Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Chaining/Onion Slice

Movement Frames Hits Multicast Difficulty
None 42-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7 12 Hard - 1 frame or less
Unit Ability Damage Element Target Notes
Onion Knight Full Speed Bladeblitz Physical AoE
Onion Knight Refia
Onion Knight Splendor of the Wind Physical Wind ST
Splendor of the Fire Physical Fire ST
Splendor of the Water Physical Water ST
Splendor of the Earth Physical Earth ST
Onion Slice Physical ST Only the base skill and Onion Slice +1
Emilia Throwing Fall Physical AoE Access enabled by Shadow Assist, Throwing Knife (LB)
Sephiroth Aeolian Onslaught Physical ST
Any Shocking Slash Physical Dark AoE Enabled by equipping Hell Sabre
Estark Lightning Storm Physical AoE Available at 7-star★ only
CD Ability: 5 turns cooldown, available on turn 5
Überkilling Machine Multislash Physical ST
Domino Wind Smash Physical Wind ST
Hyoh Ruthless Blade Physical ST/AoE
Macmedi Full Auto-fire Physical AoE Single cast only. The chain will be disrupted by the motion type on its second cast.
Bullet Barrage Physical AoE
Forelsket Slice Physical ST
Loren High-Voltage Twin Blade Physical Lightning ST Available at 7-star★ only
Dazzling Twin Blade Physical Light ST Available at 7-star★ only
Tempestuous Twin Blade Physical Wind ST Available at 7-star★ only
Dietlinde Machine Gun Parasol Physical ST
My Fair Lady Gunner Physical AoE Access enabled by Open Parasol
Aurora Fryevia Flash - Dazzle Hybrid AoE
Yubel Frost Blade, Flame Ring Physical Ice ST
Shadow Blade, Light Ring Physical Dark ST
Onion Knight Refia Hacked to Pieces Physical ST Access enabled by Onion Shredder, Blessed Wind Crystal, Blessed Fire Crystal, Blessed Water Crystal, Blessed Earth Crystal