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Iridal Staff

Iridal Staff

A staff brought from the distant world of Vana'diel. The staff is able to greatly increase the user's magic power, so it should prove to be very effective in the hands of a skilled black mage.


  • Type: Weapon (Rod)
  • Stats: ATK+19, MAG+82
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: Auto-RegenAuto-Regen
    Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Breath of LifeBreath of Life (20)
Icon-Twilight Stone.pngTwilight Stone (10)
Icon-Sacred Branch.pngSacred Branch (10)
Icon-Achromatic Blossom.pngAchromatic Blossom (8)
Icon-Dusk Jewel.pngDusk Jewel (3)

How to obtain


Equippable By