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Special Events[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Notes
Soul Palace Eltira (Tower Event) STMR Tickets, UoC Tickets, Stat Pots, LB Pots Better rewards for clearing deeper into the tower

Series Boss Battle[edit | edit source]

Name Series Type
Vlad FFBE S2 Series Boss Battle
Shadow Lord FFXI Series Boss Battle
Braska's Final Aeon FFX Series Boss Battle
Ultima Weapon FFXIV Series Boss Battle
Necron FFIX Series Boss Battle
Zeromus FFIV Series Boss Battle
Ardyn FFXV Series Boss Battle
Cloud of Darkness FFIII Series Boss Battle
Chaos FFI Series Boss Battle
Kefka FFVI Series Boss Battle

Espers[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Asura 2-star★ Asura Esper Upgrade Upgrades Asura to 2-star★
Bahamut 2-star★ Bahamut Esper Upgrade Upgrades Bahamut to 2-star★
Kokuryu 3-star★ Kokuryu Esper Upgrade Upgrades Kokuryu to 3-star★

Chamber of the Fallen[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Gigantuar's Trial
Difficulty: 265
Icon-Item.pngジャボテンダーのヒゲ Accessory DEF +35, HP +30%,
Resistance: Water (+50%)
逃げ足逃げ足 Materia Physical Evasion +20%, Magical Evasion +20%
はりまんぼんはりまんぼん Materia Grants skill: Negate 1 physical attack to party for 3 turns, AoE 10,000 fixed damage to enemies
Shinryu's Trial
Difficulty: 280
Dragon CrestDragon Crest Accessory ATK+40, MAG+40,
Resistance: Ice (+40%), Lightning (+40%), Water (+40%)
Tidal WaveTidal Wave Materia Water magic damage (2x) with ignore SPR (50%) to all enemies
Decrease ATK/MAG (45%) for 3 turns to all enemies [Flood frames]
Beyond the LegendBeyond the Legend Materia Increase LB damage (30%)
Increase light resistance (50%)

Chamber of the Indignant[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Scorn of the Mad Doll
Difficulty: ?
Icon-Item.pngCursed Doll v2 Accessory MAG+72
Resistance: Ice +80%, Confuse -100%
Scorn of the Venomous Vines of Death
[Great Malboro, Queen Malboro]
Difficulty: 300
Iga BladeIga Blade Katana ATK+177
--Increase physical damage against insects (75%), Increase physical damage against demons (50%)
Scorn of Tiamat
Difficulty: 300
Ancient SwordAncient Sword Sword ATK+166
--Increase physical damage against plants (75%), Increase physical damage against undead (50%)
Trial of the Demon Wall
[Demon Wall]
Difficulty: 300
Asura's RodAsura's Rod Rod ATK+12, MAG+174
Effect: 竜殺しの秘術
--Increase magical damage against dragons (75%)
Scorn of the Great Explosion Festival
[Mom Bomb, Dad Bomb]
Difficulty: 290
魔神の斧魔神の斧 Axe ATK+165 -- Damage range 110% - 190%, Accuracy+50%, Two-handed weapon
Effect: 震撃の戦斧
--Increase physical damage against stones (75%)
Scorn of the Armor of Oppression
[Iron Giant]
Difficulty: 290
Icon-Item.png黒鉄の破壊剣 Great Sword ATK+181
Effect: 大禍を呼ぶ黒鉄
--Increase physical damage against demons (75%), Increase physical damage against stones (50%)

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