Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki


Movement Frames Hits Multicast Difficulty
None 133-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12 12

(Doublecast) Easy - 5 frames or less
(Triplecast) Very hard - 0 frames only

Unit Ability Damage Element Target Notes
Lulu Flood Magic Water AoE
Seabreeze Dark Fina Available at 7-star★ only
Seaside Nichol Available at 7-star★ only
Maritime Strategist Nichol Available at 7-star★ only
Immortal Flame Katy Available at 7-star★ only
A.I. Katy Available at 7-star★ only
Lunafreya Available at 7-star★ only
Sweet Nichol
Rikku Tidal Wave +2 Physical Water ST Enhancement required
Seabreeze Dark Fina Meereszorn Magic Water AoE Single cast only.
Available at 7-star★ only
CD Ability: 2 turns cooldown, available on turn 2
Summertime Luka Aqua - Tidal Party Magic Water AoE Base skill and +1 only
Seaside Nichol Diver - Submersion Magic Water AoE Available at 7-star★ only
Base skill and +1 only
Any Violent Current Physical Water AoE Leviathan 3-star★
Accessible if selected on her grid.
Theobald Aqua Authority Magic Water AoE
Bart Tornado (Xenogears) Physical Water ST
Emeralda Aqua Dhaum Magic Water AoE
Black Mage Golbez Cagnazzo's Power Magic Water AoE
Any Cursed Current Physical Water AoE Kokuryu 2-star★
Accessible if selected on its grid.
Immortal Knight Garland Fiend of Water - Tsunami Physical Water AoE