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Dual Black Magic

Dual Black Magic


  • Type: Special Ability (Active)
  • Effect:
Cast 2 times: Black magic
  • MP: 0


  • In order to attack two opponents using two single-target spells, player must select the second opponent immediately after the first spell is initiated.

Crafting recipe


How to obtain

Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Sakura 3-star★ 1
Almaz 4-star★ 1
Magna 4-star★ 1
Theobald 4-star★ 1
Vesvia 4-star★ 1
Vivi 4-star★ 60
Operative Zyrus 5-star★ 1
Shantotto 5-star★ 1
Trance Terra 5-star★ 1
Xande 5-star★ 1
Zyrus 5-star★ 1
Grim Lord Sakura 5-star★ 13
Maisie 5-star★ 71
Arc 5-star★ 80
Black Mage Vivi 5-star★ 80
Emperor 5-star★ 80
Lulu 5-star★ 80
Heliarc 6-star★ 1
Heltich 6-star★ 1
Lexa 6-star★ 1
Palom & Porom 6-star★ 1
Victoria 6-star★ 1
William 6-star★ 1
Barbariccia 6-star★ 66
Rubicante 6-star★ 70
Dark Mage Exdeath 6-star★ 80
Exdeath 6-star★ 80
Pure Summoner Rydia 6-star★ 80
Dark Fina 6-star★ 94
Seabreeze Dark Fina 6-star★ 94
White Lily Dark Fina 6-star★ 94
Crowe 6-star★ 100
Seymour 6-star★ 100

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