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Chamber of the Fallen

Chamber of the Fallen

Trial List[edit | edit source]

Name Notable Reward Type Effect
Chamber of the Indignant See Chamber of the Indignant for more information.
Chamber of the Reborn See Chamber of the Reborn for more information.
Great Explosion Festival
[Bomb Family]
Difficulty: 10★
Icon-Bomb Engagement Ring.pngBomb Engagement Ring Accessory ATK+30, HP +30%
Resistance: Fire (+30%), Ice (-50%), Water (-50%)
Bomb SpiritBomb Spirit Materia Increase LB gauge (2) per turn
Increase fire resistance (30%)
Decrease ice and water resistance (50%)
Bomb ArmsBomb Arms Materia Increase ATK (120%) for 3 turns to caster
Add fire element to physical attacks for 3 turn to caster
The Torturous Trio
Difficulty: 11★
GL Exclusive
Icon-Impervious Shield.pngImpervious Shield Heavy Shield DEF+50, SPR+50
Resistance: All elements (+20%)
Scholarly WisdomScholarly Wisdom Materia Increase DEF (10%), MAG (40%) and SPR (10%)
Armor of Oppression
[Iron Giant]
Difficulty: 10★
Icon-Iron Colossus.pngIron Colossus Heavy Armor ATK+15, DEF+56
H Armor ArtsH Armor Arts Materia Increase HP/DEF (30%) when equipped with heavy armor
Calamity BorderCalamity Border Materia Increase DEF/SPR (80%) for 2 turns to all allies
Increase all elemental resistance (40%) for 2 turns to all allies
The Legendary Stag
Difficulty: 8★
Icon-Asfales.pngAsfales Light Shield DEF+45, SPR+45, HP +10%
Resistance: Water (+30%), Wind (+30%), Earth (+30%)
L Shield ArtsL Shield Arts Materia Increase DEF/SPR (30%) when equipped with light shield
Cradle of HornsCradle of Horns Materia Increase DEF/SPR (100%) for 2 turns to all allies
Mitigate damage taken (10%) for 2 turns to all allies
The Fallen Ice Bird
Difficulty: 8★
Icon-Frozen Crown.pngFrozen Crown Hat HP+500, DEF+16, SPR+50
Resistance: Ice (+30%)
Hat ArtsHat Arts Materia Increase MAG/SPR (30%) when equipped with a hat
Frozen HurricaneFrozen Hurricane Materia Ice magic damage (2x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies
Inflict stop (50%) for 3 turns to all enemies
Wicked Moon
Difficulty: 10★
Icon-Glory of Evil.pngGlory of Evil Rod ATK+92, MAG+120
Staff MasteryStaff Mastery Materia Increase SPR (50%) when equipped with staff
Crazy DayCrazy Day Materia Magic damage (2.25x) with ignore SPR (50%) to one enemy
Decrease all elements resistance (35%) for 3 turns to one enemy
The Rumble of Malboro
Difficulty: 11★
GL Exclusive
Icon-Malboro's Tentacle.pngMalboro's Tentacle Whip ATK+20, MAG+118
Effect: Malboro's CurseMalboro's Curse
Malboro's CurseMalboro's Curse
Increase magic damage against demons and plants (50%)
Icon-Malboro's Eye.pngMalboro's Eye Accessory Ability: Malboro's Eye (Ability)Malboro's Eye (Ability)
Malboro's Eye (Ability)Malboro's Eye
Increase resistance to poison, sleep, silence, and petrify (50%) for 3 turns to all allies
Malboro's WhisperMalboro's Whisper Materia Increase HP (20%) and MAG (30%)
Machina of Destruction
Difficulty: 9★
Icon-Aigaion Arm.pngAigaion Arm Fist ATK+145
Effect: High TideHigh Tide
High TideHigh Tide
Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)
Martial Arts MasteryMartial Arts Mastery Materia Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a fist
World DestroyerWorld Destroyer Materia Physical damage (2x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (35%) for 3 turns to all enemies
The Octopus and the Teacher
Difficulty: 6★
Icon-Hero's Shield.pngHero's Shield Heavy Shield DEF+48
Resistance: All elements (+20%)
Rod MasteryRod Mastery Materia Increase MAG (50%) when equipped with a rod
Toxic RainToxic Rain Materia Water and wind magic damage (1.8x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies
Inflict 3 random status ailments (100%) to all enemies
The Lure of Echidna
Difficulty: 6★
GL Exclusive
Icon-Assassin's Vest.pngAssassin's Vest Light Armor DEF+40, SPR+20
Resistance: Poison (Null), Paralyze (Null)
Effect: Evade
Echidna's KissEchidna's Kiss Materia Increase MAG (30%)
Beasts of the Dark
Difficulty: 6★
Icon-Ifrit's Claw.pngIfrit's Claw Accessory ATK+30, HP +10%
Resistance: Fire (+20%), Blind (Null)
Large Sword MasteryLarge Sword Mastery Materia Increase ATK (50%) when equipped with a great sword
Icon-Siren's Robe.pngSiren's Robe Robe DEF+30, MAG+40, SPR+40
Resistance: Sleep (Null), Silence (Null)
Attack of Gilgamesh
Difficulty: 5★
Icon-Genji Blade.pngGenji Blade Katana ATK+107
ATK +30%ATK +30% Materia Increase ATK (30%)
Bushido - FreedomBushido - Freedom Materia Physical damage (1.8x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
Remove all status effects from all enemies
March of the Beasts
Difficulty: 4★
Icon-Demon Mail.pngDemon Mail Heavy Armor ATK+10, DEF+55
Resistance: Dark (+20%)
Attack of the 2-Headed Dragon
Difficulty: 4★
Icon-Grand Helm.pngGrand Helm Helm DEF+45
Sleep (Null), Silence (Null), Confuse (Null)
Effect: Heavy Arms
Attack of Antenolla
Difficulty: 3★
Icon-Thorned Mace.pngThorned Mace Mace ATK+78
Effect: Poison (70%), Man-Eater
Surging Menace
Difficulty: 2★
Icon-Wizard Rod.pngWizard Rod Rod ATK+18, MAG+72
Attack of the Intangir
Difficulty: 1★
Icon-Enhancer.pngEnhancer Sword ATK+82, MAG+23

Unreleased Trials[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Category:Nemeses/Unreleased

Banners[edit | edit source]

  • The Legendary Stag
  • The Fallen Ice Bird
  • Wicked Moon
  • The Rumble of Malboro
  • Machina of Destruction
  • The Octopus and the Teacher
  • The Lure of Echidna
  • Beasts of the Dark
  • Attack of Gilgamesh
  • March of the Beasts
  • Attack of the 2-Headed Dragon
  • Attack of Antenolla
  • Surging Menace
  • Attack of the Intangir
  • Chamber of the Reborn