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Inherit Will

Inherit Will


  • Type: Special Ability (Active)
  • Effect:
Fixed damage (remaining HP) to one ally, except caster
Recover HP/MP (100%) to caster
Enable skill for 2 turns to caster: Inherited Memories
  • MP: 5


  • The damage dealt to an ally cannot be avoided with Mirage, evasion, or death resistance.
    • If the ally has a HP barrier, then death will be avoided. The damage dealt (indicated by white numbers) will only reflect the unit's remaining HP, but the damage itself will only be dealt to the barrier.
    • If the ally has more HP than the HP barrier, then the damage dealt will overflow into the unit's original HP bar
      (e.g. 50 HP unit with a 30 HP barrier will leave the unit with 20 HP and no barrier).

Crafting recipe


How to obtain

Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
A2 6-star★ 84