plan to add a GLEX boss every month

Latent Abilities (GL equivalent of SBB bonuses)[edit | edit source]

June19-Latent Abilities.png

  • New abilities that will be added to certain units
  • Enlightenment Points (EP), a new currency type, will be used to unlock or upgrade these abilities. EP can be obtained by clearing specific dungeons
    • This new system ties into SBB, so the way SBB bonuses are unlocked will be different from JP

CG Elena (5-7★)[edit | edit source]

June19-CG Elena.png

  • First GLEX CG unit: Elena. Will have an associated story event. Her CG Limit Burst has an English VO
    • TDH Hybrid attacker
    • LB does damage, buffs ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR to all allies, and boosts damage mods to some of her abilities
    • TMR: Hybrid sword with high variance, but exclusive to Elena
    • STMR: Materia meant for hybrid TDH units, benefits ATK and MAG when doublehanding a weapon
    • Imperils and imbues up to 4 elements (specific elements not yet confirmed)
    • Planned for release sometime during July

Unit & Boss Design Contest[edit | edit source]

  • Plans for new unit design contest confirmed. This time around, entries can be submitted for specific roles: physical attacker, magical attacker, healer, buffer, debuffer, tank, and boss. Ultimately, 1 unit from each role and 3 bosses will be added
    • Entry period will begin sometime mid-July

Fan Meet-ups[edit | edit source]

  • Global fan meets confirmed:
    • July: Paris for Japan Expo
    • August: Germany (might not be an actual meetup, might be something around Gamescom)
    • September: Korea
    • January: Taiwan
  • Livestream from New York confirmed during November, more details coming soon