Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Wiki




  • Type: Special Ability (Active)
  • Effect:
Use magic twice in one turn
  • MP: 0


  • In order to attack two opponents using two single-target spells, the player must select the second opponent immediately after the first spell is initiated.

Crafting recipe


How to obtain



Ability Materia

Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Unei 3-star★ 1
Doga 4-star★ 1
Vayne 4-star★ 1
Krile 4-star★ 60
Black Mage Golbez 5-star★ 1
High Seraph Ultima 5-star★ 1
Karlette 5-star★ 1
Magitek Warrior Terra 5-star★ 1
Neverending Hope 5-star★ 1
Sol 5-star★ 1
Tsukiko 5-star★ 24
Lotus Mage Fina 5-star★ 80
Maritime Strategist Nichol 5-star★ 80
Rem 5-star★ 80
Seaside Nichol 5-star★ 80
Warrior of Light Krile 5-star★ 80
Yuraisha 5-star★ 80
Malphasie 6-star★ 1
Shylt 6-star★ 60
Mediena 6-star★ 76
Kuja 6-star★ 78
Marie 6-star★ 83
Kurasame 6-star★ 85
Mystea 6-star★ 88
A.I. Katy 6-star★ 100
Black Cat Lid 6-star★ 100
Cerius 6-star★ 100
Christine 6-star★ 100
Immortal Flame Katy 6-star★ 100
Yuna 7-star★ 105

Enabled by

Trust Master Reward