Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki


Movement Frames Hits Multicast Difficulty
None 82-8-8-8-8-8-8-8 8 Hard - 1 frame or less
Unit Ability Damage Element Target Notes
Nyx Kingsglaive Physical ST
Yun Blazing Combo +1 Physical Fire ST Enhancement required
Lilith Serpenté - Dusk Lash Magic Dark ST Base skill only
Serpenté - Dawn Lash Magic Fire ST Base skill only
Lucius Crushing Barrage Physical ST Base skill and +1 only
Jiraiya True Purgatory Fire Slash Hybrid Fire ST Access enabled by Toad Art - Raiden (LB) when equipped with Clan Master's Headband or Kurokasumi
Available at 7-star★ only
Purgatory Fire Slash+2 Hybrid Fire ST Enhancement required
Bart Prominence Physical Fire ST
Maria (Xenogears) Missile Pod Magic AoE
Immortal Flame Katy Enchanting Melody (LB) Magic AoE Single cast only