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Medius Review by Nerlis


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Intro[edit | edit source]

While he was 5*, Medius was competing for the spot of worst 5* character, being a dps character unable to pull out much dps. In the recent update, he received his 6* update, making him arguably the worst 6* character. In the upcoming review, I'll review Medius Strengths and weaknesses as a Damage dealing unit.

  • Please note that this review is a personal opinion, its accuracy may differ depending on your team's composition. Consider this review as a guideline.
  • This is a user review and have not been made, or approved by the wiki.

Roles Review[edit | edit source]

The next section will rate the reviewed character in various roles that can be filled by a characters : physical damage, magical damage, healer, buffer, debuffer and tank. Note that ranking are not based on a 1-10 scale.

Physical damage Magical damage Healing Buff Debuff Tanking Overall
9 1.5 1 1 1 4 8.5

Physical damage : In terms of physical damage, Medius is ok with 180 base attack (pots bonus included). His only two offensive passives are Ambition and Gun Master which increase his base damage by a fair amount. The problem is, Medius doesn't have any good active skills, his best AoE option being Multiburst (with the crit damage included, we're talking about a 1.5x dmg attack, nothing to brag about. For single target skills, the best and most reliable source of damage would be Blazing Glory, providing a fair 1.8x damage with ignore def 30%. The other offensive option would be Hyper Fire, basicly a barrage that can hit 2-5 time, making it slightly worst than barrage on average.

Magical damage :Medius posses a single magic damage ability which is Magical Shot, an overall pretty bad magic attack. Combined with his very poor Magery stat and his inability to equip rods, Its pretty obvious that this character was not conceived as a healer.

Healing : Non-existent, nothing else to say.

Buff : Medius does not have any way to buff himself or his allies.

Debuff : No Debuff

Tanking : Medius posses a good tanking ability in Draw Attacks. However, the character has fairly low hp combined with very low defense, which makes him a very poor tank even with his 20% hp bonus. Add that to the fact he cannot equip heavy armor, Medius his defenitly not your to-go tank

Overall : Even though he has reasonable attack stats, Medius is lacking a few passive stats that could have improve his offensive and defensive stats. Medius also lacks any good active skills to backup his okay-ish attack stats. Since he does not have any buff or debuff to at least provide utility, the only thing Medius does in a fair way is dealing damage. Dealing damage being his first role after all, Medius gets himself an overall rating of 8.5, ranking him as one of the worst 6*.

Recommended Equipment[edit | edit source]

Piece TMR Non-TMR
Head Black Cowl Tiger Mask
Armor Brave Suit Black Belt Gi
Main hand Romandan Pistol Candy Gun
Off Hand* Rising Sun Candy Gun/Betelgeuse
Accessory I Genji Glove Hero's Ring
Accessory II Celestial Gloves Hero's Ring
Ability I Dual Wield/Doublehand* Destroyer's Authority
Ability II Power of Creation Destroyer's Authority
Ability III Power of Creation ATK +10%
Ability IV Lunge Combo ATK +10%


  • For the head and armor, its pretty self explanatory, we're trying to focus on damage. The TMR options are pretty much the only viable one to cover the role, however, for the non-TMR, the Tiger Mask could possibly be swapped for the Green Beret, and the Black Belt Gi could be swapped for the Black Garb. Those changes won't benefit your damage output in the short term, but this may help Medius stay alive longer, therefore increasing your long-term damage.
  • In Terms of Weapon, your best option will be the Romandan Pistol if you have this TMR. Otherwise, the Candy Gun will be the second option (or the Betelgeuse if you don't have the event exclusive Candy Gun. If you happen to have Dual Wield, either via Zidane's or Gilgamesh's TMR, I would recommend the Rising Sun if you have it. Otherwise, Go for the best Gun you have available, don't forger about Gun Master when deciding wich weapon to use.
  • For the accessories, Hero's Ring is still the best non-TMR option at the disposal of a physical damage dealer like Medius. For the TMR, Genji Glove is currently the best option for almost all physical dps without a built-in Dual Wield. As a second option, the Celestial Gloves would probably be your best iption as it gives you a fair amount of hp, but also some DEF and SPR, both being nice on a character luje medius who is pretty fragile and likely to get hit often thank to Draw Attacks. The Infernal Armlet would also be a very good option.
  • Lastly, the abilities. The first TMR option you would want to get would be Dual Wield If you have two fairly good weapon, like the Romandan Pistol and the Rising Sun. If you only have one good weapon, Doublehand would become a better option. So if you happen to have Romandan Pistol and a Betelgeuse, it might be better to use Doublehand. The other ability are quite simple, Power of Creation Twice for the damage, Lunge Combo for some extra damage and bulkiness. The non-TMR is pretty much the same idea : Destroyer's Authority for some damage combined with hp bonus, ATK +10% will gives you a little attack boost.

Comparison[edit | edit source]

Dark Knight Cecil Dark Knight Cecil