Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

Comeback Quests

Comeback quests are obtainable only for players returning from a break of inactivity. The break from the game must be a minimum of one month. These quests are available for a limited time (6/28-7/28/19). You may check your Comeback quests' status by selecting "Quests" from the Home menu.

Objective Reward
Complete 11 Comeback Quests Exchange CoinExchange Coin (10)
Complete 7 Comeback Quests Icon-5★ Guaranteed EX Ticket.png5★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket
Complete 3 Comeback Quests Icon-5-1 Summon Ticket.png5+1 Summon Ticket (10)
Complete 30 missions Lapis50
Perform 30 Summons Lapis50
Spend 300 NRG Lapis50
Finish 30 Expeditions Lapis50
Use 30 Arena/Colosseum orbs Lapis50
Spend 900 NRG Lapis50
Awaken a unit to 7 stars Lapis100
Spend 2000 NRG Lapis100
Complete 150 missions Lapis100