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Guard Alcryst

Guard Alcryst.png

A small crystal which brings out the potential of abilities. It is necessary in awakening defensive abilities.

Crafting recipe[edit | edit source]


Usage[edit | edit source]

Ability Awakening Material

  • As of batch 18 (2018-08-30)
  • Totals shown are for +1 and +2 awakenings combined.
Skill Unit Total Needed
Adventurer's Guardian Barusa 38
Aggravate Fohlen 38
Bat Form Dracu Lasswell 38
Battle Prep Leon 25
Beauty Ling 38
Brave Presence Warrior of Light 38
Bring It On White Knight Noel 50
Cold and Confident Fryevia 38
Counter Demon Rain 38
Xiao 38
Counter Break Vaan 38
Dark Resident Shine 38
Defend Demon Rain 38
Defensive Barrier Sakura 25
Earthlord Veritas of the Earth 50
Featherfoot Thancred 25
Fish Noctis 38
For Hearth and Home Crowe 38
Forbearance Golem (Unit) 38
Grandshelt Shield Charlotte 38
Guard Order Minfilia 38
Guardian Veritas of the Earth 38
Heart of Conviction Santa Roselia 38
Heaven's Blessing Meliadoul 38
I'll never die! Emperor 38
Impregnable Wilhelm 38
Incinerating Press Veritas of the Earth 45
Inherited Power Trance Terra 38
Light is with us! Warrior of Light 38
Lightning Shield Bran 25
Lovely Guard Marie 38
Mana's Bond Randi 38
Metal Body Liquid Metal Slime 38
Mind Shield Aiden 20
No Pressure Friend Yun 38
Order of the Blue Wing Ray Jack 38
Protector Wilhelm 38
Protector of Olthea Barusa 38
Retaliate Seabreeze Dark Fina 38
Rose Custodian Cupid Artemios 38
Royal Armlet Charlotte 25
Royal Obligation Rasler 38
Sacred Knight Meliadoul 38
Saintly Wall Cecil 38
Sharp Resolution Rem 38
Shroud of Saints Y'shtola 38
Splendor of the Earth Onion Knight 50
Stone Throw Mercenary Ramza 38
Sturdy Cat Black Cat Lid 25
Tackle Slip Tidus 38
True Justice Mercenary Ramza 38
White Light's Protection Roselia 38
Winter Palisade White Knight Noel 38
Word of Law Zargabaath 38

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Dropped from