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Jet Black Eyepatch

Jet Black Eyepatch

The eyepatch of a certain swordsman, who at some point during his perilous exploits lost not only his eye but also his left arm and leg. Though he refuses to speak to anyone of his past, there can be no denying that only a steadfast resolve could have brought him this far in his search for power, and this eyepatch serves as a reminder of the grueling trials he faced along the way.


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Old Tree Seed Shell.pngOld Tree Seed Shell (115)
Icon-Grassbeast Fang.pngGrassbeast Fang (85)
Icon-Shiso Powder.pngShiso Powder (70)
Icon-White Gem.pngWhite Gem (70)
Icon-Black Fabric.pngBlack Fabric (1)

How to obtain