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Domination Ring

Domination Ring

A ring made by a talented blacksmith under the service of a man that came to conquer many lands in ancient times. It has the ability to raise the wearer's HP, MP, ATK, and MAG, and is decorated with a very unique carving. Rumor has it that its original owner's thirst for conquest was such that every single one of the countless regions he set foot in eventually fell under his power. His flag is said to have been emblazoned with the image of this ring at its center.



Small chance to obtain a Hope Diamond after crafting.

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Hero's Ring.pngHero's RingHero's Ring
Hero's RingHero's RingAccessory
Stats: DEF+3, SPR+3, ATK +10%, MAG +10%

Icon-Lightning Megacryst.pngLightning Megacryst (20)
Icon-Water Megacryst.pngWater Megacryst (20)
Icon-Light Megacryst.pngLight Megacryst (10)
Icon-Dark Megacryst.pngDark Megacryst (10)


Crafting Material


How to obtain