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Luzell Colony

Luzell Colony
Luzell Colony
World Paladia
Region Georl

A colony made of people that wound up living in a railway tunnel. Though they are quite poor, they have chosen to live dignified lives, relying on their own self-sufficiency to get by.

How to unlock[edit | edit source]

Luzell Colony is an optional town. To unlock it clear Smooth Transaction quest in Inside Labor Camp - Exploration.

Map[edit | edit source]

Map of Luzell Colony

1 Icon-Silver Ore.pngSilver Ore
2 Icon-Corpse Fly.pngCorpse Fly
3 Icon-Hard Pebble.pngHard Pebble
4 Icon-Gummy Oil.pngGummy Oil
5 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
6 Icon-Star Quartz.pngStar Quartz
7 Icon-Otherworldly Bone.pngOtherworldly Bone
8 Icon-Pure Stone.pngPure Stone
Silver Chests (requires Magic Key to open)
1 Icon-Seraphim Shield.pngSeraphim Shield - recipe

Quests[edit | edit source]

No. Quest name Reward
1 Protect the Forbidden Literature Icon-Tourmaline Ring.pngTourmaline Ring
2 Checking the Tracks Thundara BladeThundara Blade - recipe

Protect the Forbidden Literature[edit | edit source]

No. Reward
1 Icon-Tourmaline Ring.pngTourmaline Ring
Start Quest
Receive the quest from #1 on the quest map.
Objective 1: Hand books to the boy in Dragon's Village
In Dragon's Village, talk to the person at the bar down the stairs of the Inn:

Quest marker for Protect the Forbidden Literature

Objective 2: Report to the thinker in Luzell Colony
Return to the quest starter in Luzell Colony.

Checking the Tracks[edit | edit source]

No. Reward
2 Thundara BladeThundara Blade - recipe
Start Quest
Receive the quest from #2 on the quest map.
Objective 1: Defeat 4 soilmodars
Soilmodar can be found at Rail Bridge - Lights Out and Abandoned Railway - Wild Cars. They can also be found at the Howling Mountains.