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Fan Festa 2017

Fan Festa 2017 Logo.png

Los Angeles, USA[edit | edit source]

Date: December 9, 2017

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • All attendees got a Cowboy Jake unit.
  • Rewards overview (for all users):
    • 12x 3★ EX Tickets (ETA: 2 days)
    • 10 Days of Free Daily Summons
    • 10 Days of Daily Megacite/Magicite Gifts
    • 10 Days of 1% Trust Moogle
    • 14 Days of 500 FF7 Event Points Daily
    • 3x Magic Keys
    • 3x 4★+ EX Tickets
    • 1x 10+1 Ticket
    • 800x Lapis

Fanfesta-LA-Rewards Overview.png

Q&A[edit | edit source]

  • Summer Rain was asked again. Confirmed to be released by summer 2018.

FFBE Global Census[edit | edit source]

All data are taken as of December 5, 2017.
  • Total Number of downloads: 28,932,017
  • Average daily playtime of US users: 22m 40s
  • Most used items in FFBE global version:
    • 1st place: Potion - 4,392,102,289 uses
    • 2nd place: Elixir - 97,117,635 uses
    • 3rd place: Phoenix Down - 35,814,768
  • Number of users with the player name "Rain": 4,836,009
  • Most-owned unit rankings (global version):
    • 1st place: Heltich - 10,564,823
    • 2nd place: Ulrica - 10,543,527
    • 3rd place: Sozhe - 7,999,560
    • 4th place: Kefka - 7,151,043
    • 5th place: Kain - 6,868,897
    • 6th place: Shantotto - 6,282,515
    • 7th place: Edgar - 6,000,693
  • Fastest clear of Attack of Gilgamesh with a party of 4 or less units: 19 seconds
  • Most obtained Trust Master Rewards:
    • 1st place: Thancred/Follower's Oath - 1,861,994
    • 2nd place: Zidane/Dual Wield - 560,597
    • 3rd place: Adam/Vengeful Wrath - 517,873
  • Most-played event dungeon by US players:
    • 1st place: March on Ifrit - 13,716,977
    • 2nd place: Destroy the Machine Lifeform - 12,470,214
    • 3rd place: March on Titan - 11,055,086

Upcoming Content[edit | edit source]

  • Glacial trial


  • FF7 (Dec. 15):
    • Destroy the Reactor event
    • FF7 Cloud Banner
    • Special lapis offers


  • Winter Holiday special banner: 5-6* Christine, 5-6* Kryla, 3-5* Carrie)
  • Santa Roselia and White Knight Noel will come back

Fanfesta-LA-Winter Holiday.png

  • King's Knight collab: Kaliva, Ray Jack, Barusa, Toby

Fanfesta-LA-King's Knight.png Fanfesta-LA-King's Knight 2.png

Shortlisted Unit Design[edit | edit source]

The winner of the fan-designed unit is Beryl.

Unit Design Winner: Beryl[edit | edit source]

Seoul, South Korea[edit | edit source]

Date: November 19, 2017

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • All attendees got a Maiden Sakura unit.
  • They got raid to level 18, but had connection issues, so they counted it as level 20 (max rewards).
  • Rewards for all GL users. They will be given after 20th Nov:
    • 12x EX Ticket
    • Free Daily Summon for 10 days
    • 2x King Metal Cactuars Daily for 5 days
    • 1x Expansion Voucher Daily for 5 days
    • 500 FFXV Event Currency Daily for 14 days
    • 1% Trust Moogle Daily for 10 days
    • 1x 4* EX Ticket
    • 1x 10+1 EX Ticket

Q&A[edit | edit source]

  • Ramza awakening? Soon.
  • Recent bug issue from Halloween: They will minimize bug.
  • Last user request official answer about following stuff: Facebook issue, 7star plan, friend list size, main character buff plan.

Upcoming Content[edit | edit source]

  • Roy Banner (Roy, Aura, Grom)
  • Bloody Moon Trial
  • Black Friday Special: Bundle include 10% Moogle, strong sword, unknown ability, 10+1 ticket
  • Rainbow rate will be tripled (3%) starting from Black Friday next week and this is permanent.
  • FFXV banner (Noctis, Gladiolus, Cor, Iris)
  • Noctis+RoL "Buff" ETA: FFXV pickup, All old Noctis and Ring of Lucii will get same buff.
  • Noctis will get zero range shift break, RoL will get some ability. (They didn't confirmed that it will be same as JP version.) There will be no nerf from Noctis.

Shortlisted Unit Design[edit | edit source]

The winner of the fan-designed unit is Ellesperis. Beryl came in second, and should be shortlisted for the next fan festa.

Unit Design Winner: Ellesperis[edit | edit source]

Job: Hemomancer
Gender: Female
Race: Vampyr (Human)

A shadowy temptress known for her assassinations of unmarried corrupt politicians and military leaders. Born by the unholy union of succubus and vampire, she manifested the unique ability to control both desire and blood - hers, or her opponent's. Though trained and kept in secret by her Mysidian handlers, and in actuality an unwilling killer, word soon Spread of the "Blood Dancer," her ruthlessness legend. Whether her vision spawned as a result of remorse and a yearning to clear her name, or the intent to continue her killing-spree, only time will tell.

TMR: Onimaru (Katana)
A fabled katana that can sever dreams. Though renowned for slaying demons, the blade has an innate thirst for blood, and will occasionally steer its wielder's strikes toward the enemy's neck.

ATK+127, SPR+50
Effect: Moribund Killer (Boosts physical damage by 50% against low HP (<50%) enemies), Death's Door (Boosts physical damage by 100% against low HP enemies, non stackable - Ellesperis only)

Limit Burst: The Thirst
Physical damage (1.5x) as HP drain (15%) to all enemies, grants I Can Taste You (+100% physical damage against low HP enemies, stacks with passive) and 5% HP drain on physical attacks and abilities for 4 turns to caster.

Active Abilities:

  • Open You Up
    • 15 hits physical damage (3x) to one enemy. Enables use of Forced Transfusion for two turns.
  • Blood Twirl
    • 10 hits physical damage (1.8x) to all enemies. Heal (800 HP, 1.5x) to all allies.
  • Forced Transfusion
    • 1 hit physical damage (2.5x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy, reduce caster's HP to 1%. Deals increased damage (3.5x) and grants HP Drain (5%) if targeting low HP enemy.
  • Jaw-Dropper
    • Nullifies one enemy's next physical ability for 1 turn.

Passive Abilities:

  • Ambidexterity
    • Normal attacks and abilities hit twice and boost equipment ATK (50%) when single-wielding.
  • Moribund Killer
    • Boosts physical damage by 50% against low HP (<50%) enemies.
  • Overflow
    • Receiving healing beyond max HP from Drain effects converts excess healing into increased max HP (up to 25%).
  • Desire Incarnate
    • Grants immunity to Charm effects.
  • Too Pretty to Hit
    • Reduces chance of being targeted by 75%.

New York, USA[edit | edit source]

Date: October 6, 2017

  • All attendees got a Cheerleader Fina unit. Everyone else will be getting the unit (and other fan festa units?) at later date.
  • 13 people got up to quiz #6 so everyone is getting 13 EX Summon Ticket.
  • They got raid to level 19, but they are giving us level 20 rewards instead (max rewards).

Fanfesta-Raid Rewards.PNG

Upcoming Content[edit | edit source]

  • Final Fantasy IV. Global version will be released first before Japan.

RubicanteBarbariccia.jpg ScarmiglioneCagnazzo.jpg

  • Global exclusive Halloween event.


  • Bahamut esper.


  • New Ariana Grande event.

Fanfesta-New AG.PNG

Shortlisted Unit Design[edit | edit source]

The winner of the fan-designed unit is Malphasie. Taiga came in second, and should be shortlisted for the next fan festa.

Unit Design Winner: Malphasie[edit | edit source]

Gender: Female
Race: Human

A derelict woman who dreamed of flying, accompanied by a myriad of corvid-like beings...

TMR: Ravenheart (Accessory)
MAG +15%, MP +10%, DEF+10, SPR+10. Enables Dualcast.

Limit Burst: Murderous Intent
Partial unmitigated damage to all enemies, boost ATK/MAG for all allies. Grants access to a powerful follow-up spell.

Taipei, Taiwan[edit | edit source]

Date: September 9, 2017

  • All attendees got a Swordsman Lasswell unit.
  • Everyone is getting seven EX Summon Ticket, one 4★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket, one 10+1 Summon Ticket, and a bunch of stuff: 100,000 Gil, 30x Metal Gigantuar, 10x Star Quartz.
  • Metal gigantuar raid from the last fan festa is back, and they have internet this time.
  • Daily free Rare Summon for 10 days.
  • Next event is FFXI raid, and the event after that is FFXV Kingsglaive King Mog event.
  • Ayaka soon™.
  • FF Mystic Quest collab asked. Denied.
  • Secret of Mana collab asked. Probably in February with the release of the remake.
  • Next Chamber of Arms trial, Sheratan, announced. It's a new 10-man battle system with unit swap mechanic.

Shortlisted Unit Design[edit | edit source]

  • The winner of the fan-designed unit is Myra. Malphasie came in second, and should be shortlisted for the next fan festa.

Unit Design Winner: Myra[edit | edit source]

Job: Idol
Role: Buff/Debuff/Healing
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Myra is a singer and a dancer. She was a part of an idol group of 7 members and had huge success. However one day, she suddenly lost her voice. No one knows how or why it happened, some people say somebody cursed her. All magic on this world couldn't bring her voice back. She couldn't accept that, singing was her whole Iife. She fell in despair and let herself die. Some people has reported seeing her ghost singing alone with an amazing and melancholic voice

TMR: Aegyo (Hat)
Headset wireless microphone (Halve MP consumed, Dualcast abilities)

Limit Burst: Hidden track
Dispel all, take current buffs from enemies. AoE Heal.

Active Abilities:

  • Audition
    • Reduce MP cost 20% for 3 turns
  • Intro
    • Increase ATK/MAG (70%) for 3 turns to all allies
  • Harmony
    • Inflict charm (30%) to all enemies
  • Interlude
    • Increase DEF/SPR (70%) for 3 turns to all allies

      If used after Intro:
      Increase DEF/SPR (100%) for 3 turns to all allies
      Heal (1000 HP, 3.4x)
  • Cover
    • Resist charm, confusion, petrify, silence for 3 turns to all allies
  • Outro
    • Decrease ATK/MAG for 3 turns to all enemies

      If used after Interlude:
      Decrease DEF/SPR (45%) for 3 turns to all enemies
  • Save me
    • Revive all allies (80% HP)
  • For You
    • Give her turn to an ally
  • Reflection
    • Cast reflect for 1 turn on party
  • Behind the scene
    • Cast revive full on one ally
  • Fighting
    • 180% 7 hits (1 target) based on SPR stat

Passive Abilities:

  • Decrease target chance 60%
  • Immune Stop, Charm, Petrify, silence, confusion
  • SPR +30%
  • Increase light resistance (50%)
  • HP +20%
  • Recover MP (5%) per turn

Paris, France[edit | edit source]

Date: July 8, 2017

  • All attendees got a Artisan Lid unit, and a unique coin needed to enter a special gigantuar raid.
  • However due to connection problem, the raid was cancelled.
  • Another Ariana Grande collaboration event, with a new unit.
  • NieR:Automata collaboration event confirmed. Units: 2B, 9S, 21O, Adam and two global exclusive units: A2 and Eve.
  • Loren and Balthier will be released in global, no date announced.
  • Sephiroth will be released in the future.
  • Dragon Quest collaboration event will NOT be released in global.
  • The 3% rainbow (up from 1%) gacha change will be added in global, someday.
  • Everyone will be getting 6 Trust Moogles (ALL 5%) along with other goodies.
  • New trial Machina of Destruction, featuring Aigaion, will be released soon.
  • The winner of the fan-designed unit was announced.

Fanfesta-Ariana.jpg Fanfesta-NieR.jpg Fanfesta-Freebies.jpg Fanfesta-Aigaion.jpg Fanfesta-Circe-2.jpg

Shortlisted Unit Design[edit | edit source]

  • The winner of the fan-designed unit is Circe. Olivia came in second, and should be shortlisted for the next fan festa.

Unit Design Winner: Circe[edit | edit source]

Job: Oracle
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Born in Mysidia, Circe's magic ability manifested in the form of premonitions that would always come true. Despite her best efforts, she was ostracized and considered a walking omen of bad luck, which led her to leave her homeland and travel the world, doing her best to assist people in need using her skill. Eventually, Circe would find a measure of happiness as a fortune teller in a distant land, but after accidentally foretelling the death of an important emperor, she was executed by the country's military. It is very probable she was able to predict her own death, as the report denotes she remained calm and composed until the last moment.

TMR: Facade of balance (Accessory)
The mask she holds in her hand is an item that helps the user concentrate power much faster (MAG+20, Increases LB fill rate).

Limit Burst: Premonition
Party-wide guaranteed maximum multiplier damage on random outcome moves.

Abilities: Circe is a magic damage dealer that specializes in stacking delayed attacks and activating them all in a single turn to deal massive damage. She can also alter the probabilities of moves with random outcomes.

  • Thundaga, Blizzaga, MAG boosting passives
  • Predict - Judgment
    • (Triggers automatically at the start of battle, like Olive's Mortar Beacon) Large AoE magic damage on the third turn of a battle.
  • Predict - Rapture
    • Two turn delayed large AoE magic damage, lowers enemies' DEF and SPR. (If cast on first turn of battle it would land together with Judgment).
  • Predict - Oblivion
    • One turn delayed large AoE magic damage, lowers enemies' elemental resistance. (If cast on second turn of battle it would land together with Judgment and Rapture).
  • Ouroboros
    • Causes Predict - Judgment to reset and activate its three turns delayed attack at the beginning of next turn.
  • Condemn
    • Randomly casts:
      • Typhoon: Massive AoE water magic attack, low chance
      • Sandstorm: Multi-hit AoE wind-earth magic attack, medium chance
      • Flash-freeze: Single target ice magic attack, chance to stop, medium chance
      • Heat wave: Low damage AoE fire magic attack; high chance