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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Ashura Ashura ATK+21 Shop: Ordol Port, Town of Sian
Kotetsu Kotetsu ATK+25 Shop: Port City Lodin, Town of Sian
Recipe: Port City Lodin
Chest: Royal Capital Grandshelt
Kodachi Kodachi ATK+26 Shop: Lost Village of Marlo, Town of Sian
Recipe: Lost Village of Marlo
Kiku-ichimonji Kiku-ichimonji ATK+30 Shop: Lost Village of Marlo, Town of Sian
Recipe: Lost Village of Marlo
Reward: (Quest) Missing on the Mountain
Kazekiri Kazekiri ATK+35
Element: Wind
Shop: Felicitas Town, Village of Ambel, Town of Amore, Downtown Zoldaad, Underworld Gaberada, Town of Sian
Recipe: (Quest) The Icemen Overcometh
Reward: (Earth Key) Zadehl Westersand - Exploration, (Event) A Frosty Offensive
Osafune Osafune ATK+42 Recipe: Wind Shrine - Exploration
Chest: (Silver Chest) Lost Village of Marlo
Goho Katana Goho Katana ATK+52
Effect: Confuse (30%), Petrify (30%)
Chest: (Event) Latius Woods - Past
Light Blade (Item) Light Blade ATK+54
Element: Light
Chest: Energy Extraction Station - Exploration
Shiranui (Item) Shiranui ATK+52
Effect: Shiranui (Ability)Shiranui (Ability)
Shiranui (Ability)Shiranui
Increase physical evasion (5%)
Chest: (Event) Shrine of Ru'Avitau - Exploration
Yakei Yakei ATK+58
Effect: Poison (30%)
Reward: (Flamering Key) Snowy Woods - Exploration
Raikiri Raikiri ATK+60
Element: Lightning
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Forgotten Walls - Exploration
Murasame Murasame ATK+61 Reward: (Trial) White Dragon
Platinum Long Sword Platinum Long Sword ATK+64 Chest: Georl Barrier Station - Exploration
Sasuke's Katana - Replica Sasuke's Katana - Replica ATK+65 Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Aldhafera
Adamantite Katana Adamantite Katana ATK+70 Recipe: (Silver Chest) The Yuraisha
Dwarf's Katana Dwarf's Katana ATK+70 Reward: (Event) A Promise Beyond Time
Kogarasumaru Kogarasumaru ATK+72
Element: Dark
Recipe: (Event) Vanquish Jie Revorse!
Bushido Blade Bushido Blade ATK+75
Effect: Man-EaterMan-Eater
Increase physical damage against humans (50%)
Reward: (Event) The Clash on Big Bridge
Kiyomori Kiyomori ATK+79
Effect: EvadeEvade
Increase physical evasion (10%)
Reward: (Event) The Auracite Chosen
Purple Lightning Purple Lightning ATK+92
Effect: Azure SoulAzure Soul
Azure SoulAzure Soul
Increase ATK (40%)
(Lasswell, Pyro Glacial Lasswell only)
Reward: Trial of the Tranquil Will
Chirijiraden Chirijiraden ATK+80
Element: Fire
Recipe: (Event) Orbonne Monastery Vaults
Sakurafubuki Sakurafubuki ATK+98 Reward: (Event) Nibelheim
TMR: Miyuki
Cruel Oath Cruel Oath ATK+105
Effect: Cruel Oath (Ability)Cruel Oath (Ability)
Cruel Oath (Ability)Cruel Oath
Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (40%) for 3 turns when HP drops below 30%
Recipe: (Event) Destroy the Machine Lifeform, (Event) Destroy the Machine Lifeform (Update)
Genji Blade Genji Blade ATK+107 Reward: (Trial) Attack of Gilgamesh
Hyomonto Hyomonto ATK+110
Element: Ice
Effect: Frozen LawFrozen Law
Frozen LawFrozen Law
Increase physical damage against beasts, birds, aquatics, and plants (25%)
TMR: Erwin
Murasame+ Murasame+ ATK+111, MAG+14 Reward: (Trial) Scorn of the White Dragon
Hoemaru Hoemaru ATK+120
Element: Fire
TMR: Kamui
Sasuke's Katana Sasuke's Katana ATK+130
Effect: Dual WieldDual Wield
Dual WieldDual Wield
Enable dual wielding of one-handed weapons
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Aldhafera
Virtuous Contract Virtuous Contract ATK+130, MP +20% TMR: 2B
Onimaru Onimaru ATK+140, SPR+30 TMR: Ellesperis
Masamune Masamune ATK+150
Ability: DoublehandDoublehand
Increase equipment ATK (50%) and accuracy (25%) when single wielding a one-handed weapon
, OctaslashOctaslash
Physical damage (2.5x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy
(Sephiroth only)
TMR: Sephiroth
Beach Umbrella Beach Umbrella ATK+170, DEF+40 STMR: Aloha Lasswell
Zantetsuken (FFBE) Zantetsuken ATK+174
Effect: Resolute VowResolute Vow
Resolute VowResolute Vow
Increase LB gauge fill rate (50%)
Increase esper's bonus stats (10%)
STMR: Pyro Glacial Lasswell

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