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Beginner's guide

Make sure to read Basic Information first. It contains information and frequently asked questions on features or terms that the game skimmed over.

Reroll[edit | edit source]

See also: Unit List, Unit Rankings, How to reroll

If you are just starting out, decide whether you want to reroll for good units or not. Rerolling is the process of resetting the game over and over in hope of getting good or favorite units from the limited summons you get early in game. While it's not necessary to enjoy most of the game with random units, you may get more enjoyment from doing harder content with stronger units, or maybe you just want to steamroll your enemies. See how to reroll.

Lapis & Tickets[edit | edit source]

Lapis and tickets are the backbone of the game's ecosystem. They are primarily used to summon units. Units are what the players live and die for. And so it is unwise to waste Lapis and tickets without the knowledge of them. While both can be used to summon units, Lapis has much more use in the game, and is the game's premium currency you can purchase with real money.

Summoning Strategy[edit | edit source]

The game divides unit pool into two: Rare units and standard units. Rare units can be summoned from various banners, such as featured summon, daily summon, and others. Standard units are considered free units that are not useful for any challenging battles.

You can only summon units on their base rarity. As of present, the maximum rarity a unit can get is 6★. Any unit not having awakening to this rarity is generally not useful baring some exception.

"Rare" unit is a misnomer as they will also vary in their rarity, the short breakdown of each rarity's summon rate:

  • 3★ base unit: 80% chance (20% of them being featured unit)
  • 4★ base unit: 19% chance (4.75% of them being featured unit)
  • 5★ base unit: 1% chance (0.5% of them being featured unit)

DO NOT chase after a featured 5★ unit as you have only 0.5% chance to summon. Chase after good 4★ units instead. They are the key to win on challenging battles. Think of 5★ base unit as a bonus whenever you get lucky. Exception to people who is willing to pay a lot of money for this game!

In the beginning, whether you plan to reroll or not, you should at least summon a couple units. It helps you fill the party with decent units to start with; if you are lucky, you might get a top tier unit right away.

If you are free-to-play, use tickets and daily half-price summon for Lapis250 before doing a Lapis5,000 pull. You are generally better off doing 20 summons at the discounted rate than saving up for a big one. Lapis500 summon is not recommended.

Other use of Lapis[edit | edit source]

  • Upgrading your slot (units, equipment, materials, etc) is very important and low risk. Upgrade them whenever you are full, but still be mindful and fuse or sell off unnecessary units or items.
    • Do not fuse good units or units with high value TMR.
    • Gil snappers only purpose is to be sold for Gil.
    • Metal cactuars can be fused to other units to increase experience.
  • Using Lapis to refresh your energy will vary depending on your rank. If you have low rank, it's better to buy the energy bundle instead, which gives 100 energy for Lapis100.
  • Using Lapis to revive is not recommended, as you can simply retry the battle.
  • Premium bundles which costs Lapis is generally not recommended to buy, especially expensive one that costs Lapis2,500-3,000 with awakening materials and metal cactuars inside.
  • Occasionally there are Lapis250-350 bundles containing a Rare Summon Ticket and other goodies. The value of ticket is debatable. But, as daily summon costs you Lapis250, it's worth that much at least. You might find the ability to summon more on good banner without being limited to once per day to be important.

Sources of Lapis[edit | edit source]

  • When you get a pop-up asking you to give a rating and review to the game, click them to get Lapis100. You don't have to actually rate them to get it. It'll be sent to your inbox. You can only get this reward once.
  • Daily Login Rewards gives you varied amount of Lapis every month. Simply login every day to obtain the reward.
  • You will get Lapis100 every rank up.
  • Finishing daily quests every day earn Lapis50. Event and the Colosseum quests earn Lapis5 each.
  • Participating 5 Arena matches daily will reward you Lapis40, whether you win or lose.
  • Finishing a whole dungeon in the story mode will reward you Lapis100. Completing their mission will also reward you with Lapis. Advancing through story, finishing missions as you go along, will give you tons of Lapis.
  • Attaining gold trophy will earn Lapis500 each.
  • Reaching certain Expedition milestone will earn you Lapis100 per week.
  • If you connect your account with your Facebook account, you will get Lapis cumulatively depends on how many Facebook friends of yours playing FFBE:
Total Facebook Friends Reward
10 friends Lapis100
20 friends Lapis150
30 friends Lapis200
40 friends Lapis250
50 friends Lapis300
Total Lapis1,000

Sources of Tickets[edit | edit source]

  • Events will give out tons of tickets, especially King Mog event.
  • Reaching certain Expedition milestone will earn you 1 ticket per week.
  • Campaign and promotion for tickets are pretty frequent.

Content Breakdown[edit | edit source]

The game might feel overwhelming to a new player given that it has been updated with so much content, as well as time-limited events. Unlike console games, content in this game requires energy to do, which refills gradually. You can only play so much in a day. Let us break down the content so we can determine which content you should do or prioritize.

Story and quests Advancing story is pretty important, and not simply because you might enjoy the story. Many items, while usually not as strong as event items, can be found throughout the world. And you can only obtain Espers by advancing the story.
Events Events are time-limited, and so are their rewards. It's highly recommended that you finish as much as you can before doing other content. Certain events like Raid events don't use energy at all.
Vortex Vortex of Desires is an on-demand vortex that fills out certain necessities like money, experience, or materials. They are usually not the best for the job, however, but can be used as a last ditch effort when no other event or vortex is opened. Aside from Vortex of Desires, There is also a Special Vortex, usually unlocked every weekend, which contains more bountiful rewards.
Trials There are many types of trials, which are meant to be challenging but rewarding. However, due to the nature of power creep you may find some trials that can be beaten easily by a newer player. Using a strong friend unit will allow you to beat trial that you normally couldn't.
Arena and Colosseum Concurrent. Uses orbs instead of energy.
Expedition Concurrent. You will need to awaken and level up more units to be able to do expeditions better, but you should do as much as you can every day.
Daily Quests Always do daily quests every day.
Trophies Some trophies will be completed through normal play while some require more work. Since they give Lapis500 for each gold trophy, it might be worthwhile to see which you can complete easily. Not to mention the recipes for strong rings. See Trophy Guide.
Party Improvement
Awakening and leveling up units The majority of the content in the game requires your units to battle enemies. Having a good party with max leveled units is a high priority.
Leveling up espers Not high priority, but try to learn their useful abilities like killers quickly.
Ranking up Concurrent. You will rank up while doing other content.

Story & Quests[edit | edit source]

Main article: World Map

Events[edit | edit source]

Main article: Events

Events can be found by clicking on Vortex, the one with time duration. There are several types of event, each with different system and different kind of rewards:

King Mog event[edit | edit source]

By farming the event dungeons, you will obtain a unique currency that can be traded with King Mog for various rewards. He has it all: Metal Gigantuar (EXP Unit), tickets, consumables, awakening materials, exclusive event items, etc.

This event is by far the best event for a beginner to do, since it has some of everything you need to improve your party. Higher difficulty will yield higher currency per energy. To increase the amount of currency, you can use bonus units, including friends unit, in your party. A new summon banner is always introduced during the event that contains new units for bonus. Occasionally old units can also be used as a bonus, varied per event.

Raid event[edit | edit source]

Raid dungeons uses Raid orb, similar to Arena orb, instead of energy. They refreshes once per hour, up to 5 orbs max. Ranking up or using Lapis refresh will fill up your orbs to full.

As more people do raid events, the raid level will goes up, increasing the number of points and coins you get. By obtaining points you will obtain rewards from individual rewards, which works like a milestone. Points are also used in ranking rewards, which works like a leaderboard. Your rank will determine rewards you will get once the event is finished.

Coins can be used to do a Raid Summon, a unique summon banner that accompanies the event. The rewards for these summon are especially good for beginners since it usually contains Gil Snapper families (Gil unit), Metal Cactuar families (EXP unit), and other event only rewards.

Story event[edit | edit source]

Story event contains 10 dungeons with increasingly high energy requirement. These dungeons includes heavy story element.

Once you enter a dungeon, you will enter a small map containing a bunch of smaller dungeons. What makes it different is that you cannot go to Home menu or leave besides giving up, losing all of your progress, or finish the entire map. These battles are done consecutively, and you cannot go back to finish missing mission. Take care to fulfill the mission requirements before entering the dungeon, and make sure you don't need to go to Home menu while inside.

Story event rewards you with ability awakening materials, and a bunch of other rewards. This event is one and done. There is no farming required, unless you want to farm T4 ability awakening materials. The later dungeons might be too difficult for beginners to do.

Challenge event[edit | edit source]

Exploration event[edit | edit source]

Vortex[edit | edit source]

Main article: Vortex of Desires, Special Vortex

You will unlock the Vortex very early in the story. It can be accessed from the home menu. Vortex of Desires is a special dungeon with multiple chambers. One chamber can be unlocked for free per day, while the rest can be opened with Lapis100 each. It's generally not a good idea to use your Lapis for these unlocks.

When you unlock one or more vortex, it will show the timer to indicate when will the vortex be locked. The timer itself didn't start when you unlock it. Instead, every Vortex will be locked at 00:00 PST.

  • Chamber of Gems: Drops Ability Awakening Crysts. Only useful if you need to awaken a unit's abilities, which should be a last priority. Considered to be an end game goal.
  • Chamber of Creation: Drops crafting materials. Not recommended. It’s better to head to the material list, find the one you need and look for the monsters that drop it.
  • Chamber of Awakening: Drops awakening materials used to increase the rarity of the units. If you are looking for Sacred Crystal then INT is your best bet, while Holy Crystal drops more on ADV. Otherwise use the material list to find specific material drops.
  • Chamber of Experience: Gives large unit experience. The amount of experience is generally much larger than the one found in the story dungeons. Recommended to use for leveling your unit. Better rates of experience are given by events, participation in raids, or Mog King farming events, but are generally limited in Metal Gigantuars given, or limited time. Cactuar Dunes gives better net experience if it's open.
  • Chamber of Riches: Gives you Gil. Highly not recommended, use the easy money tips instead.

Trials[edit | edit source]

Arena & Colosseum[edit | edit source]

Expedition[edit | edit source]

Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

Available each day are five rotated quests plus one that requires completing 5 other quests for Lapis50. The latter is one of the most consistent sources of free-to-play Lapis in the game.

You may check your daily quests status from the "Quest Report" on the home menu, and then click on "Daily Quests". You must claim rewards before the quests refresh (timer on top right corner of daily quest tab). An additional unique quest may be available during events which generally provides Lapis5. Non-event quests are listed below:

Name Objective Reward Notes
Daily Quests Complete 5 daily quests Lapis50 Not rotated. May reward Lapis100 during campaign months.
Adventurer I Clear 3 story quests Energy +5
EXP +30
Any world dungeon will work except for exploration and esper battle.
Vortex Explorer I Clear 3 vortex quests Energy +15
EXP +50
Special Vortex quests count. King Mog event and Raid event counts.
Dungeon Crawler I Clear 2 exploration quests Energy +10
EXP +70
Esper battle will also count.
Summoner Summon 1 unit Energy +10 You can use Standard Summon or Arena Summon instead of Rare Summon
Crafter I Craft 1 items of any type Gil1,500 -
Challenger I Win 3 times in the colosseum Lapis5 Colosseum and Arena are different. Only the Colosseum works.
Gifter I Send gifts to 5 friends Gil500 You may send gifts on the friend menu. Sending gifts does not cost you anything.

Trophies[edit | edit source]

See also: Trophies, Trophy Guide

Hero's Ring is an accessory that increases your ATK and MAG by 10%, which is very useful for new players. It's also used as material to craft stronger rings like Monarch's Ring, Domination Ring, Ruler's Ring, and Ring of Dominion.

Hero's Ring can be crafted using a recipe rewarded from completing 30 trophies. Most of these trophies can be completed through normal play in just over 2 weeks, as long as you keep in mind some of the requirements, while some you have to grind for. See Trophy Guide for the full guide.

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Energy[edit | edit source]

Your energy will fully recover once you rank up. Daily quests reward you with both energy and exp, and this energy can overflow above your maximum energy. However, if you rank up while getting the reward, it'll reset to your current maximum, wasting the energy reward. So, don't rank up from daily quests and always use up all energy before leveling up to the next rank.

Friend Points[edit | edit source]

Immediately after having access to friend list, change your friend gift preference to friend points. You can send gifts to all of your friend list, and they will also send you gifts according to your preference. Friend gifting is completely free and can be done every day. Add as many friends as you can, choose them from Friends > Add Friend.

Friend points are used to summon standard/free units. While they may be weaker than Lapis summoned units, some of them are good for various purposes. To get their Trust Master Reward you will have to fuse them up to 20 times, each one giving them 5% trust (meaning you will have to pull a unit a total of 21 times).

Sprite Name Notes
Rizer Rizer Can use Blade Bash to paralyze. Trust: HP +10%.
King Giott King Giott Trust: Stone Killer. Boost damage against stone monsters by 50%.
Skaha Skaha Trust: Dragon Killer. Boost damage against dragons by 50%.
Ollie Ollie Trust: Aquan Killer. Boost damage against aquans by 50%.
Montana Montana Trust: Camouflage. Reduce chance of being targeted by 50%.

Money[edit | edit source]

Money isn't too important early on in this game. Not important enough to unlock Gil vortex for an entire day. If you need a chump change, do a standard summon with friend points, max out their level, and sell them off.

Rarity Value
1-star1 Star Rarity Gil4,400
2-star2 Star Rarity Gil15,000
3-star3 Star Rarity Gil32,000

Later you will find that you need more gil for things like Expeditions or Ability Awakenings, by this point you should have too many of common materials, from completing playing the game normally, and can just sell off stacks of them to gain a large portion of gil, this combined with events that give you many Gil Snappers will allow you to have more gil than you know what to do with.

Hidden Items & Quests[edit | edit source]

See also: Towns & Quests, Explorations

Whenever you are exploring a new town or an exploration dungeon, check towns and explorations pages to obtain all of their hidden items and quests. While it might be fun to discover them yourselves, it's very difficult to keep track of them, and some of them are really hard to find. Many quests require you to defeat monsters in subsequent dungeon, saving you energy by obtaining all quests beforehand.

Mission[edit | edit source]

Battle Tips[edit | edit source]

Status Ailments[edit | edit source]

Main article: Status Ailments

Many bosses can be cheesed by using status ailments. The notable status ailments are paralyze, sleep, and poison. Paralyze and sleep will stop any enemy's action for 2-3 turns, but any physical damage will wake up slept monster. Poison deals 10% HP damage per turn and combined with stopping effects, can deal significant damage to difficult bosses with a lot of HP.

Enemy builds up resistance to status ailments after each application. This doesn't show up in their resistance table when checked with Libra or Analyze.

Friend List[edit | edit source]

Your friend list from the game can store 30 peoples by default. Your facebook friends have the different list with friend list from the game. You can see your facebook friends unit in Friends > Facebook Invite.

If you are trying to use a certain friend unit but it doesn't appear on the list, you can restart the game to reset the list. Friends who have been used do not show up again for about 3 hours.

Maximize Efficiency[edit | edit source]

  • Use Steal whenever possible. Especially against monsters in the Colosseum and bosses. Xon with Waylay can help even more.
  • Use Libra or Analyze on all monsters. It adds the full description of monsters in their library at Menu > Guide > Monsters. If you are obsessive enough you might want to complete them all.
  • Use limit bursts, and esper summon whenever you can. See the Hero's Ring section about trophies.

Common Mistakes[edit | edit source]