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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Excalipoor Excalipoor ATK+1 Dropped from: Gilgamesh - (Event) The Big Bridge
Great Sword Great Sword ATK+27 Shop: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Recipe: (Quest) Muse of the Anvil
Rune Blade Rune Blade ATK+27, MAG+10
Element: Light
Chest: Surging Volcano - Exploration
Buster Sword Buster Sword ATK+35 Shop: Grandport, Industrial City Dilmagia, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion, Downtown Zoldaad
Recipe: Grandport
Chest: Zadehl Westersand - Exploration
Iron Will Iron Will ATK+40, DEF +15% Recipe: (Event) Destroy the Machine Lifeform, (Event) Destroy the Machine Lifeform (Update)
Giant's Sword Giant's Sword ATK+41 Reward: (Colosseum) Advanced S-5
Mythril Saber Mythril Saber ATK+45 Shop: Underworld Gaberada
Recipe: (Gale Key) Mystic Woods - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) Invasion Afoot!, (Event) The Crystal Tower, (Event) Lunar New Year
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Golden Blade Golden Blade ATK+51 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Gronoa Shrine Entrance - Exploration
Chest: Zoldaad Castle Grounds - Exploration, (Event) Trials of Love
Reward: (Event) The Crystal Tower
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Crag Splitter Crag Splitter ATK+56, DEF+15, HP +5%
Element: Earth
Recipe: (Event) Conqueror of Izander
Force Stealer Force Stealer ATK+58 Reward: (Quest) Beloved Equipment
Defender (FFT) Defender ATK+65
Effect: Stand BackStand Back
Stand BackStand Back
Increase physical evasion (5%)
Reward: (Event) In the Name of Love
Platinum Saber Platinum Saber ATK+70 Shop: Ilteah Town, City of Trials Dendalio, Town of Desolation Visectrum
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Energy Transfer Station - Exploration
Chest: Land of Darkness - Exploration
Cuisine Sword Cuisine Sword ATK+72, SPR+91 TMR: Forelsket
Durandal Durandal ATK+74
Element: Light
Reward: (Event) The Auracite Chosen
Organyx Organyx ATK+74
Element: Dark
Reward: (Event) Time for Revenge
Blood Sword Blood Sword ATK+76, SPR+20
Ability: DrainerDrainer
Physical damage (1x) as HP drain (50%) to one enemy
Recipe: (Colosseum) Advanced S-4
Skofnung Skofnung ATK+78
Element: Light
Reward: (Event) Shrine of Ru'Avitau
Kanshou Great Sword Kanshou Great Sword ATK+83
Effect: Kanshou's WillKanshou's Will
Kanshou's WillKanshou's Will
Increase DEF (20%) when equipped with a sword
Recipe: (Event) Yearning For Peace
Reward: (Event) Kanshou and Bakuya
Diamond Saber Diamond Saber ATK+85 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Children of Hess's Headquarters
Lightbringer - Replica Lightbringer - Replica ATK+90
Element: Light
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Dabih
Crimson Saber Crimson Saber ATK+90
Element: Fire
Effect: Crimson SoulCrimson Soul
Crimson SoulCrimson Soul
Increase HP/MP (30%)
(Rain, Vagrant Knight Rain, Awakened Rain only)
Reward: Trial of the Burning Soul
Sturdy Umbrella Sturdy Umbrella ATK+98
Element: Water
Resistance: Water (+15%)
Recipe: (Event) Sun, Sand, and Sea
Apocalypse Apocalypse ATK+103 Reward: (Aurora Key) Completion Bonus
Tailor's Scissors Tailor's Scissors ATK+105
Effect: Damage range 100% - 160%, Accuracy+50%
Ability: DeathDeath
DeathDeathBlack Magic Affinity Lvl 6 
Instant KO (30%) to one enemy

Two-handed weapon
TMR: Grinfield
Dark Faith Dark Faith ATK+110, HP +10%, MP +10% Purchase: Premium Bundle
Save the Queen (FFT) Save the Queen ATK+112
Effect: Auto-ProtectAuto-Protect
Auto-buff DEF (20%)
TMR: Agrias
Iron Duke Iron Duke ATK+118 Reward: (Event) The Web-Weaving Princess
Tonitrus Tonitrus ATK+120
Element: Lightning
Effect: Auto-BraveryAuto-Bravery
Auto-buff ATK (20%)
TMR: Guromu
Excalibur Excalibur ATK+120
Element: Light
Reward: (Event) Dracotaur Lancer
TMR: Cecil
Deathbringer Deathbringer ATK+120
Element: Dark
Effect: Man-EaterMan-Eater
Increase physical damage against humans (50%)
TMR: Dark Knight Cecil
Erdrick's Sword Erdrick's Sword ATK+125 Reward: (Event) Monster Carnival, (Event) Estark's Challenge
Revolver Revolver ATK+125
Effect: Damage range 100% - 160%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
Reward: (Event) SeeD Field Exam
Flaming Blade Agni Flaming Blade Agni ATK+125
Element: Fire
Effect: Fire Resistance +15%Fire Resistance +15%
Fire Resistance +15%Fire Resistance +15%
Increase fire resistance (15%)
TMR: Elbis
Glauca's Greatsword Glauca's Greatsword ATK+125
Element: Dark
Effect: Auto-RegenAuto-Regen
Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn
TMR: Glauca
Beastlord Beastlord ATK+125, DEF +20%
Ability: Beast RoarBeast Roar
Beast RoarBeast Roar
Physical damage (1.5x) to all enemies
Revolving Saw Revolving Saw ATK+130
Effect: Damage range 100% - 160%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
TMR: Conrad
Dandelga Dandelga ATK+130
Element: Fire
TMR: Vargas
Excalibur II Excalibur II ATK+130
Element: Light
TMR: Steiner
Lightbringer (FFBE) Lightbringer ATK+135
Element: Light
Effect: Holy (Ability)Holy (Ability)
Holy (Ability)Holy
Chance to counter physical attacks (20%) with HolyHoly
Light physical damage (4x) to one enemy
(max 1/turn)
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Dabih
Save the Queen (FFIX) Save the Queen ATK+135
Resistance: Fire (+30%)
Effect: 100-Knight Slayer100-Knight Slayer
100-Knight Slayer100-Knight Slayer
Increase LB gauge fill rate (25%)
TMR: Beatrix
Lion Heart Lion Heart ATK+150
Effect: The Legendary BeastThe Legendary Beast
The Legendary BeastThe Legendary Beast
Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
(Squall only), Damage range 100% - 160%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
TMR: Squall
Bahamut Tear Bahamut Tear ATK+165
Element: Lightning
Effect: Bahamut Tear (Ability)Bahamut Tear (Ability)
Bahamut Tear (Ability)Bahamut Tear
Increase LB damage (30%)
, Damage range 100% - 160%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
STMR: Arngrim
Chrome Sphene Chrome Sphene ATK+170, DEF+20, SPR+20 STMR: Loren
Thunder God's Sword Thunder God's Sword ATK+174
Element: Light
STMR: Orlandeau
Iconic Sword Iconic Sword ATK+176
Effect: Regal DemeanorRegal Demeanor
Regal DemeanorRegal Demeanor
Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)
STMR: Jecht
Ultima Weapon (FFBE) Ultima Weapon ATK+180 STMR: Hyoh
Buster Sword (KH) Buster Sword ATK+180
Effect: Damage range 100% - 160%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
STMR: Cloud (KH)
Ultima Weapon (FFVII) Ultima Weapon ATK+180
Effect: Damage range 100% - 160%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
STMR: Cloud

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