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Equipment[edit | edit source]

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Name Type Description Unit
Amiculum Nigra Robe DEF+30, MAG+72, SPR+72, MP +30%
Resistance: Sleep (Null), Paralyze (Null)
Effect: Auto-RefreshAuto-Refresh
Recover MP (5%) per turn

Females only
Dark Fina
Escutcheon (FFT) Light Shield DEF+60, SPR+60, HP +15%
Resistance: All elements (+20%)
Genji Helm (FFV) Helm ATK+45, DEF+15, SPR+2
Resistance: Dark (+30%), Paralyze (Null), Confuse (Null), Petrify (Null)
Imperial Armor Heavy Armor DEF+110, SPR+110, HP +20% Wilhelm
Jensen's Trenchcoat Clothes ATK+35, DEF+20, SPR+20
Effect: SWAT SpecialistSWAT Specialist
SWAT SpecialistSWAT Specialist
Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a gun
Adam Jensen
Luneth's Clothes Clothes ATK+45, DEF+1, SPR+1
Effect: Memories of the WindMemories of the Wind
Memories of the WindMemories of the Wind
Increase fire, water, wind, and earth resistance (30%)
Olive's Journal Accessory ATK+40
Effect: Gun MasteryGun Mastery
Gun MasteryGun Mastery
Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a gun
, Machine KillerMachine Killer
Machine KillerMachine Killer
Increase physical damage against mechanical monsters (50%)
Omega Weapon (FFXIII) Sword ATK+176 Lightning
Sagasinger Sword ATK+160, HP +20%, MP +20% Shadow Lord
Summer Whip Whip ATK+93, MAG+163
Effect: All status ailments (80%)
Ability: Rainbow WhipRainbow Whip
Rainbow WhipRainbow Whip
Fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, earth, light, and dark hybrid damage (9x) to all enemies
Seabreeze Dark Fina
Thunder God's Sword Great Sword ATK+174
Element: Light
Vajrayana Spear ATK+175
Element: Lightning
Effect: Damage range 100% - 150%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon

Passive Ability[edit | edit source]

Name Description Stack Unit
A Lion's Heart Increase LB damage (55%)
Increase LB gauge (3) per turn
Dark Sword Arts Increase ATK (30%)
Increase equipment ATK (100%) when single wielding a one-handed weapon
Increase accuracy (25%) when single wielding a one-handed weapon
Dark Knight Cecil
Marchenko's Secrets Increase DEF (80%) when equipped with heavy armor
Increase resistance to sleep, paralyze, confuse and petrify (100%)
Viktor Marchenko
Original Arrival Increase resistance to all elements (30%)
Increase SPR (50%) when equipped with a staff
The Subservient Increase ATK (80%)
Fixed damage (2000) per turn to caster
Winged Heart Increase resistance to all status ailments (100%)
Increase fire, ice, lightning, and wind resistance (60%)
Increase resistance to charm (50%)
Witch's Cackle Increase MAG (80%) when equipped with a rod
Recover MP (5%) per turn
Livid Shantotto