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Elven Bow

For the FFIV variant, visit Elven Bow (FFIV).

Elven Bow

A bow that excels in eliminating targets mid-air rumored to have been made by forest elves. The elves are extremely beautiful creatures that enjoy the gift of longevity, but keep themselves distanced from human civilization. They are also very proficient in magic, and are said to have the power to hear the voices of nature itself. Although they sustain themselves by hunting off the land, they never take more than what they need, and they always aim at the vital organs of their targets to keep them from any unnecessary suffering.


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Wind Megacryst.pngWind Megacryst (10)
Icon-Wind Cryst.pngWind Cryst (5)
Icon-Abominable Wing.pngAbominable Wing (5)
Icon-Mythril Ore.pngMythril Ore (3)

How to obtain