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Gatling Arm

Gatling Arm

A heavy yet compact machine gun used by an automaton. Usually a weapon that requires multiple people to function, this particular model has been customized to facilitate its use for a single individual. Boasting incredible firepower for one person to handle, an automaton with this equipped would be able to completely wipe out a multitude of enemies in no time. It may weigh less than the usual gatling gun, but since it was probably made specifically for automatons, its weight is still a bit much for any human to handle.


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Homemade Lubricant.pngHomemade Lubricant (120)
Icon-Rusty Metal Parts.pngRusty Metal Parts (90)
Icon-Magnetic Needle.pngMagnetic Needle (80)
Icon-Researcher's Notes.pngResearcher's Notes (80)
Icon-Secret Toolbox.pngSecret Toolbox (1)

How to obtain