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2nd Anniversary

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2nd Year Anniversary

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This page will contain summary of any FFBE related announcements from SQUARE ENIX presents E3 2018, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of FFBE on June 29. FFBE exclusive announcements [English and Japanese] will start on 6/13/18 17:00 PDT (16:00 PST), a couple days after SQUARE ENIX E3 press conference.

Stream has ended, rewatch them on YouTube. You may also watch a more detailed info on FFBE video update #22.

Just Cause 3 Event[edit | edit source]

Just Cause 3 collaboration event from June 22 to July 5 as a raid event. Characters shown in the trailer:

  • 5★~6★ Rico Rodriguez - skill data added!
  • 4★~6★ Mario Frigo
    • TMR: Frigo and Etcetera: Increase ATK, Increase damage against machines, enable Rebellion (MP/LB fill/turn, JC units only)
  • 3★~5★ Annika Svennson
    • TMR: Distraction: HP+20%, enable Firestarter (fire imperil)
  • 3★~5★ Teo - free unit from raid summon
    • TMR: Gun Upgrade: Increase ATK/SPR when equipped with a gun

Featured reward:

  • Rico's Wingsuit: DEF/SPR+20%, Resistance: Wind (+30%), Effect: Agility (auto-mirage)

Rico Rodriguez will be available for 7★ awakening at a later date. You will need two of the same units to awaken to 7★.

Dragon Quest Event[edit | edit source]

FFBE x Dragon Quest 2nd Collaboration

To celebrate upcoming Dragon Quest XI release worldwide, FFBE will be having another Dragon Quest collaboration event in September.

This event will likely mirror the 2nd Dragon Quest collaboration on JP. It's a raid event with second week challenge event. New batch of units appears alongside old batch from the 1st collaboration. The raid summon will drop trust moogles for both of them, as well as a rare, free unit called Marquis de Léon.

For more info on the new units, check the following reddit wiki links:

Strengthen Your Weapons[edit | edit source]


A new type of event will be introduced mid-July. You will be able to strengthen your weapons through this event.

  • Pick any weapon. A weapon has 3 ability slots you can add from the event.
  • Clear up to 10 floors, using 1 Orb per floor.
  • Each time you clear a floor, you can choose between 3 randomly available abilities.
  • You can stack different tiers of the same stats, but not identical tier/stats.
    • e.g. ATK +15% and ATK+ 12% is possible but ATK +15% and ATK +15% is not.
  • Higher floor = Better chance for rarer or stronger ability.
  • You can leave between floors and keep your abilities.
  • Restarting from floor 1 with an enhanced weapon will reset all three of its slots.
  • After you clear all the floors, you can choose which set to keep between your previous set and the new set. Future event update.

2nd Anniversary[edit | edit source]

2nd Anniversary Ticket Campaign[edit | edit source]

E3-Anniversary Ticket.jpg

Special summon tickets will be given for the lifetime amount of Lapis you've used on summons from the game's release up to June 27th maintenance.

  • Every 5k Lapis = 1 special ticket
  • Every 50k Lapis = 1 special 4★+ ticket

You can use these tickets on a special banner. The banner and tickets will be available at the end of July.

Players' Vote Campaign[edit | edit source]

E3-Players Vote Campaign.jpg

Players will be able to vote which campaign we want to run for August and September. For the August campaign, there are 4 choices, and the voting will start from June 29 to July 11:

  1. [1 Month] The Enchanted Maze: Trust Moogle version: Total 100% Trust Moogle
  2. [1 Month] Daily Free Summon with 5% Rainbow Rate
  3. [1 Week] Chance of getting 5x more EXP when fusing + Cactuar Dunes open
  4. [1 Month] 1000 Lapis added to a weekly reward of Expedition: Total 4000 or 5000 Lapis

Special Login Rewards[edit | edit source]

E3-Special Login Rewards.jpg
E3-Special Units.jpg

Login throughout June and July to receive rewards above. The daily login bonus on July will end with 10+1 ticket that will guarantee one 5★ instead of 4★+.

2nd Anniversary Countdown will reward you daily from June 15 to 28. You can obtain one 5★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket plus more rewards, including 10+1 ticket.

Another daily login reward will be running from June 29 to July 11 (part 1) and July 13 to 31 (part 2). Featured rewards include 10+1 ticket that are all 4★+ instead of one, a total of Lapis10,000, as well as special units from Fan Festa 2017:

Player Support Campaign[edit | edit source]

E3-Player Support Campaign.jpg

Other bonuses that will come during anniversary. The 50% Trust Moogle will be rewarded after completing story up to a certain point. If you are behind on the story use the half NRG campaign to catch up.

Q&A[edit | edit source]

Are we going to get an upgrade to the rewards obtained from arena?
We are planning to at some point, but we can't say how or when.

Who are your favorite unit?
Kei Hirono: Lotus Mage Fina
Hiroki Fujimoto: Dragonlord
Elytra: Nyalu

Why are trials so delayed compared to the Japanese version?
We have separate development line for the Global version and it's not just a translated version of the Japanese version. We try to consider the overall player level and units available when introducing these bosses. In the future we'll try our best in introducing these bosses in the best timing possible.

Updates[edit | edit source]

Fusion[edit | edit source]


Enhancers such as Metal Cactuars and Stats Pots will be able to be fused, and their enhance value will add up to a certain limit. In the case of EXP enhancers, you can get great or amazing success and increase the EXP value even further.

Fuse limit will also be raised from 5 to 99 per fusion.

Reload Button[edit | edit source]


Reset button will be replaced with reload button. It'll load units with actions previously done, and you can still manually press the units yourself.

Other Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Libra will be reviewable once casted on an enemy.
  • They are planning to cut maintenance time in half.
  • View ability detail on ability awakening.
  • App version 3.0.0 update will come mid July.

7★ Awakening[edit | edit source]

E3-7 Star Awakening.jpg

For more information about 7★ and STMR, read this FAQ. More info on this will be released in FFBE YouTube channel on July.

Units from Just Cause 3 and Dragon Quest collaboration event will be available for 7★ awakening.

Fan Festa[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fan Festa 2018
See the official Fan Festa 2018 site for more info.