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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Woven Trapper Cap Woven Trapper Cap ATK+15, MAG+15
Effect: Woven Trapper Cap (Ability)Woven Trapper Cap (Ability)
Woven Trapper Cap (Ability)Woven Trapper Cap
Increase MP (10%)
Recover MP (7%) per turn
(Aurora Fryevia only)
Recipe: (Event) Darkness Apocalypse
Jet Black Eyepatch Jet Black Eyepatch ATK+18, HP +15%
Effect: Crisis EvasionCrisis Evasion
Crisis EvasionCrisis Evasion
Increase physical evasion (5%)
Recipe: (Event) Out for Vengeance
Assault Shemagh Assault Shemagh ATK+20, SPR+20
Resistance: Silence (+50%)
TMR: Ishil
Hypno Crown (FFVII) Hypno Crown MAG+20, SPR+20
Resistance: Sleep (Null)
Reward: (Event) Temple of the Ancients
Ardyn's Hat Ardyn's Hat ATK+40
Resistance: Dark (+20%)
Effect: Composed ChancellorComposed Chancellor
Composed ChancellorComposed Chancellor
Auto-heal (1800 HP, 1x) per turn
Recover MP (10%) per turn
Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
TMR: Ardyn
Mistletoe Clip Mistletoe Clip ATK+40, MAG+40
Resistance: Fire (+15%), Ice (+15%), Wind (+15%), Earth (+15%)
TMR: Levinson
Scanning Goggles Scanning Goggles ATK+52
Effect: Plant KillerPlant Killer
Plant KillerPlant Killer
Increase physical damage against plants (50%)
, Stone KillerStone Killer
Stone KillerStone Killer
Increase physical damage against stone monsters (50%)
, Bug KillerBug Killer
Bug KillerBug Killer
Increase physical damage against insects (50%)
, Machine KillerMachine Killer
Machine KillerMachine Killer
Increase physical damage against mechanical monsters (50%)
STMR: Aileen
Glorious Headpiece Glorious Headpiece ATK+52
Effect: Glorious Headpiece (Ability)Glorious Headpiece (Ability)
Glorious Headpiece (Ability)Glorious Headpiece
Increase LB gauge (3) per turn
Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a fist
STMR: Lucius
Prishe's Hairpin Prishe's Hairpin ATK+45, HP +10%, MP +10% TMR: Prishe
Magical Top Hat Magical Top Hat MP+45, MAG+25
Effect: Auto-RefreshAuto-Refresh
Recover MP (5%) per turn
, Auto-LimitAuto-Limit
Increase LB gauge (1) per turn
TMR: Illusionist Nichol
Bat Hairband Bat Hairband MP+30, MAG+10, SPR+10 Reward: (Event) An Eerie Invitation
Cat-ear Hood Cat-ear Hood MAG+25, SPR+25
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Ice (+20%), Lightning (+20%), Light (+20%)
Star Quartz: Sorcerer's Hideaway
Trick Hat Trick Hat MAG+35, SPR+35, MP +15% Reward: (Event) Tower of Zot, (Event) Vs. Malicious Monsters
TMR: Timothy
Aegyo Aegyo MAG+20, SPR+55
Effect: Aegyo (Ability)Aegyo (Ability)
Aegyo (Ability)Aegyo
Increase fire and light resistance (40%)
TMR: Myra
Leather Hat Leather Hat DEF+1 Shop: Town of Mitra, Port City Lodin
Recipe: Town of Mitra, Port City Lodin
Tsukumo Doll Tsukumo Doll DEF+1, SPR+1
Effect: EXP Boost x1.3EXP Boost x1.3
EXP Boost x1.3EXP Boost x1.3
Increase experience (30%)
Recipe: (Event) Dracotaur Lancer
Charcoal Hood Charcoal Hood ATK+5, DEF+1, MAG+5, SPR+1
Resistance: Light (+10%), Blind (+15%), Disease (+15%)
Effect: Charcoal Set (Hood)Charcoal Set (Hood)
Charcoal Set (Hood)Charcoal Set
Increase DEF/SPR (10%) when equipped with Charcoal Cloak
Recipe: (Event) Grave Hexvius
Feathered Cap Feathered Cap DEF+3 Recipe: Latius Woods - Exploration
Chest: Town of Mitra
Tiger Mask Tiger Mask ATK+14, DEF+3 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Wind Shrine - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) Hero Mask Task
Wolf Mask Wolf Mask HP+80, ATK+14, DEF+3
Effect: Wild IntuitionWild Intuition
Wild IntuitionWild Intuition
Increase physical evasion (5%)
Recipe: Ancient Ruins Level 2
Shiva's Tiara Shiva's Tiara DEF+3, MAG+51
Resistance: Ice (+50%)
Reward: (Trial) Beasts of the Dark II
Evoker's Horn Evoker's Horn DEF+3, SPR+3, MAG +15%, SPR +15%
Effect: EVO MAG +10%EVO MAG +10%
EVO MAG +10%EVO MAG +10%
Increase EVO MAG (10%)
Reward: (Event) Piercing Light
Halloween Hat Halloween Hat DEF+3, SPR+20, HP +10% Purchase: Premium Bundle
Hypno Crown Hypno Crown DEF+5, SPR+12 Recipe: (Quest) Ore Inspiring
Chest: Shrine of Decay - Exploration
Big Red Ribbon Big Red Ribbon HP+200, DEF+5, SPR+5 Recipe: (Event) Darkness Awakens
Hairpin of Flames Hairpin of Flames ATK+5, DEF+5, MAG+5
Resistance: Fire (+10%), Confuse (+30%)
Effect: Flame Set (Hairpin)Flame Set (Hairpin)
Flame Set (Hairpin)Flame Set
Increase ATK/MAG (10%) when equipped with Yukata of Flames
Recipe: (Event) Demon Parade
Red Cap Red Cap ATK+5, DEF+5, MAG+5, SPR+5 Recipe: (Quest) My Shameful Naked Wrist
Reward: (Earth Key) Phantom Forest - Exploration
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Ashen Hood Ashen Hood ATK+8, DEF+5, MAG+8, SPR+5
Resistance: Light (+20%), Blind (+35%), Disease (+35%)
Effect: Ashen Set (Hood)Ashen Set (Hood)
Ashen Set (Hood)Ashen Set
Increase DEF/SPR (10%) when equipped with Ashen Cloak
Recipe: (Event) Grave Hexvius
Kitty Headband Kitty Headband DEF+5, MAG+20, SPR+20
Resistance: Water (+15%), Light (+15%)
Recipe: (Event) Dark Symphony
Crown of the Covenant Crown of the Covenant DEF+5, MAG +20%, SPR +20% Reward: (Event) Conspiracy to the Throne
Wizard's Hat Wizard's Hat DEF+6 Shop: Grandport
Recipe: Grandport
Bandana Bandana ATK+4, DEF+6 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Ordol Port
Reward: (Quest) Road to the Colosseum
Mystery Veil Mystery Veil DEF+7, SPR+16 Recipe: (Quest) Ice of Steel
Chest: Aquatic Cove - Exploration, Raven's Hideaway
Reward: (Colosseum) Intermediate S-2
Twist Headband Twist Headband ATK+7, DEF+8 Shop: Ordol Port
Reward: (Quest) Hello? Sailor?
Mage's Hat Mage's Hat DEF+8, MAG+10 Recipe: (Colosseum) Intermediate C-2
Chapeau Chapeau MP+20, DEF+8, MAG+12, SPR+12 Reward: (Colosseum) Advanced D-5
Platinum Tiara Platinum Tiara DEF+8, SPR+15 Shop: City of Trials Dendalio, Town of Desolation Visectrum
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Roaring Volcano - Exploration
Royal Crown - Replica Royal Crown - Replica DEF+8, MAG+25, SPR+16
Resistance: Confuse (+50%)
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Brachium
Minstrel's Prayer Minstrel's Prayer DEF+8, MAG+42, SPR+46, MP +20% TMR: Roy
White Bandana White Bandana DEF+9, MAG +15% Recipe: (Event) Dracotaur Lancer
Rust-Red Circlet Rust-Red Circlet DEF+10
Resistance: Light (+50%)
Recipe: (Event) Lost City of Dipan
Stone Crown Stone Crown ATK+5, DEF+10, SPR+5
Resistance: Earth (+10%)
Effect: Stone Set (Crown)Stone Set (Crown)
Stone Set (Crown)Stone Set
Increase ATK/SPR (10%) when equipped with Stone Vest
, LivelinessLiveliness
Increase ATK (10%)
(Esther only), CheerfulnessCheerfulness
Increase HP (10%)
(Sylvie only)
Recipe: (Event) Eggstinction
Green Beret Green Beret HP+50, ATK+10, DEF+10 Shop: Felicitas Town, Industrial City Dilmagia, Village of Ambel, Town of Kolts, Aquapolis Olderion, Town of Amore, Raven's Hideaway, Underworld Gaberada
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Felicitas Town
Chest: Lanzelt Highlands - Exploration
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Fire Fox Mask Fire Fox Mask ATK+10, DEF+10, MAG+10, HP +10%
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Confuse (+30%)
Effect: Fire Fox Set (Mask)Fire Fox Set (Mask)
Fire Fox Set (Mask)Fire Fox Set
Increase ATK/MAG (15%) when equipped with Fire Fox Cloak
Recipe: (Event) Demon Parade
Decoding Goggles Decoding Goggles ATK+20, DEF+10, MAG+20
Resistance: Lightning (+20%), Dark (+20%)
Effect: Decryption ProgramDecryption Program
Decryption ProgramDecryption Program
Auto-cast Decryption Program every turn if Doctor Aiden, Agent Olive, Mastermind Xon, or Operative Zyrus is alive
Reward: (Event) The Quest for the Chest
Circlet Circlet DEF+10, MAG+15, SPR+7 Recipe: Underworld Gaberada
Chest: Wind Shrine - Exploration, Invincible Interior - Exploration, Sorcerer's Hideaway
Celebrant's Miter Celebrant's Miter DEF+10, SPR+10 Shop: Lost Village of Marlo
Recipe: Lost Village of Marlo
Crimson Dragon Cowl Crimson Dragon Cowl DEF+10, SPR+10
Resistance: Ice (+15%)
Effect: Null SleepNull Sleep
Null SleepNull Sleep
Increase resistance to sleep (100%)
(Popstar Katy only)
Recipe: (Event) Red Hot Music
Toy Elf's Hat Toy Elf's Hat ATK+1, DEF+10, SPR+10
Resistance: Wind (+10%)
Effect: Toy Set (Hat)Toy Set (Hat)
Toy Set (Hat)Toy Set
Increase SPR/MP (10%) when equipped with Toy Elf's Tunic
Recipe: (Event) Save Your Elf
Beret Beret DEF+10, SPR+10, MAG +10% Reward: (Event) The Floating Continent
Earth Hood Earth Hood DEF+10, SPR+12
Resistance: Earth (+15%)
Chest: Karvell Resort Town
Hibiscus Hairpin Hibiscus Hairpin DEF+10, MP +15%, MAG +20% TMR: Maiden Sakura
Black Fox Shapeshifter Mask Black Fox Shapeshifter Mask ATK+40, DEF+10, MAG+40, SPR+12 TMR: Nagi
Hairpin of Purity Hairpin of Purity DEF+10, MAG+24, SPR+51
Resistance: All status ailments (Null)
TMR: Lotus Mage Fina
Lucky Clover Hairpin Lucky Clover Hairpin DEF+12, MAG+12
Effect: Auto-ShellAuto-Shell
Auto-buff SPR (20%)
Recipe: (Event) Pop Hits
Sage's Hat Sage's Hat DEF+12, MAG+7, SPR+7 Chest: Town of Sian
Festival Cap Festival Cap DEF+12, MAG +10%
Resistance: Ice (+10%)
Reward: (Event) A Frosty Offensive
Black Mask Black Mask DEF+12, MAG+18
Resistance: Dark (+15%)
Chest: Inside Labor Camp - Exploration
Reward: (Quest) Warrior of Earth and Sea
White Mask White Mask DEF+12, SPR+18
Resistance: Light (+15%)
Chest: Duggle Village, Energy Transfer Station - Exploration
Bunny Mask Bunny Mask MP+20, DEF+12, MAG+25
Exclusive: Dangerous Ariana
Recipe: (Event) Dangerous Woman Tour
Mog Hat Mog Hat DEF+13, SPR+18
Effect: Mog Hat (Ability)Mog Hat (Ability)
Mog Hat (Ability)Mog Hat
Increase common item drop rate (50%)
Reward: 40M DL Celebration Quests
Artisan Beret Artisan Beret DEF+14, MP +5%, SPR +20% TMR: Artisan Lid
Sturdy Headband Sturdy Headband ATK+12, DEF+14, SPR+14
Effect: Magic CounterMagic Counter
Magic CounterMagic Counter
Chance to counter magic attacks (30%) with normal attack
Reward: (Event) In Search of True Strength
Reindeer Hairband Reindeer Hairband ATK+19, DEF+15, SPR+10 Reward: (Event) Eternal Winter
Beatrix's Eyepatch Beatrix's Eyepatch DEF+15, ATK +15%
Effect: Beatrix's Eyepatch (Ability)Beatrix's Eyepatch (Ability)
Beatrix's Eyepatch (Ability)Beatrix's Eyepatch
Increase SPR (15%)
Increase resistance to blind (100%)
(Beatrix only)
Reward: (Event) Escape from Alexandria Castle
Moogle Crown Moogle Crown DEF+15, SPR+15
Resistance: Petrify (Null)
Effect: False CourageFalse Courage
False CourageFalse Courage
Increase HP/MP/DEF (10%)
(Moogle only)
Recipe: (Event) One Year Anniversary, Kupo!
Creepy Mask Creepy Mask MP+15, DEF+15, MAG+30
Ability: Boo!Boo!
Magic damage (0.8x) to all enemies
Inflict paralyze (15%) to all enemies
Reward: (Event) Halloween - Night of the Pumpkin, (Event) Return to the Halloween Castle
Festive Reindeer Antlers Festive Reindeer Antlers ATK+5, DEF+15, SPR+15
Resistance: Wind (+20%)
Effect: Festive Set (Antlers)Festive Set (Antlers)
Festive Set (Antlers)Festive Set
Increase SPR/MP (15%) when equipped with Festive Elf Suit
Recipe: (Event) Save Your Elf
Hood of Darkness Hood of Darkness ATK+15, DEF+15, MAG+15, SPR+15
Resistance: Dark (+20%)
Effect: Darkness Set (Hood)Darkness Set (Hood)
Darkness Set (Hood)Darkness Set
Increase ATK/MAG (10%) when equipped with Mantle of Darkness
Recipe: (Event) Fundamental Forces
Whitebrim Whitebrim ATK+18, DEF+15, SPR+15, MP +15% Reward: (Event) The Gathering
Cat Hat Cat Hat MP+25, DEF+15, MAG+20, SPR+20
Resistance: Silence (Null)
TMR: Black Cat Lid
Aria's Ribbon Aria's Ribbon DEF+15, SPR+45, MP +15%
Resistance: Water (20%)
TMR: Aria
Raven Beret Raven Beret DEF+16
Effect: Avian TacticsAvian Tactics
Avian TacticsAvian Tactics
Increase physical evasion (5%)
Recipe: (Event) The Shadow Lord Invades
Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara DEF+16, SPR+30 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Habal Village
Royal Crown Royal Crown DEF+16, MAG+50, SPR+32
Resistance: Confuse (Null)
Effect: Champion's CrownChampion's Crown
Champion's CrownChampion's Crown
Increase LB gauge fill rate (25%)
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Brachium
Frozen Crown Frozen Crown HP+500, DEF+16, SPR+50
Resistance: Ice (+30%)
Reward: (Trial) The Fallen Ice Bird - ELT
Chocobo Hood Chocobo Hood DEF+18, SPR+25, MP +10%
Resistance: Wind (+20%)
Effect: Chocobo-Riding KnightChocobo-Riding Knight
Chocobo-Riding KnightChocobo-Riding Knight
Increase resistance to sleep and confuse (100%)
(Chocobo Rain only)
Reward: (Event) Farplane de Chocobo!
Tectonic Crown Tectonic Crown ATK+10, DEF+20, SPR+10, HP +10%
Resistance: Earth (+20%), Petrify (+50%)
Effect: Tectonic Set (Crown)Tectonic Set (Crown)
Tectonic Set (Crown)Tectonic Set
Increase ATK/SPR (15%) when equipped with Tectonic Vest
, LivelinessLiveliness
Increase ATK (10%)
(Esther only), CheerfulnessCheerfulness
Increase HP (10%)
(Sylvie only)
Recipe: (Event) Eggstinction
Soul Crown Soul Crown DEF+20, SPR+20
Resistance: All elements (+5%)
Reward: (Event) Mana Mystery
Black Bandana Black Bandana ATK+12, DEF+20
Resistance: Sleep (Null)
Recipe: (Event) The Egg Seekers
Kingsglaive Hood Kingsglaive Hood ATK+18, DEF+20, SPR+10
Resistance: All elements (+5%)
Reward: (Event) Battle at the Borders
Crystal Crown (KH) Crystal Crown HP+50, MP+50, ATK+20, DEF+20 Recipe: (Event) Heartless: Guard Armor
Catastrophic Crown Catastrophic Crown ATK+24, DEF+20, SPR+24, HP +15%
Resistance: Earth (+30%), Petrify (+50%)
Effect: Catastrophe Set (Crown)Catastrophe Set (Crown)
Catastrophe Set (Crown)Catastrophe Set
Increase ATK/SPR (20%) when equipped with Catastrophic Vest
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - Armeggeddon
Imperial Crown Imperial Crown DEF+20, MAG+24, SPR+24, HP +15%
Resistance: Dark (+30%), Blind (+50%)
Effect: Set of Virtue (Crown)Set of Virtue (Crown)
Set of Virtue (Crown)Set of Virtue
Increase MAG/SPR (20%) when equipped with Imperial Robe
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - The Empress Supreme
Chic Summer Hat Chic Summer Hat DEF+21, MAG+40, SPR+40
Resistance: Fire (+50%)
TMR: Summertime Luka
Rydia's Headband Rydia's Headband DEF+24, MAG+52, SPR+38
Effect: Pure MindPure Mind
Pure MindPure Mind
Increase EVO MAG (20%)
Increase esper's bonus stats (10%)
STMR: Pure Summoner Rydia
Scion Striker's Visor Scion Striker's Visor ATK+12, DEF+25, SPR+12, HP +5%, MP +5%
Exclusive: Yda
Recipe: (Event) March on Titan, (Event) March on Garuda
Microchu Cap Microchu Cap DEF+25, SPR+15, HP +10%
Element: Wind (+20%), Earth (+20%)
Reward: (Event) Latius Woods - Past
Crown of Justice Crown of Justice DEF+25, SPR+20 Recipe: (Event) The Egg Seekers
Kyubi Mask Kyubi Mask ATK+25, DEF+25, MAG+25, HP +15%
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Confuse (+50%)
Effect: Kyubi Set (Mask)Kyubi Set (Mask)
Kyubi Set (Mask)Kyubi Set
Increase ATK/MAG (20%) when equipped with Kyubi Cloak
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of the Vengeful - Demon Matsuri
Black Cowl Black Cowl ATK+28, DEF+25, SPR+25
Resistance: Sleep (Null)
TMR: Hayate
Power Amplifier Power Amplifier ATK+40, DEF+25, SPR+25
Ability: GunslingerGunslinger
Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a gun
TMR: Regina
Royal Crown (FFVI) Royal Crown DEF+28, SPR+35
Effect: Proof of RoyaltyProof of Royalty
Proof of RoyaltyProof of Royalty
Increase HP/ATK/MAG (10%)
Reward: (Event) Figaro Castle
Royal Circlet Royal Circlet HP+200, MP+50, DEF+25, SPR+50, HP +10%, MP +10% TMR: Sacred Shield Charlotte
Red Hellebore Red Hellebore ATK+60, DEF+29, MAG+60, MP +20% STMR: Karlette
Malboro Doll Malboro Doll DEF+30, SPR+30
Resistance: All status ailments (+50%)
Reward: (Event) Magitek Ruins - Central Area
Maria's Goggles Maria's Goggles DEF+30, MAG+52
Resistance: Light (+40%)
TMR: Maria (Xenogears)
Bombardier's Bicorne Bombardier's Bicorne ATK+36, DEF+31
Resistance: Paralyze (Null)
TMR: Zile
Krile's Scrunchie Krile's Scrunchie MP+100, DEF+32, MAG+60, SPR+32
Resistance: All status ailments (Null)
STMR: Warrior of Light Krile
Crown of Eternity Crown of Eternity DEF+34, MAG+61, SPR+32
Effect: Crown of Eternity (Ability)Crown of Eternity (Ability)
Crown of Eternity (Ability)Crown of Eternity
Decrease MP used (30%)
STMR: Veronica
Yuraisha's Hairpin Yuraisha's Hairpin DEF+34, SPR+95, HP +30%
Effect: Yuraisha's Hairpin (Ability)Yuraisha's Hairpin (Ability)
Yuraisha's Hairpin (Ability)Yuraisha's Hairpin
Auto-heal (1800 HP, 1x) per turn
STMR: Yuraisha
Glass Mask Glass Mask DEF+35 Reward: (Event) The Tower of Zot, (Event) Tower of Zot
Kryla's Veil Kryla's Veil DEF+35, SPR+84
Resistance: All elements (+20%)
STMR: Kryla
Ayaka's Hairpiece Ayaka's Hairpiece DEF+38, SPR+94
Resistance: Light (+30%)
Effect: Nature's FestoonNature's Festoon
Nature's FestoonNature's Festoon
Increase MP (20%)
Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
STMR: Kimono Ayaka
Empress Garland Empress Garland DEF+40, MAG+50, SPR+50, HP +30%
Resistance: Silence (Null), Petrify (Null)
STMR: Freya (VP)

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