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Jeweled Belt

Jeweled Belt

A belt inlaid with beautiful gemstones. The purple gemstone on the buckle is the same as what is used on the jeweled ring, and holds the power to null paralysis and stone. The belt is made so that it vitalizes the muscles, which increases the person's HP.


Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Otherworldly Bone.pngOtherworldly Bone (50)
Icon-Pure Stone.pngPure Stone (10)
Icon-Corrosive Powder.pngCorrosive Powder (5)
Icon-Black Belt.pngBlack BeltBlack Belt
Black BeltBlack BeltAccessory
Stats: DEF+15
Effect: CounterCounter
Chance to counter physical attacks (30%) with normal attack

Icon-Jeweled Ring.pngJeweled RingJeweled Ring
Jeweled RingJeweled RingAccessory
Stats: DEF+3
Resistance: Paralyze (Null), Petrify (Null)

How to obtain