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Icon Name Stats How to obtain
Empress Birch Empress Birch ATK+12, MAG+64
Effect: Blind (30%), Silence (30%)
Reward: (Event) Memories from the Aquapolis
Leather Whip Leather Whip ATK+17
Effect: Paralyze (5%)
Shop: Port City Lodin
Recipe: Port City Lodin
Chest: Grandshelt Catacombs - Exploration
Malboro's Tentacle Malboro's Tentacle ATK+20, MAG+118
Effect: Malboro's CurseMalboro's Curse
Malboro's CurseMalboro's Curse
Increase magic damage against demons and plants (50%)
Reward: (Trial) The Rumble of Malboro
Chain Whip Chain Whip ATK+21
Effect: Paralyze (5%)
Shop: Grandport
Recipe: Grandport
Chest: Grandport
Shock Whip Shock Whip ATK+29
Element: Lightning
Effect: Paralyze (15%)
Ability: ThunderThunder
ThunderThunderBlack Magic Affinity Lvl 1 
Lightning magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy
Recipe: Kolobos Marsh - Exploration
Mythril Whip Mythril Whip ATK+35 Shop: Village of Ambel
Recipe: Village of Ambel
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Hayate Whip Hayate Whip ATK+45 Reward: (Event) Mana Mystery
Sleipnir Tail Sleipnir Tail ATK+55, MAG+76
Effect: Confuse (30%)
Chest: Ancient Ruins Level 1
Twin Whip Twin Whip ATK+56
Effect: Beast KillerBeast Killer
Beast KillerBeast Killer
Increase physical damage against beasts (50%)
Recipe: (Silver Chest) Moogle Town
Star Trail Star Trail ATK+62, MAG+125 TMR: Theobald
Tamer's Whip Tamer's Whip ATK+65
Effect: Beast KillerBeast Killer
Beast KillerBeast Killer
Increase physical damage against beasts (50%)
Recipe: (Event) Yearning For Peace
Reward: (Event) Lunar New Year
Flame Whip - Replica Flame Whip - Replica ATK+69, MAG+83
Element: Fire
Ability: FiragaFiraga
FiragaFiragaBlack Magic Affinity Lvl 6 
Fire magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Nunki
Platinum Whip Platinum Whip ATK+70 Recipe: (Silver Chest) Runferia Castle - Exploration
Chest: Inside Labor Camp - Exploration
True Empress Birch True Empress Birch ATK+74, MAG+172
Effect: Sorceress' WhipSorceress' Whip
Sorceress' WhipSorceress' Whip
Increase equipment MAG (50%) and accuracy (25%) when single wielding any weapon
STMR: White Lily Dark Fina
Hidden Chains Hidden Chains ATK+78
Effect: Plant KillerPlant Killer
Plant KillerPlant Killer
Increase physical damage against plants (50%)
Reward: (Event) Way of the Warrior
Windtail Windtail ATK+78
Element: Wind
Effect: Confuse (40%)
Chest: Ancient Ruins Level 4
Summer Whip Summer Whip ATK+93, MAG+163
Effect: All status ailments (80%)
Ability: Rainbow WhipRainbow Whip
Rainbow WhipRainbow Whip
Fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, earth, light, and dark hybrid damage (9x) to all enemies
STMR: Seabreeze Dark Fina
Violent Tentickler Violent Tentickler ATK+95
Effect: All status ailments (30%), Wild LashWild Lash
Wild LashWild Lash
Increase HP/ATK (15%)
(Yego only)
Purchase: Premium Bundle
Flame Whip Flame Whip ATK+98, MAG+117
Element: Fire
Ability: FirajaFiraja
FirajaFirajaBlack Magic Affinity Lvl 7 
Fire magic damage (2x) with consecutive increase (4 times, 1x each, 6x max) to all enemies
Reward: (Trial) Chamber of Arms - Nunki
Death Adder Death Adder ATK+135
Effect: Machine KillerMachine Killer
Machine KillerMachine Killer
Increase physical damage against mechanical monsters (50%)
TMR: Bart
Fast Lash Fast Lash ATK+176
Effect: Damage range 105% - 155%, Accuracy+50%
Two-handed weapon
STMR: Yego

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