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Mad Ogre

Mad Ogre
Mad Ogre
Race Human
No. 1433

A muscular giant known for its grayish skin and violet hair. This mad ogre is so powerful that it can even pound boulders into pebbles with a single blow from a closed fist. Deep within the forest, it has cleared out a dwelling for itself, and has become deeply attached to the land. Those who mistakenly step foot into its domain would do well to prepare themselves for retribution.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Location Lv HP MP Exp Gil
Afterglow: Abnormality (Boss Battle) 45 540,000 650

Resistance [edit | edit source]

Element Resistance
Fire Resistance Ice Resistance Lightning Resistance Water Resistance Wind Resistance Earth Resistance Light Resistance Dark Resistance
- - - - - - - -
Status Ailment Resistance
Poison Resistance Blind Resistance Sleep Resistance Silence Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confuse Resistance Disease Resistance Petrification Resistance
null null null null null null null null

Loot[edit | edit source]

Drops Steal
- -