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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Original Soundtrack[edit | edit source]


Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Release Date: February 26, 2016
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Total Length: 1:46:09
  • Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
  • Composers: Noriyasu Agematsu, Nobuo Uematsu
  • Arrangers: Evan Call, Natsumi Kameoka, Sachiko Miyano
  • Producer: Noriyasu Agematsu

Digital Purchase[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

Track List
# Name Composer Time
Disc 1
1 Moment of Recall Noriyasu Agematsu 2:47
2 To the Horizon Noriyasu Agematsu 2:27
3 Into the Labyrinth Noriyasu Agematsu 1:35
4 DUEL!! Noriyasu Agematsu 2:50
5 Victory's Fanfare Nobuo Uematsu & Noriyasu Agematsu 0:46
6 Peaceful Village Noriyasu Agematsu 2:27
7 Not of This World Noriyasu Agematsu 2:37
8 Rain in Forest Noriyasu Agematsu 2:36
9 The Ancient Life Noriyasu Agematsu 2:27
10 The Initiation Noriyasu Agematsu 2:12
11 Monument Valley Noriyasu Agematsu 2:17
12 Supreme Mission Noriyasu Agematsu 2:36
13 Devided We Fall Noriyasu Agematsu 2:46
14 The Emergency Noriyasu Agematsu 2:18
15 Onslaught Noriyasu Agematsu 2:47
16 The Suspicion Noriyasu Agematsu 1:46
17 Walkabout Noriyasu Agematsu 2:58
18 Overcome the Menace Noriyasu Agematsu 2:50
19 Tree of Tales Noriyasu Agematsu 2:29
20 Once more Dance? Noriyasu Agematsu 2:45
21 Prelude Nobuo Uematsu & Noriyasu Agematsu 2:25
Disc 2
1 Great Voyage Noriyasu Agematsu 3:09
2 State of Grace Noriyasu Agematsu 3:01
3 The Oath Noriyasu Agematsu 2:34
4 Snowdrop Noriyasu Agematsu 2:39
5 Joie de Vivre Noriyasu Agematsu 2:50
6 Mirage Palace Noriyasu Agematsu 2:55
7 Sacred Ground Noriyasu Agematsu 2:24
8 Amigo de Chocobo Nobuo Uematsu & Noriyasu Agematsu 1:46
9 Antiquities Noriyasu Agematsu 1:52
10 The Imperial Capital Noriyasu Agematsu 2:26
11 Shadow of Doubt Noriyasu Agematsu 2:43
12 Mystic Ruins Noriyasu Agematsu 2:26
13 The Ghostship Noriyasu Agematsu 2:27
14 Secrets in Her Eyes Noriyasu Agematsu 2:20
15 Nothing's in Vain Noriyasu Agematsu 2:48
16 Odyssey Noriyasu Agematsu 2:49
17 Force and Furious Noriyasu Agematsu 2:37
18 End is Nigh Noriyasu Agematsu 1:35
19 Celestial Battle Noriyasu Agematsu 3:10
20 Triumph of Destiny Noriyasu Agematsu 2:58
21 Final Fantasy Nobuo Uematsu & Noriyasu Agematsu 3:56

Music Samples[edit | edit source]

Samples may include other music not included in the original soundtrack.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Play
FFBE Prelude
FFBE Final Fantasy
FFBE la003_mypage_normal1
FFBE la004_map_world1
FFBE la005_battle1
FFBE la006_battle_normalboss
FFBE la007_battle_midboss
FFBE la008_battle_lastboss
FFBE la009_battleend
FFBE la010_maintheme_with_end
FFBE la011_bgm_FF_Theme_Harp
FFBE la101_event_initiate
FFBE la102_event_gathering
FFBE la103_event_confront
FFBE la104_event_wrongness
FFBE la105_event_grandnavigation
FFBE la106_event_bonds
FFBE la107_event_emergency
FFBE la108_event_army
FFBE la109_event_airship_appear
FFBE la110_event_chocobo
FFBE la111_event_unfixed1
FFBE la201_town_village
FFBE la202_town_imperialcapital
FFBE la203_town_porttown
FFBE la204_town_metropolis
FFBE la205_town_desertedmetropolis1
FFBE la206_town_bord1
FFBE la207_town_differentworld1
FFBE la208_town_differentworld1_ev_xmas
FFBE la209_la2_a001_town_D
FFBE la210_la2_a002_town_S
FFBE la211_la2_a003_town_M
FFBE la212_la2_a004_town_O
FFBE la213_la2_a005_town_A
FFBE la214_la2_a006_town_F
FFBE la215_la2_a007_town_C
FFBE la207_town_differentworld_furiko
FFBE la301_dungeon_temple1
FFBE la302_dungeon_forest1
FFBE la303_dungeon_cave1
FFBE la304_dungeon_tower1
FFBE la305_dungeon_grass1
FFBE la306_dungeon_sewer1
FFBE la307_dungeon_castle1
FFBE la308_dungeon_way1
FFBE la309_dungeon_volcano1
FFBE la310_dungeon_bog1
FFBE la311_dungeon_ashes1
FFBE la312_dungeon_beach1
FFBE la313_dungeon_firmground1
FFBE la314_dungeon_desert1
FFBE la315_dungeon_mountains1
FFBE la316_dungeon_snowfield1
FFBE la317_dungeon_ruins1
FFBE la318_dungeon_barren1
FFBE la319_dungeon_thunder_mountains1
FFBE la320_dungeon_fortress1
FFBE la321_dungeon_machine1
FFBE la322_dungeon_ghostship1
FFBE la323_dungeon_desertedcastle1
FFBE la324_dungeon_temple2
FFBE la325_dungeon_sirentower1
FFBE la326_movie_opening
FFBE la328_la2_a009_battle_la01_007
FFBE la329_la2_a010_event_Prelude
FFBE la331_la2_a012_battle_la01_317
FFBE la332_la2_a013_event_la01_311
FFBE la333_la2_n001_event_Forgiveness
FFBE la334_la2_n002_dungeon_CristalTower
FFBE la335_la2_n003_battle_The_Darkest_Hour
FFBE la336_la2_n004_event_Cataclysm
FFBE M01_Distance
FFBE M02_This_Binary_Universe
FFBE la340_la3_n004_battle_advent
FFBE la341_la3_n005_battle_advent_true
FFBE la337_la3_n001_event_Comedy_001
FFBE la338_la3_n002_event_Comedy_002

Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Play
FF2 Battle Theme 1
FF2 Battle Theme 2
FF2 The Imperial Army
FF3 Priestess Aria (NES)
FF3 Priestess Aria (NDS)
FF3 Battle 1
FF3 Battle 2
FF3 The Crystal Tower
FF3 Let Me Know the Truth
FF3 Eternal Wind
FF4 Within the Giant
FF4 Battle 1
FF4 Battle With the Four Fiends
FF4 Golbez, Clad in Darkness
FF4 Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV
FF4 Battle 2
FF4 Suspicion
FF5 Battle at the Big Bridge
FF5 Main Theme of Final Fantasy V
FF5 Battle 2
FF5 The Four Warriors of Dawn
FF5 The Decisive Battle
FF5 Lenna's Theme
FF5 The Last Battle
FF5 Battle 1
FF5 Exdeath's Castle
FF6 Protect the Espers!
FF6 Battle
FF6 The Decisive Battle
FF6 The Fierce Battle
FF6 Edgar and Mash
FF6 Coin of Fate
FF7 Those Who Fight
FF7 Those Who Fight Further
FF7 Mako Reactor
FF7 Under the Rotting Pizza
FF7 One-Winged Angel
FF7 Lurking in the Darkness
FF7 Tifa's Theme
FF7 Aerith's Theme
FF7 Anxious Heart
FF7 Listen to the Cries of the Planet
FF7 Forested Temple
FF7 Descendant of Shinobi
FF8 Don't Be Afraid
FF8 Force Your Way
FF8 Never Look Back
FF8 Love Grows
FF9 Battle 1
FF9 Battle 2
FF9 City Under Siege
FF10 Battle Theme
FF10 Enemy Attack
FF10 Calm Before the Storm
FF10 Challenge
FF10 Servants of the Mountain
FF10 A Fleeting Dream
FF10 Hymn of the Fayth
FF10 Zanarkand
FF11 Awakening
FF11 Battle in the Dungeon
FF11 Ve'Lugannon Palace
FF11 Vana'diel March
FF12 Boss Battle
FF12 Flash of Steel
FF12 Threat Impendent
FF12 To Walk Amongst Gods (TZA)
FF12 Boss Battle (TZA)
FF12 Flash of Steel (TZA)
FF13 Blinded By Light
FF13 Saber's Edge
FF13 Lightning's Theme
FF13 The Gapra Whitewood
FF13 Tension in the Air
FF14 Ifrit - Primal Judgment
FF14 Titan - Weight of a Whisper
FF14 Titan - Heartless
FF14 Titan - Under the Weight
FF14 Garuda - Fallen Angel
KG FF15 To the Rescue
KG FF15 Under Siege
FF15 Daemons
FF15 Horrors of the Night
FF15 Unsettling Aura
FF15 Hunt or Be Hunted
FF15 Veiled in Black
FF15 Invidia
FF15 Up for the Challenge
FF15 Omnis Lacrima
FF15 Relax and Reflect
FF Tactics Tension 1
FF Tactics Remnants
FF Tactics Under the Stars
FF Tactics The Pervert
FF Tactics Bloody Excrement
FF Tactics Ultima, the Nice Body
FF Tactics Ultima, the Perfect Body
FF Tactics Apoplexy
FF Tactics Bland Logo - Title Back
FF Tactics Espionage
FF Tactics Unavoidable Battle
FF Type-0 War: Warrior Worth a Thousand
FF Type-0 War: Pursuit
FF Type-0 War: Breaking Through
FF Type-0 War: Howl of the Dreadnought
FF Type-0 Servant of the Crystal
FF Type-0 Divine Fire
FF Type-0 War: The Quiet Bloodbath
FF Type-0 The Big Bridge
FF Type-0 We Have Arrived

Others[edit | edit source]

Origin Name Play
Terra Battle A Battle Of Teamwork
Terra Battle Lying In Wait
Romancing SaGa 2 The Seven Heroes' Battle
Romancing SaGa 2 Last Battle
Romancing SaGa 3 Four Demon Nobles Battle 1
Imperial SaGa Victory!
Adventures of Mana Fight 1
Adventures of Mana Fight 2
Adventures of Mana Glance Dukedom
Secret of Mana Crisis
Secret of Mana Meridian Festival
Secret of Mana The Sorcerer
Secret of Mana Angel's Fear
Seiken Densetsu 3 Nuclear Fusion
Seiken Densetsu 3 Electric Talk
Seiken Densetsu 3 Rolling Cradle
Seiken Densetsu 3 Where Angel Fear To Tread
Brave Frontier Creator
Brave Frontier Spirit World Palmyna
Monster Hunter Explore Nefu Garumudo
Ariana Grande Touch It (FFBE Remix)
NieR:Automata Bipolar Nightmare
Bravely Default Overture to Hope
Bravely Second: End Layer Battle of Diamante
Star Ocean: First Departure Dream and Reality
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Into the Undiscovered Ocean
Star Ocean: Anamnesis Battle Theme
King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon- Overworld Theme
King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon- Boss Battle
Valkyrie Profile Eternal Engine of Linguistic Massacre
Valkyrie Profile Confidence in the Domination
Valkyrie Profile Fighting the Shadowy Gods
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Apep The Serpent
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Lara Croft Overture
Xenogears Crimson Knight
Xenogears Awakening
Xenogears Soaring the Skies
Just Cause 3 Challenge_Crash_The_Bomb
Just Cause 3 Direvello_Suite
Octopath Traveler Main Theme
Octopath Traveler Decisive Battle I
Octopath Traveler Decisive Battle II
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Credits
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 2015 E3 Trailer
Katy Perry Immortal Flame
Kingdom Hearts Shrouding Dark Cloud
Kingdom Hearts Destiny's Force
Kingdom Hearts Dearly Beloved

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