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Grasping Sphere

Grasping Sphere

A magical sphere with the power of earth. It can only be found in the faraway land of Olthea where the horned ones roam. It is said that only a true gigant will be able to wield the hidden powers within it, hardening the wielder's stance.


  • Type: Armor (Light Shield)
  • Stats: HP+133, DEF+28, SPR+28
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: Earth (+30%)
  • Additional effect: Enable use of Carpet BombCarpet Bomb
    Carpet BombCarpet Bomb
    Earth physical damage (2x) to all enemies
    Increase DEF (50%) for 2 turns to caster
    (Barusa only)

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Royal Earth Orb.pngRoyal Earth Orb (90)
Icon-Royal Water Orb.pngRoyal Water Orb (50)
Icon-Royal Dark Orb.pngRoyal Dark Orb (15)
Icon-Royal Light Orb.pngRoyal Light Orb (20)

How to obtain