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Esper[edit | edit source]

Name Trial
Alexander 3★ New Trial at the Sacred Castle

Chamber of the Fallen[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Beasts of the Dark II
[Dark Shiva/Golem]
Difficulty: 13★
Icon-Item.pngGolem's Shell Heavy Armor DEF+72, SPR+42
Resistance: Poison (Null), Disease (Null)
ローブの秘義ローブの秘義 Materia Increase MAG/SPR (30%) when equipped with robe
Icon-Item.pngShiva's Tiara Hat DEF+3, MAG+51
Resistance: Ice (+50%)

Chamber of the Indignant[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Scorn of the Beasts of the Dark
[Dark Siren/Ifrit]
Difficulty: 16★
Tiger FangsTiger Fangs Fist ATK+173
Effect: 奥義・水棲噛み
--Increase physical damage against aquatics (75%)
Scorn of Gilgamesh
Difficulty: 16★
MuramasaMuramasa Katana ATK+172
Effect: 仇鬼紋
--Increase physical damage against birds (75%), Increase physical damage against humans (50%)

Chamber of Arms[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Warden Welter Icon-Grand Star.pngGrand Star Accessory ATK+25, DEF+25, MAG+25, SPR+25
Increase physical and magic damage against all races (20%)
Alpherg RagnarokRagnarok Sword ATK+145
Effect: Fimbulwinter
Icon-Ragnarok - Replica.pngRagnarok - Replica Sword ATK+104
Effect: Ice Resistance +30%
Shadow WarriorShadow Warrior Materia Increase HP (30%)
Chance to ignore fatal damage (30%) when HP is above 60% (max 1 time)
Sadalsuud Icon-Genji Armor.pngGenji Armor Heavy Armor ATK+20, DEF+45
Resistance: Blind (Null), Death (+50%)
Effect: Genji Spirit
Icon-Genji Armor - Replica.pngGenji Armor - Replica Heavy Armor ATK+12, DEF+32
Genji TacticsGenji Tactics Materia Increase ATK/MAG (20%)
Increase LB gauge fill rate (25%)

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