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Fina's Swimsuit

Fina's Swimsuit

A white and pink bandeau bikini. The long horizontal piece that makes up the top shows the upper body in a flattering manner, while the pareo-style bottom accentuates the cute features of the swimsuit. It is the perfect piece for those girls just entering adulthood. The marketing slogan for this swimsuit reads: This bikini is sure to help you get more intimate with the man of your dreams as you both enjoy a good swim!


  • Type: Armor (Clothes)
  • Stats: DEF+18, SPR+50
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: Water (+30%)
  • Additional effect: Auto-RegenAuto-Regen
    Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn
    , Females only

Crafting recipe


How to obtain

Trust Master Reward