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For other uses, see Hide (disambiguation).



  • Type: Special Ability (Active)
  • Effect:
Remove caster from battle for 3-5 turns
  • MP: 0


  • Caster cannot use any action nor can they be targeted/attacked while this ability is active.
  • Turn based passives will not trigger when returning from Hide (e.g. Mortar Beacon).

Crafting recipe


How to obtain


Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Montana 2-star★ 21
Edward 3-star★ 1
Hayate 3-star★ 12
Timothy 3-star★ 13
Paul 3-star★ 18
Jake 3-star★ 19
Miyuki 3-star★ 24
Artemios 3-star★ 28
Helena 4-star★ 1
Ryumynui 4-star★ 1
Shine 4-star★ 1
Shadow 4-star★ 16
Wadow 4-star★ 16
Soleil 4-star★ 18
Juggler 4-star★ 20
Yubel 4-star★ 21
Elephim 5-star★ 12
Roy 5-star★ 22
Yuri 5-star★ 23
Toby 5-star★ 30