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Chamber of Arms

To access the Chamber of Arms, go the Farplane and enter the King Mog's castle. Head straight to a door to the north, below the stairs to the King's chamber.

Notable Rewards[edit | edit source]

Trial Name Type Effect
Demon of Resentment Icon-Apollo Harp.pngApollo Harp Harp ATK+34, MAG+110, SPR+30
Two-handed weapon
Effect: Dragon Killer+
Ability: Hero's Rime

Demon of Resentment[edit | edit source]

Main article: Demon of Resentment

While being a Chamber of Arms trial, Erinyes battle mechanics differs than the rest of Chamber of Arms trials. As a precursor of other Chamber of Arms trials, Erinyes battle is more simplistic in nature and resembles the fight on earlier Farplane's bosses.

Erinyes can be found in Chamber of Arms inside Farplane. It costs no energy to fight or retry, and only requires up to 5 party members to fight, without a friend unit. Once you have beaten Erinyes, you will obtain Apollo Harp, and the fight will appear in the vortex on the Chamber of the Reborn. You may only obtain Apollo Harp once. In the vortex, the battle will add additional missions listed below and requires energy to enter.

Once other Chamber of Arms trial is released, Erinyes might be changed into a normal Farplane boss, located in the earth tower.

Return of the Erinyes[edit | edit source]

Energy Battle Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp Clear Reward
25 1 1100 70000 900 -
Complete the quest Lapis40
Party of 4 or less Lapis20
Evoke an esper Lapis20
Clear within 10 turns Lapis20