Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki

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  • Type: Magic Ability (White Magic Lv 7)
  • Effect:
Remove all status effects from all enemies
  • MP: 18


  • Dispelga will clear stats and element buffs/debuffs, stop, berserk and reflect but won't clear the status ailments.
  • By using Dualcast or similar abilities, status effects can be removed from an ally.
    • Leave one ally with an unused action (executing this method as the last unit's action will cause the target option to disappear).
    • After selecting dualcast, select a spell and Dispelga (Dispelga must be the second spell).
    • Select an enemy to target and cast the spells.
    • During midcast, quickly select and longhold on an ally such that a menu featuring their stats and Target appears.
    • After selecting Target, the chosen ally and party will have its status effects dispelled.

Crafting recipe


How to obtain


Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Rosa 4-star★ 60
Ayaka 5-star★ 12
Blue Mage Fina 5-star★ 14
Draconian Princess Fina 5-star★ 16
Fina & Dark Fina 5-star★ 16
Lotus Mage Fina 5-star★ 16
Sylvie 5-star★ 20
Warrior of Light Lenna 5-star★ 31
Maria 5-star★ 38
Aerith 5-star★ 42
Magitek Warrior Terra 5-star★ 43
High Seraph Ultima 5-star★ 50
Eiko 5-star★ 64
Dark Spirit Sol 6-star★ 1
Sol 6-star★ 1
Terra 6-star★ 27
Vayne 6-star★ 27
Warrior of Light Krile 6-star★ 34
Kuja 6-star★ 42
Tsukiko 6-star★ 62
Lovely Katy 6-star★ 80
Myra 6-star★ 80
Sakura & Ayaka 6-star★ 100
Chow 7-star★ 101
Yuna 7-star★ 105
Lucas 7-star★ 110