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Chamber of Arms

Chamber of Arms

Overview[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

In a dark nameless corner of the world existed twelve weapons so powerful they disrupted the very fabric of space in the dimensional vortex. Their source was the twelve spirits of chagrin. The rare powers they possess have left them without happiness, detached from reality, and disgraced having given up all loyalties.

All these spirits will hear are the voices of the strong. They search for them. For those who are just, and full of integrity. In responding to their call, one must stand unshaking. The twelve weapons can only be ascertained by those able to do so.

How to access[edit | edit source]

Accessing Chamber of Arms.png

To access the Chamber of Arms, go the Farplane and enter the King Mog's castle.

Head straight to a door to the north, below the stairs to the King's chamber. Head straight to the Chamber of Arms.

Once you've accessed the Chamber of Arms, the shortcut will be available from the home menu, Vortex > Nemeses.

Swap battle[edit | edit source]

Unlike regular battles, the battles in the Chamber of Arms uses up to 10 units called swap battle.

Party rules[edit | edit source]

Chamber of Arms-1.png
  • Before battle you can gear up and place your units. This party setup is unique and isn't shared with the rest of the game. They will be saved to any Chamber of Arms battle you do.
  • Up to 5 units can act at any given turn, called attack units. The rest of the units are reserved as backup units.
  • Friend companion can't be used in battle.
  • You can't bring a duplicate of the same unit.

Battle rules[edit | edit source]

Chamber of Arms-2.png
  • You may swap between any units from attack and backup units freely by clicking on the swap button and dragging the unit to your desired team, and clicking the confirm button.
  • Once any action is performed, the swap button is greyed out and you can no longer swap until the next turn.
    • Singing will count as an action and will lock up swap button until the turn they finished singing.
  • You can swap out KO'd attack units to backup units, but you can't bring any KO'd backup units back as attack units.
  • If your entire attack units are KO'd in a turn, they would be automatically swapped to the remaining backup units.
  • Units in backup are frozen in time, any buff or debuff timer will not tick until they perform an action as attack units.
  • You can't use items in battle.

Trial List[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Unreleased Trials See Chamber of Arms/Unreleased for more information.
Elnath Icon-Mace of Zeus.pngMace of Zeus Mace ATK+110, MAG+98
Ability: Ultima Blow
Icon-Mace of Zeus - Replica.pngMace of Zeus - Replica Mace ATK+55, MAG+49
Man-Eater+Man-Eater+ Materia Increase physical damage against humans (75%)
Increase magic damage against humans (75%)
Sheratan Icon-Holy Wand.pngHoly Wand Staff ATK+16, SPR+120
Element: Light
Ability: Dual White Magic, Holy
Icon-Holy Wand - Replica.pngHoly Wand - Replica Staff ATK+8, SPR+60
Element: Light
Strategist's IngenuityStrategist's Ingenuity Materia Increase MAG/SPR (30%)

Unreleased Trials[edit | edit source]

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