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Magical Awakening

Magical Awakening


  • Type: Special Ability (Active)
  • Effect:
Increase MAG (200%, max 200%) for 1 action to caster
  • MP: 15


  • If Magical Awakening is used followed by using Dualcast or a similar ability on the next turn, only the first cast will receive the buff. This will stack with a normal MAG buff.
  • Magic abilities are affected as well as spells.
  • Repeated use of this ability will not further increase the MAG buff.

Crafting recipe


How to obtain

Learned by

Name Min rarity Level
Victoria 4-star4 Star Rarity 32
Magna 4-star4 Star Rarity 60
Maiden Sakura 4-star4 Star Rarity 60
Heltich 5-star5 Star Rarity 51