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Icy Veins

Icy Veins

A beautiful necklace made for an ice princess. Once there was a princess who lived in a castle made of ice and snow. At times, her palace grew so cold that even she could not bear it. Thus she commissioned a jeweler to fashion her a magical necklace to help her withstand the frigid weather within her castle. Only a lucky few are said to have ever laid eyes upon this rare piece of jewelry.


  • Type: Accessory
  • Stats: ATK+18, MAG+18
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: Ice (+10%)
  • Additional effect: -

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Staff of Wrath.pngStaff of WrathStaff of Wrath
Staff of WrathStaff of WrathStaff
Stats: ATK+30, DEF+20, SPR+40

Icon-Crown of Justice.pngCrown of JusticeCrown of Justice
Crown of JusticeCrown of JusticeHat
Stats: DEF+25, SPR+20

How to obtain



Total Eggs Needed

Icon-Red Egg.pngRed Egg (240)Icon-Blue Egg.pngBlue Egg (240)Icon-Rainbow Egg.pngRainbow Egg (20)