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Fan Festa 2018

Fan Festa 2018 Logo.png

DECEMBER 8-9, 2018
Long Beach, CA
Long Beach Convention Center
Video on Twitch: Day 1, Day 2

Prize Summary[edit | edit source]

Rewards will be given to everyone throughout December and January. Fanfesta-Reward Summary.jpg Fanfesta-Fanfesta Select.jpg

Fan Festa Special[edit | edit source]

Exclusive in-game rewards for attendees only:

Fan Festa 2018 Raid special event is running for ~2 days for everyone. The following rewards will be given to everyone as we successfully achieved level 99:

Winter Holiday Units[edit | edit source]

Fanfesta-Winter Holiday Special.jpg

  • New GLEX units (5-7★): Tiana, Felix
    • Tiana is a salvemaker. She is a mix of healer and magic attacker. She has variety of elements but uses earth mainly. She can use dual or quad cast for abilities.
    • Felix is a toy soldier. He is a TDH hybrid attacker. He has imperils, breaks, killers, self imbue fire and earth element, and some abilities he can unlock including triple cast. He can chain with Octaslash and AR family, and his cooldown skill is GC family.
  • 7★ Awakening for Kryla, Christine, White Knight Noel

FFVII Collaboration[edit | edit source]

Fanfesta-FFVII Collab.jpg

Kingdom Hearts Collaboration[edit | edit source]


  • New units: Sora and more
  • Kingdom Hearts III will be released globally on January 29, 2019

Vision for 2019[edit | edit source]

  • New account system: Login with Facebook or Google account, planned for January
  • Arena orb restoration timer will be displayed
  • Unit screen will be separated by tabs: Units and Enhancers. Enhancers tab will have 1500 slots
  • Trust mixer feature: Convert units with 100% to trust coins and exchange with stuff
  • Detailed ability description in-game
  • New expedition-like system giving trust mastery on units. These expeditions can't fail
  • GLEX: Item restoring orbs for arena and raid

FFBE Chocobo Run[edit | edit source]

FFBE spin-off game for Facebook, to be released sometime in January.

Fanfesta-FFBE Chocobo Run.jpg

Quiz Questions[edit | edit source]

The first 12 questions were answered correctly. Of the three bonus questions, the first one was answered incorrectly, but the other two were answered correctly. Prizes will be rewarded to all players at a later date.

Normal Prizes: Gil1,000,000, max level King Metal Minituar (5), EX Summon Ticket (10).
Bonus Prizes: 4★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket (2).

Other Tidbits[edit | edit source]

  • Art gallery
  • Story season 3 is confirmed, with strong hint that Fina will be the focus.

Battle with the Producers[edit | edit source]

Rewards for everyone if players win games against producers:

  • Round 1 [Won]: 100% Trust Moogle (2), Lapis2,000
  • Round 2 [Won]: Lapis2,000, 10+1 Summon Ticket
  • Round 3 [Won]: 5★ Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket

Community Questions[edit | edit source]

Which Square Enix game title would you like to see featured in FFBE?

  1. Chrono Trigger
  2. Kingdom Hearts
  3. Parasite Eve (extensive mentions of being a possibility)
  4. Chrono Cross
  5. The World Ends With You
  6. Xenogears (confirmed for 2019)
  7. Vagrant Story
  8. Nier:Automata

Which original FFBE 3★ unit character would you like to see get stronger (as a reskin)?

  1. Duane (Shadow received twice the votes)
  2. Roselia
  3. Camille
  4. Erwin
  5. Ruggles

What kind of event would you like to play within FFBE's vortex events?

  1. 3-4 star Limited Trial (work in progress)
  2. Co-op Trials
  3. Guild System
  4. Specific Final Fantasy Trials (work in progress)
  5. 100 Floor Tower Trial (work in progress)

Fan Festa 2018 Gift Basket[edit | edit source]

A custom made item by the community via random draws will be given to all players at a later date.

  • Accessory, ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR +5, LB gauge fill rate +10%, ATK/MAG +5%, Doublehand +25%

Producers' Special Announcement[edit | edit source]

Fanfesta-Katy Perry Part1.jpg

Fujimoto's Rainbow Revenge[edit | edit source]

  • All players will receive a 5★+ Guaranteed EX Ticket and a 10+1 Summon Ticket.

Brave Sketchvius[edit | edit source]

  • Round 1 [Won]: Lapis1,000
  • Round 2 [Won]: Lapis2,000
  • Round 3 [Won]: Fan Festa 5★ Select Ticket (10) for FFBE Global Original Unit

Activities Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rewards for everyone based on the number of activities done by attendees:

  • Race to King Mog [Goal Reached]: EX Summon Tickets (5), max level King Metal Minituar (5), Gil1,000,000
  • Slash Field [Goal Reached]: EX Summon Tickets (5), max level King Metal Minituar (5), Gil1,000,000
  • Summon Area [Goal Reached]: EX Summon Tickets (5), max level King Metal Minituar (5), Gil1,000,000
  • Final Fantasy Trading Card Game [Goal Reached]: EX Summon Tickets (5), max level King Metal Minituar (5), Gil1,000,000
  • Quest Log [Goal Reached]: EX Summon Tickets (5), max level King Metal Minituar (5), Gil1,000,000