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Cold Snap

Cold Snap refers to an item. For an ability, visit Cold Snap (Ability).

Cold Snap

A mysterious ice crystal in the shape of a sphere that is filled with power. This peculiar crystal shines brightly in the light, and doesn't seem to melt even in hot temperatures. Those who carry the cold snap in their person are known to remain unaffected by several types of poison, as well as experience a sudden surge of power when they wear heavy armor.


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Black Bandana.pngBlack BandanaBlack Bandana
Black BandanaBlack BandanaHat
Stats: ATK+12, DEF+20
Resistance: Sleep (Null)

Icon-Staff of Wrath.pngStaff of WrathStaff of Wrath
Staff of WrathStaff of WrathStaff
Stats: ATK+30, DEF+20, SPR+40

Icon-Crystal Egg of Mind.pngCrystal Egg of Mind (1)

How to obtain



Total Eggs Needed

Icon-Red Egg.pngRed Egg (660)Icon-Blue Egg.pngBlue Egg (540)Icon-Rainbow Egg.pngRainbow Egg (60)Icon-Crystal Egg of Mind.pngCrystal Egg of Mind (1)