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Genbu Ring

Genbu Ring

A mystical ring imbued with the energy of the mythical creature Genbu, one of the Four Symbols. According to legend, Genbu safeguarded the northern region of Heaven, and more recently, the revelation of this ring's forging method has rekindled debate over the credibility of the creature's existence. Just as the ring holds such a great deal of power, so too does its forging require a great number of precious materials, obtainable by only a select few of the most skilled adventurers.


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Monarch's Ring.pngMonarch's RingMonarch's Ring
Monarch's RingMonarch's RingAccessory
Stats: DEF+5, SPR+5, ATK +10%, DEF +10%, MAG +10%, SPR +10%

Icon-Domination Ring.pngDomination RingDomination Ring
Domination RingDomination RingAccessory
Stats: DEF+5, SPR+5, HP +10%, MP +10%, ATK +10%, MAG +10%

Icon-Ruler's Ring.pngRuler's RingRuler's Ring
Ruler's RingRuler's RingAccessory
Stats: DEF+5, SPR+5, HP +5%, MP +5%, ATK +15%, MAG +15%

Icon-Water Megacryst.pngWater Megacryst (20)
Icon-Earth Megacryst.pngEarth Megacryst (20)

How to obtain