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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Nanoweave Vest Nanoweave Vest ATK+25, DEF+1, MAG+30
Resistance: Lightning (+25%), Dark (+25%)
Reward: (Event) Moles in Black
Luneth's Clothes Luneth's Clothes ATK+45, DEF+1, SPR+1
Effect: Memories of the WindMemories of the Wind
Memories of the WindMemories of the Wind
Increase fire, water, wind, and earth resistance (30%)
STMR: Luneth
Leather Shirt Leather Shirt DEF+7 Shop: Town of Mitra, Port City Lodin
Recipe: Town of Mitra, Port City Lodin
K Producer's Jacket K Producer's Jacket DEF+7, SPR+3
Effect: Focus Attention (20%)Focus Attention (20%)
Focus Attention (20%)Focus Attention (20%)
Increase chance of being targeted (20%)
Yukata of Flames Yukata of Flames ATK+8, DEF+8, MAG+8
Resistance: Fire (+15%), Confuse (+50%)
Effect: Flame Set (Yukata)Flame Set (Yukata)
Flame Set (Yukata)Flame Set
Increase ATK/MAG (10%) when equipped with Fan of Flames
Recipe: (Event) Demon Parade
Kenpogi Kenpogi ATK+3, DEF+10 Shop: Militant Town of Moraque
Recipe: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Reward: (Earth Key) (Colosseum) Beginner D-3
Bard's Tunic Bard's Tunic DEF+10, SPR+5
Resistance: Silence (+30%)
Shop: Village of Kol
Recipe: (Quest) The Unlettered Poet
Chest: Port City Lydira
Storm Bunny Jacket Storm Bunny Jacket HP+800, ATK+40, DEF+10
Effect: Killer InstinctsKiller Instincts
Killer InstinctsKiller Instincts
Increase physical and magic damage against mechanical and stone monsters (50%)
, Exquisite WeavingExquisite Weaving
Exquisite WeavingExquisite Weaving
Increase HP (20%) and ATK (30%)
(Esther only)
STMR: Esther
Premium Leather Jacket Premium Leather Jacket DEF+12, SPR+8
Resistance: Fire (+15%)
Recipe: (Event) Homecoming
Cupid's Robe Cupid's Robe DEF+12, MAG+30, SPR+30
Resistance: Dark (+20%)
Chest: (Event) Trials of Love
Thermal Suit Thermal Suit DEF+12, SPR+32
Resistance: Fire (+50%)
Reward: (Event) The Frozen Cavern
Cat Costume Cat Costume DEF+12, MAG +20%, SPR +20% TMR: Nyalu
Ninja Gear (FFVI) Ninja Gear ATK+20, DEF+13, SPR+3 Recipe: (Event) Floating Continent: Skies
Scholar Robe Scholar Robe MP+20, DEF+13, SPR+10 Shop: Grandport, Town of Amore, Raven's Hideaway, Underworld Gaberada
Recipe: Grandport
Chest: Grandport
Producer's Jacket Producer's Jacket DEF+15, SPR+10
Ability: SmokeSmoke
Escape battle
Reward: (Event) One Year Anniversary, Kupo!
Flower Suit Flower Suit DEF+15, SPR+15
Resistance: Poison (+50%), Sleep (+50%)
Effect: Effusive FragranceEffusive Fragrance
Effusive FragranceEffusive Fragrance
Increase resistance to charm (30%)

Females only
Recipe: (Event) The Mana Beast
Handsome Uniform Handsome Uniform DEF+15, MAG+30, SPR+30
Males only
Reward: (Event) Sieghard, The Magnificent
Lid's Swimsuit Lid's Swimsuit DEF+15, MAG+30, SPR+30
Resistance: Water (+20%)
Females only
TMR: Summer Lid
Chocobo Rider's Cloak Chocobo Rider's Cloak ATK+8, DEF+17
Effect: Chocobo HuntChocobo Hunt
Chocobo HuntChocobo Hunt
Decrease chance of being targeted (50%)
Increase ATK (15%) when equipped with a bow
Chest: (Event) Chocobo Forest - Exploration
Survival Vest Survival Vest HP+30, DEF+18 Recipe: Lanzelt Highlands - Exploration
Chest: Ghost Port Kolobos
Power Vest Power Vest ATK+5, DEF+18 Shop: Militant Town of Moraque
Recipe: Lost Village of Marlo
Chest: Mobreeze Airship Factory - Exploration
Sephiroth's Longcoat (KH) Sephiroth's Longcoat ATK+30, DEF+18, SPR+18
Effect: Heroic ArtsHeroic Arts
Heroic ArtsHeroic Arts
Increase HP/ATK (20%) when equipped with a katana
, Clad in DarknessClad in Darkness
Clad in DarknessClad in Darkness
Increase physical damage against humans (50%)
(Sephiroth (KH) only)
TMR: Sephiroth (KH)
Fina's Swimsuit Fina's Swimsuit DEF+18, SPR+50
Resistance: Water (+30%)
Effect: Auto-RegenAuto-Regen
Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn

Females only
TMR: Beach Time Fina
Ninja Gear Ninja Gear ATK+4, DEF+20 Shop: Lost Village of Marlo, Militant Town of Moraque
Recipe: Lost Village of Marlo, (Quest) Ninja Challenge
Maiden's Vestment Maiden's Vestment DEF+20, SPR+15
Resistance: Water (+10%)
Females only
Reward: (Event) Memories from the Aquapolis
Mage's Habit Mage's Habit DEF+20, MAG+10, SPR+10 Recipe: (Quest) Patron of the Arts
Reward: (Colosseum) Beginner C-2
Fire Fox Cloak Fire Fox Cloak ATK+20, DEF+20, MAG+20, HP +10%
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Confuse (+50%)
Effect: Fire Fox Set (Cloak)Fire Fox Set (Cloak)
Fire Fox Set (Cloak)Fire Fox Set
Increase ATK/MAG (20%) when equipped with Fire Fox Plushie
Recipe: (Event) Demon Parade
Mog Suit Mog Suit ATK+20, DEF+20, MAG+20, SPR+20
Effect: Mog Suit (Ability)Mog Suit (Ability)
Mog Suit (Ability)Mog Suit
Increase experience (15%)
Reward: 40M DL Celebration Quests
Jensen's Trenchcoat Jensen's Trenchcoat ATK+35, DEF+20, SPR+20
Effect: SWAT SpecialistSWAT Specialist
SWAT SpecialistSWAT Specialist
Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a gun
STMR: Adam Jensen
Fayt's Clothes Fayt's Clothes ATK+38, DEF+20, SPR+20
Effect: Fayt's Clothes (Ability)Fayt's Clothes (Ability)
Fayt's Clothes (Ability)Fayt's Clothes
Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a sword
Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
STMR: Fayt
Vampire Cloak Vampire Cloak DEF+20, MAG+30, SPR+30
Effect: EvadeEvade
Increase physical evasion (10%)
TMR: Dracu Lasswell
Angel Wing Angel Wing DEF+20, SPR+32
Effect: Auto-ProtectAuto-Protect
Auto-buff DEF (20%)
Recipe: (Event) King of Darkness
Vestment of Prayers Vestment of Prayers DEF+21, SPR +15% Recipe: (Event) Dracotaur Lancer
Cat Suit Cat Suit DEF+21, MAG+32
Resistance: Ice (+10%), Dark (+10%)
Reward: (Event) Vs. Malicious Monsters
Dark Fina's Swimsuit Dark Fina's Swimsuit DEF+21, MAG+60
Resistance: Water (+50%)
Effect: Auto-RefreshAuto-Refresh
Recover MP (5%) per turn

Females only
TMR: Seabreeze Dark Fina
Butler's Uniform Butler's Uniform DEF+21, SPR+38, HP +10%
Resistance: Ice (+10%)
Reward: (Event) Pride of Gungan
Festival Robe Festival Robe DEF+22, SPR +10%
Resistance: Ice (+15%)
Reward: (Event) A Frosty Offensive
Soccer Jersey Soccer Jersey ATK+7, DEF+23
Effect: EvadeEvade
Increase physical evasion (10%)
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Assist Suit Assist Suit HP+150, ATK+5, DEF+24 Recipe: (Event) Imperial Infiltration
Rico's Jumpsuit Rico's Jumpsuit HP+200, ATK+5, DEF+24
Resistance: Fire (+20%)
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Black Belt Gi Black Belt Gi ATK+8, DEF+24 Shop: Militant Town of Moraque
Recipe: (Quest) Catastrophi-Kol
Chest: Felicitas Town
Summer Trunks Summer Trunks DEF+24, MAG+70, SPR+24
Resistance: Water (+50%)
Effect: Adventurous HeartAdventurous Heart
Adventurous HeartAdventurous Heart
Increase HP/MP (20%)
Increase LB gauge fill rate (50%)
STMR: Seaside Nichol
Cloak of Resentment Cloak of Resentment ATK+5, DEF+25, SPR+25
Resistance: Silence (Null)
Recipe: (Event) Dark Symphony
Fei's Martial Wear Fei's Martial Wear HP+1200, ATK+30, DEF+25, SPR+25
Effect: Fei's Martial Wear (Ability)Fei's Martial Wear (Ability)
Fei's Martial Wear (Ability)Fei's Martial Wear
Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a fist
Avian Cloak Avian Cloak ATK+10, DEF+27, MAG+10
Resistance: Paralyze (Null)
Effect: Auto-RefreshAuto-Refresh
Recover MP (5%) per turn
(Malphasie only)
Recipe: (Event) Darkness Awakens
Hyoh's Clothes Hyoh's Clothes ATK+28, DEF+42
Effect: Blade MasterBlade Master
Blade MasterBlade Master
Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a great sword
TMR: Hyoh
Stylish Black Dress Stylish Black Dress DEF+28, MAG+30
Effect: EvadeEvade
Increase physical evasion (10%)

Exclusive: Dangerous Ariana
Recipe: (Event) Dangerous Woman Tour
Smart Coat Smart Coat MP+20, DEF+28, MAG +10% Reward: (Event) Guardian of the Order
Mirage Vest Mirage Vest DEF+28, SPR+15
Ability: MirageMirage
Negate 2 physical damage taken for 3 turns to caster
Chest: Forgotten Walls - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) The Wolfsfang Terror, (Gale Key) Junkyard - Exploration, (Quest) Monsters 'round Mysidia
Azure Gilet Azure Gilet DEF+28, SPR+22
Resistance: Wind (+30%)
Chest: Vesta Ruins - Exploration
Fashionable Dancewear Fashionable Dancewear DEF+28, SPR+28
Resistance: Paralyze (Null)
Effect: HP +20% (Chic Ariana only)
Females only
Reward: (Event) A Musical Showdown
Antecedent's Attire Antecedent's Attire DEF+28, SPR+35, HP +10%, MP +10%
Exclusive: Minfilia
Recipe: (Event) March on Ifrit, (Event) March on Titan, (Event) March on Garuda
Torn Dress Torn Dress ATK+12, DEF+30
Resistance: Petrify (Null)
Recipe: (Event) Revelations of Darkness
Scarlet Moon Scarlet Moon ATK+35, DEF+30
Effect: Eternal BloodlustEternal Bloodlust
Eternal BloodlustEternal Bloodlust
Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a fist
TMR: Karten
Bulletproof Suit Bulletproof Suit HP+100, DEF+30
Resistance: Lightning (+15%)
Chest: (Event) Fodina Caestino - Exploration
Kingsglaive Uniform Kingsglaive Uniform ATK+10, DEF+30, MAG+20, HP +10% TMR: Libertus
Kyubi Cloak Kyubi Cloak ATK+25, DEF+30, MAG+30, HP +15%
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Confuse (+50%)
Effect: Kyubi Set (Cloak)Kyubi Set (Cloak)
Kyubi Set (Cloak)Kyubi Set
Increase ATK/MAG (40%) when equipped with Kyubi Plushie
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - Demon Matsuri
Unsui Clothes Unsui Clothes DEF+30, SPR+12
Resistance: Water (+50%)
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Clouds of Lasting Light - Exploration
Aileen's Dress Aileen's Dress MP+50, ATK+24, DEF+30, SPR+15 Recipe: (Event) Golden Bomb Rush!
Diamond Jacket Diamond Jacket DEF+30, SPR+20 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Magitek Weapon Development Facility - Exploration
Tabby Suit Tabby Suit DEF+30, SPR+20, HP +10%, MP +10%
Resistance: Poison (Null)
Reward: (Event) The Floating Continent
Black Leather Black Leather DEF+30, MAG+20, SPR+24 Recipe: (Event) First and Last
Tactician Magician's Coat Tactician Magician's Coat DEF+30, MAG+30, SPR+40, HP +10%, MP +10%
Exclusive: Shantotto, Livid Shantotto
Recipe: (Event) The Shadow Lord Invades
Battle Garb Battle Garb ATK+18, DEF+32
Resistance: Sleep (Null), Confuse (Null)
Recipe: Ancient Ruins Level 3
Training Clothes Training Clothes ATK+20, DEF+32, MP +20%
Males only
TMR: Goken
Basch's Uniform Basch's Uniform DEF+32, SPR+18
Resistance: Confuse (Null)
Reward: (Event) Yensa Sandsea‎‎
Rubber Suit Rubber Suit DEF+32, SPR+28
Resistance: Lightning (+30%)
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Petra, Forest of Illusion - Exploration
Chest: Roaring Volcano - Exploration
Doctor's Garment Doctor's Garment DEF+32, SPR+38
Effect: PharmacologyPharmacology
Increase potency of healing items (100%)
Reward: (Event) Temple of the Ancients, (Event) Vs. Mordegon
TMR: Otogiri
Crimson Vest Crimson Vest ATK+20, DEF+34, SPR+20 Recipe: (Event) Elements' Formation
Black Garb Black Garb ATK+5, DEF+35 Star Quartz: Lost Village of Marlo
Cloak of the Ghoul Cloak of the Ghoul ATK+8, DEF+35
Resistance: Dark (+10%)
Reward: (Event) Return to the Halloween Castle
Crimson's Coat Crimson's Coat DEF+35, SPR+21
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (+30%)
Recipe: (Event) The Day the Spark was Lit
Guide Clothes Guide Clothes ATK+14, DEF+35, SPR+24
Resistance: Dark (+20%)
Females only
Reward: (Event) Nibelheim
Suzume's Kimono Suzume's Kimono ATK+21, DEF+36
Effect: Self-Taught SwordsplaySelf-Taught Swordsplay
Self-Taught SwordsplaySelf-Taught Swordsplay
Increase ATK (20%) when equipped with a katana
TMR: Suzume
True Premium Leather Jacket True Premium Leather Jacket DEF+36, SPR+24
Resistance: Fire (+50%)
Recipe: (Event) Homecoming
Vishnu Vest Vishnu Vest DEF+36, SPR+36, MP +15%
Resistance: Fire (+25%), Ice (+25%), Lightning (+25%), Light (+25%), Dark (+25%)
Reward: (Event) Nelveska Temple, (Event) Barrier Tower
TMR: Edward
Red Jacket Red Jacket DEF+38, SPR+20
Resistance: Fire (+30%)
Reward: (Aurora Key) Gronoa Shrine Entrance - Exploration
Kenny Crow Costume Kenny Crow Costume DEF+38, SPR+22
Resistance: Poison (Null)
Effect: Wish for PeaceWish for Peace
Wish for PeaceWish for Peace
Increase ATK/DEF (20%) when equipped with a sword
TMR: Kenny Crow
Combat Costume Combat Costume DEF+39
Effect: Combat Costume (Ability)Combat Costume (Ability)
Combat Costume (Ability)Combat Costume
Increase equipment ATK (25%) and accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon
Recipe: (Event) Vs. Mordegon
Scion Striker's Attire Scion Striker's Attire ATK+24, DEF+40, SPR+12, HP +15%, MP +15%
Exclusive: Yda
Recipe: (Event) March on Titan, (Event) March on Garuda
Minerva Bustier Minerva Bustier DEF+47, SPR+45
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (+30%), Lightning (+30%), Wind (+30%)
Females only
TMR: Celes
Calming Garb Calming Garb HP+1500, MP+150, ATK+18, DEF+48, SPR+48
Effect: Reflexive DefenseReflexive Defense
Reflexive DefenseReflexive Defense
Use Reflexive Defense at the start of battle
STMR: Lila
Apron Dress Apron Dress DEF+49, SPR+49
Effect: GunslingerGunslinger
Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a gun
TMR: Amelia
Brave Suit Brave Suit DEF+51, ATK +15%, MAG +15% TMR: Ramza

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