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Mage's Habit

Mage's Habit

The power of magic depends greatly on its user. Therefore, a lot of mages train their hardest every day in order to strengthen themselves, even if only a little. The mage's habit is made of a specially woven fabric that heightens the magical powers and spirit of the wearer. However, since it can only amplify such qualities based on the wearer's current conditions, it would be wise not to overestimate its abilities.


  • Type: Armor (Clothes)
  • Stats: DEF+20, MAG+10, SPR+10
  • Element: -
  • Resistance: -
  • Additional effect: -

Crafting recipe

Materials Gil
Icon-Demon Tail.pngDemon Tail (5)
Icon-Glowseeds.pngGlowseeds (3)
Icon-Spellsilk.pngSpellsilk (8)

How to obtain